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Stat growth for each subclass

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics and Data' started by LHCGreg, May 5, 2010.

  1. RawrBomb New Member

    So they give the ILLUSION F. Gunners attack faster? What a tease! >:|
  2. BMLover Must Lurk More

    OK, I've finally cracked the MP Regen formula. All the mp regen values in the table are "correct" - here's how it works:
    1) DnF divides the values by 1.6~ (yes, 1.6 repeating....)
    2) The game won't update the mp regen value unless the result is a multiple of 3, that's why don't see slayers etc. get 31 regen at l2 etc..

    That also means there's nothing KDnF specific about my last post - the base values have always been the same. I think the mage values were bugged at the time....

    More notes: The speeds listed are likely not correct. It's actually funny - Neople doesn't mess with stat values but they'll f**k around with speeds every few weeks. Priests in particular are faster then listed.

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