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The Multigun Ranger(M)

Discussion in 'Gunner Guides' started by ゴド, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    surprisingly a lack of guides on pvp. perhaps people think that rangers are already broken, so no need for pvp guides? eh whatever. copying archie's pve guide format because too lazy to format. no females because I never played one.

    Jack Spike [Recommended levels: 7]

    Well, BBQ is an absolute minimum of 5, so get 5. Raising it beyond 5 is optional, but I believe it's a good skill to continue combos with, and certainly cheaper than BBQ cancel.

    Protip: Holding the forward key increases super armor frames.

    Protip: The hitbox of jack spike is such that you need to hit them right with the knee in order for a stronger launch effect. As in, your opponent must be in the air at a decent height for the full launch effect, when they are too low jack spike won't do much. Oh fuck it I can't really explain.

    Rising Shot [Recommended levels: 12]

    A combo starter. Generally 10+ is fine, but I find 12 to be a decent height without using too much sp.

    Windmill [Recommended levels: max]

    One of the primary ranger melee skills. I haven't been able to max it due to 50 cap, but the effects should be optimal if it's maxed, as attack speed increases with higher ranks.

    Punisher [Recommended level: 1]

    THOUSANDS OF MISSES. Cool looking skill and all, but IT MISSES. All the time. Only recommended because it does break super armor. Use it as your last resort when confronted with a wildshot/spinning cross/rampaging striker.

    [IMG] "
    Aerial Fire [Recommended level: 1]

    Combine with bowguns for massive damage. Primarily a method of escape though, add leap and switch to hand cannon for running away from strikers.

    Steep Slide [Recommended level: 0]

    Too predictable. Any class with a super armor move will be able to counter this. Straight line attacks are generally not good.

    Mach Kick [Recommended level: max]

    Another ranger melee skill. Max this for stun and attack speed. It doesn't hurt that it also hits on the ground too. And it pushes opponents back. Godly against battlemages and their stupid uppercut.

    Gun Guard [Recommended level: 1]

    Guards ranged attacks, including fire pillar, nade, ice wall, rising shot, ashe fork, seismic punch, etc. A decent skill to use if you're good with timing. Also seems to reduce stun rate when shot by Neil. An illusion on my part? Perhaps.

    Fastest Gun [Recommended level: 5]
    5 for Wildshot. Can be canceled into from a normal XXX, but you sort of need fast fingers for that. Great for otg shooting, but no need to go past 5.

    Pan Revolver [Recommended level: 1]

    You did know this was a multigun guide right?

    Headshot [Recommended level: 3]

    Revolver ranger skill. Not worth it without a decent level of DBR. Get it for western fire prereqs and leave it there. Not good for otging either, too much lag after you shoot, rising shot is better suited for that purpose.

    Revenger [Recommended level: max]

    One of the skills that people complain about the most. Well, it's your fault if you choose to not start a combo with a launching skill. Did that make sense? Probably not. Only works on skills that don't launch you or down you, requires fast reflexes to use on skills like charge crash. Better stun as level goes up, and also less CD. Casts faster as well, although not necessarily a good thing as invincibility frames are reduced that way. Overall should be maxed for the stun.

    Death by Revolver [Recommended level: 0]

    Multigun ranger.

    Western Fire [Recommended level: 1(max)]

    Get it for death hawk.

    Air Raid [Recommended level: max]

    A supplement to windmill. Max it for better windmill range. Also a formidable counter attack if you manage to pull a rising windmill off.

    ~Cube Skills~

    Multi Headshot[Recommended level: 5 for Death Hawk ]

    Slow startup, decent antiair, massive lag after using it. Good for poking or if you're desperate for damage.

    Moving Shot [Recommended level: Max]

    The only cube skill you should max. The idea is that as moving shot level goes up, the mspd bonus for moving shot increases, making it ideal as a skill to force people to move. Once I outwalked a tempester's missiles. Switch to handcannon if you have people boxed in a corner, generally they'll be unable to move. Unfortunately it's easily interrupted, so use it right after a bbq for a juggle or something.

    Wild Shot [Recommended level: 3 for Death Hawk]

    Another skill that people complain about. It's hard to get people boxed in though, requires a decent amount of running around to get them in the position you want. Can be used as an aerial juggle but not worth it, usually protection kicks in. Decent against strikers in super armor if their grab is on CD. If things look bad however press jump to cancel and live to fight another day.

    Death Hawk [Recommended level: 1]

    By now you probably see that I keep cube skills at a minimum. CD is too long on those, so just leave them at prereqs and stuff. Anyway, this is probably the best cube skill next to moving shot. Yes, I don't think wildshot is that great of a skill. Death hawk is fabulous for its ability to corner people. The sole cube skill that actually doesn't get you killed against mechs, since you can throw it diagonally. Comboing with that is a bit hard though, but you can try it with an autogun after bbq.



    Sudden Death [Recommended level: 1]

    doesn't work on humanoid monsters. does occasionally work on robots/summons, but too much sp for too little percentage.

    Scud Genocide [Recommended level: 0]

    Looks cool, CD is too long. Even if you did manage to drag the match out that long, combo protection will instantly kick in once you use it. Even for a PVE ranger it's not that useful.

