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State of wiki

Discussion in 'SSA Announcements' started by chiisana, May 3, 2011.

  1. chiisana Noobtacular

    The old wiki we've had all the information in is great with lots of information. However, because the software is popular and easy to edit, it tends to attract a lot of spam. Additionally, there was a user-bridge between the discussion software and the wiki, where only selected users can edit it. This works relatively well, however, since there is no user-bridge for XenForo, we cannot continue to operate it the same way. Further more, the old wiki software tends to have more security issues, and could causes a lot of other security related problems (malicious scripts being ran on the server/leaked account information/etc).

    The alternative approach which we have chose to take is to make that wiki read-only, and continue to make it available for everyone to read the contents. You can access it here: http://superswordaction.com/old-wiki

    To progress, and evolve into a more lively wiki, we have installed a wiki that is integrated with the forums. You can find the wiki here: http://www.superswordaction.com/wiki It is also available as the top navbar link "Wiki".

    This wiki uses the built in WYSIWYG editor, which will make posting things much easier. Additionally, since it is an integrated wiki, performing search on the forum will also yield results from the wiki. Furthermore, the moderation staff also have a much more integrated experience when it comes to user management. As of right now, all registered users are allowed to edit the contents, and we would be greatly appreciated if everyone can join in the effort to help port information from the old wiki into the new one. In the future, should defacement becomes a popular issue (we hope not, since there are many levels of spam detection and prevention beyond just the forum software), we can look into having a more restrictive permission set go into place.

    We hope everyone will understand the reasons for the change, and support the effort in maintaining the wiki :)
  2. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Just realized all the images in my guide now have to be fixed. FFFFFF- Oh well, it needed an update anyway.

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