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SSA Styling

Discussion in 'SSA Announcements' started by chiisana, May 21, 2011.


Sounds like a good plan?

Poll closed May 29, 2011.
Yes, go ahead with this! 6 vote(s) 100.0%
No, I will provide feedback in replies on why this sucks! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Cool story bro, I don't care! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. chiisana Noobtacular

    Unlike major corporations and governments, we embrace transparency. At this point, we would like to apologize for dropping the ball when it comes to creating a visually appealing style for the site. We are aware of the few feedbacks we've received on this on the forum, and would like to address this issue as soon as we can. Unlike other networked sites, we do not have a ready-made style that can be customized with few banner changes, and go live, so we will still need some more time to work out what is the best approach for this. To this end, we would like to receive some feedback on the following proposal.

    In order to be truly unique, and stand out from other sites, we will continue to work on making a style unique to ourselves. This will take time. As a temporary interim solution, we will install a temporary alternative style that is not created nor maintained by us. We will attempt to find one available in both light and dark colors, so that people may have choice over the default style. As this temporary style is not created nor maintained by us, we cannot guarantee all functionalities will work. However, we will try to address any issues which comes up if we can.

    Furthermore, through out our custom style design process we will try to continuously post screenshots of sections we are working on, in both light and dark colors, to get community feedbacks. If everyone provides feedback, this will hopefully guide us towards something that please most of the community.

    We hope this proposed pathway will be helpful for the community, and hope that you can support us every step of the way. Please let us know your opinion by either casting a vote to yes/no for this proposed path, or reply to the thread with additional suggestions. We look forward to work with you on making SSA better for everyone.

    -- chiisana and DarkstarIV
  2. The tl;dr version:

    If you want more style choices (until we roll out the custom skin), vote yes. Otherwise, if you are happy with the default style, and don't want any more, vote any of the other options.
  3. chiisana Noobtacular

    Thanks for all the input.

    We are still in the process of finding an acceptable darker style that is not heavily over used. In the mean time, an alternative style is available for those that do not want to use the default. You may make your selection via the style chooser.

    Please be reminded, aside from the style labelled as "Default Style", all other styles we add will be managed by third party designers. We cannot and will not guarantee all functionalities will work proper. While we may try to address any issues that may come up, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix all problems caused by third party styles. Furthermore, these are only temporary styles made available as interm solutions, and will most likely be removed as we progress towards our own style.

    Please let us know if you encounter any problems via the site issues section, one issue per thread, so we can track the status of all problems better. Thanks again!

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