    ~Ranger Cancels~

    Rising Shot cancel [Recommended: 1.]

    Useful for continuing otg combos and handcannon wall combos.

    Rising Windmill [Recommended: 1]

    Counterattack against anyone who has enough balls to otg combo you. The sliding aspect is slightly less useful, but if you're fast enough to pull off an air raid right after, go for it.

    Triple Clutch [Recommended: 1]

    An alternative to air raid. Decent skill, fairly hard to defend against. Sometimes can be used when opponent's in the air as a way of increasing damage.

    Jack Spike cancel [Recommended: 1]

    A must for handcannon wall combos. Cheaper than BBQ cancel as well, and in a future patch, it will be free.

    Windmill cancel [Recommended: 0]

    You aren't going to be in range of that when you're XXXing. Female rangers, maybe, but males, nope.

    Punisher cancel [Recommended: 0]

    There IS a method to punisher people lying on the ground by shooting them and canceling immediately into punisher, but punisher is such a poor skill it's pointless. The same thing works with bbq cancel, but it's not worth it.

    Mach Kick cancel [Recommended: 1]

    A good defense against opponents who suddenly get up when you're otging. Also useful in handcannon otging.

    Cancel Headshot [Recommended: 0]

    Multigun rangers don't use headshot.
  2. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    ~Non-Class Skills~

    RX-78 Landrunner [Recommended level: 5+]

    Great distraction in PVP. Get it to 5 at least for secret landrunner. Leave yourself some leeway though for other stuff.

    Silver Bullet [Recommended level: 1]

    Low CD, decent extra damage, also increases the launch effect to some degree. Get 1.

    Freezing Bullet [Recommended level: 0]


    G-14 Buster [Recommended level: max]

    The ultimate starter for any gunner. Useful deterrent for enemies in the sky as well.

    M-137 Gatling Gun [Recommended levels: 1]

    1 for BBQ. Unlikely you'll be using it in pvp that often.

    M-3 Flamethrower [Recommended level: 1]

    I'd max this, but no sp. This skill has a pretty big hitbox, stops people from approaching. Goes through obstacles too so you can use it to troll camping soul benders.

    BBQ [Recommended level: 1]

    Best grab in the game I'd say. A skill essential for continuing combos. Cancel is unnecessary though, maybe when 70 uncap.

    Steyr AMR [Recommended level: 0 or 1]

    Rather easy to dodge, unfortunately. On the bright side, pierces ice wall, and works great on slower classes like exos. Take a few points off landrunner if you want this.

    ~General Skills~

    Quick Rebound [Recommended: 1]

    I don't think I have to explain this one.

    Backstep & Backstep Cancel [Recommended:1]

    A lot of sp, but worth it. In a future patch will become free.

    Leap [Recommended: 1]

    As mentioned before, aerial fire, hand cannon and leap go well together.

    Ancient Memory [Recommended: 0]

    you are not a mech

    Physical Critical Hit [Recommended level: 0]

    Steel wrist guard counters this too much to be useful.

    Physical Rear Attack [Recommended level: 0]

    Same reason as above.
  3. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre


    Gear recommendations

    As a rule of thumb for guns, pinks are better. Terranite weapons are good if you have the patience, assuming they're released next patch. Takes FOREVER to make one though I heard. As for sets, there's Holy Culy, or Assaulter if you're poor. Don't recommend Haughty Chantre now that Quicksilver will be out soon. The pricing on that remains to be seen though, buy the new stuff at least two months after patch to avoid jews. Accessories, I recommend at least one hp set, preferably pinks(durr). Halgi is unnecessary, unless you really want damage. Lapore is unnecessary as well, the 3% isn't going to save you. As for Bamboo, it's cheap enough if you want it, but feels rather pointless to me.

    General tips on pvping:

    Annoying as hell, somehow always avoids grenade hitbox. Spam mach kick to keep them at a distance, hitbox comes out earlier than their gay uppercut. Dropping grenade generally doesn't work, because uppercut height is always higher than nade, and they can OTG you right on the ground. Handcannon rising shot aimed down works pretty good. Another gay tactic is to aerial fire with cannon. Also spam bots to distract them.

    Another class that has the most annoying OTG. Musket sniping actually works in this case, and cannon->backstep occasionally cancels their flight. Use handcannon to get away from undesirable AOE attacks. Beware of drill, try to switch up aerial fire to fake them out, like hold different directions when firing. Manteau is gay, wait for it to CD before you attack. Last but not least, you can try punisher/bbq on witch if you're too close to gravitas.

    Oh boy. Generally my tactics is to grenade her right away, then follow phase shift and air raid/triple clutch. Occasionally BBQ or Punisher grabable summons if you can. Musket moving shot is a good idea, although hand cannons are more practical with 100% pierce. Death hawk of course is the best move you have against them.

    Frostyhead is quite annoying, deploy robots to take the hit for you. Be sure to guard fire pillar, you don't want to be knocked down. Don't have much to say except try to box them in with wildshot and then triple clutch/air raid. Once again, death hawk is a good move on them.

    Bullets do not kill amulets, so you'll have to melee them. Make sure you kill suppression amulet at least, the movement speed thing will let an exo catch up easily. Snipe with muskets, and usually they're too slow to move away from moving shot. Hand cannon escapes are handy against spinning cross and chaos hammer.

    Evasion is annoying, but monks are kind of predictable. Use jack spike/bbq occasionally, they'll run into it. It's pretty much a waiting game, rising shot downwards and mach kick also hit unwary monks. Wildshot is a decent move in this situation as monks are eager to attack you at close range. Try to punisher hurricane and roll. Eh, in all honesty just try to not get hit.

    lol sader. Just run away, no point in trying to be flashy, they drop like a rock. Do whatever.

    Weapon Master:
    Autoguard and Flipside go off fairly often, so beware. Good WMs can combo on the ground, so don't get knocked down. Start combos like usual with rising shot and grenade. If you're really daring, you can intercept non-zanbato ashe forks with windmill or bbq. Usually doesn't end well, however. Upon knockdown, time your quick rebound/rising windmill carefully so you don't get caught in a launcher/knockdown move. Or Illusion sword dance.

    You can guard radiation, so there's not much of a threat to be honest. Just beware of the standard slayer stuff, like uppercut. Make sure you don't stay on a straight line, and look out for agni.

    Space yourself so mountain breaker doesn't hit. And look out for raging fury. I don't really have much to say on this matter.

    Soul Bender:
    This is probably the hardest among the slayers. Generally it's pointless to pursue them if they have ghost step on, you can lure them into attacking and then air raid them but most of the time you'll get launched by moonlight slash. And then a 6k ghost slash. Waiting longer is not a good idea either due to Saya and Rhasa. You can try to tank Saya with a daphne and other stuff, but don't mess with Rhasa. Best strategy is to charge them with musket moving shot as soon as ghost step wears out. If the match lasts long enough til Kalla CD, don't charge in blindly, throw a hawk when they're jumping. Add silver bullet whenever you can, and dump robots on the ground. Some might just make it through Saya/Rhasa.

    Listen for Nen cannon and dodge accordingly. Nen bubble generally dies with a triple clutch and a bit more, so just break it whenever you can. Run away when you see the dragon unless they're close enough for punisher. Other than that, an easy match up in my opinion.

    Keep a distance, if you get stunned it's going to be catastrophic. Throw grenades and stuff. Look out for net, and punisher garbage storm if she uses it on your quick rebound.

    Once again, keep your distance. Their grab hitboxes are huge. Guard seismic punch whenever you can, then air raid. You can guess their seismic punch and wildshot or something. Pretty much "don't get hit".

    Ah, a nemesis appears. Strikers approach extremely fast, and their abundance of super armor moves makes it almost impossible to start a combo. With air raid you could try to approach from the sides but most of the time is not going to work. When Super Armor kicks in, run away. If you're confident that it's about to end, you can wildshot their shoryuken. Just be prepared, melee moves are a better starter in this case.

    Easy class to counter, don't stay in a straight line. They have that odd punisher cancel thing, so look out for that. Approach from the sides with air raid.

    Make sure grenade is on CD. Spitfires can even start a combo by shooting straight, so be careful. Avoid landmine by air raiding in a different direction, or just OTGing. Neil is easy to dodge with aerial fire and leap, but if you can't dodge it, guard it at least. Revenger as soon as they fire bullet you in ice.

    Dear god. Uhh...With max melee you should be able to kill bots with ease, although haven't tried it. (Generally the detonations get me first). If you're sure you can box them in with wildshot/handcannon otg, go for it. A less wasteful way of killing tempester is to jumpshot it with cannon, and then punisher it on the ground. Punisher also works when it suicide bombs if you time it right. Don't bother killing sparrow factory, never works. Use death hawk after predicting where they slide. It's pretty much trying to guess where they slide.

    Your choice is to wait for grenade CD and rising shot with musket. If it's a revolver user, you have him outranged so good for you. Beware of DBR and crits. Also revenger right before Air raid, don't get comboed. Counter wildshot with wildshot, or punisher if you will. Death hawk can be avoided by standing right above them, don't jump though, generally you get cut down.

    Unfortunately I do not believe the female metagame to be fully developed at this point, and I got Hero 1 right after the patch, so haven't played many funners. Will update when I feel like I have enough expertise.

    Unfortunately a rather grim future awaits us rangers. Wildshot is nerfed to hell in 70 patch, with a longer start up and drastically reduced damage. Only good for the super armor basically. A glimmer of hope remains, however. In 70 patch, apparently headshot and western fire have different CDs, which prompts a return to the revolver ranger. May or may not be intentional, but ranking headshot is certainly a way to increase output. 70 patch is still being balanced, so don't take my word for it yet.

    And that's all for now. I'll update when I feel like it.
  4. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Your first sentence is probably truth.
    Explains why you dont see guides on grapplers :)
    Eles should have guides, but they dont though,

    not much people wanna make guides in da first place.
    I didnt read cuz I dont have any gunners besides launcher so~~~
  5. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    tired of seeing gunners add freeze bullet
  6. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Great guide. Good job.

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