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So Archie has written a guide for PvE Rangers

Discussion in 'Gunner Guides' started by Archie, May 9, 2010.

  1. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    I think I might know why this happened to the Dragonoids. I remember reading somewhere that Scud Genocide does 70% less damage to humanoid type monsters. The Dragonoids are humanoids, so the too less damage. Though, I never tested this, so....

    We were talking about this in another thread. F.Ranger passive does buff the kicks' attacking strength, as well as inflicting bleeding damage.
  2. Archie Mexocan

    It's funny. I got scud myself recently so I can see how "weak" it really is. With a +0 indomitable with a 52 percent crit chance, my entire scud does about the light castellian's entire HP on king's road.

    Also, dragons =/= humanoids. I saw him use it on the serimalians, not the mirkius-type things.
  3. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    Oh. Didn't know he used it on the baby dragons.
  4. Psycho K Kaeoseki

    With that said, as well as 60 cap coming soon, does a PvE kick build female ranger do well, or does she have have a lot more trouble compared to a shooting build? This is assuming Veiled Cutter is a passive worth investing in and all. Speaking of the awakening, is Twin Gun Blade fixed or percent like Scud Genocide?
  5. Leviathan The Windy Gunner

    Well I know you didn't mention it too much, but I could add on some more info from experience/due to Post Patch.

    > Sudden Death should ONLY be used if you're farming low level dungeons.
    > Rear Phys. Crit? Only amazing if you know how to back attack well or have Aspd/Recovery up the wazoo.
    > Ava tops? Fastest Gun/Pan Revolver Recommended for Adv Avas, Windmill/Mach for normal
    > +11s ARE necessary, but a +10 Indomitable Midel Matig will do, seeing as the McGee's Custom Desert Storm lost it's fire bonus and was weakened a bit. Also if you can get it to +11, Stats-wise, it can be on par with a sidewinder, from it's damage alone.
    > Fastest Gun is only for draw/last shot. True enough. Although, you could max it. Only because, the Ranger/Desperado isn't "the Fastest" without it. Example... I have more aspd than my friend. Advanced set and all. He's using avas for show. He fires faster than me. I have a lvl 5 Fastest Gun. His is Max. When we both use McGee, I'm jealous. So if anything... I MAY buy a reset... just because I messed up. Though, everything seems amazing.

    To sum it all up, I'm going Pure Ranger, so I won't have BBQ. Though, without all the extra skills, moving through dungeons shouldn't be hard. No matter what it be. Get a +10-+11 nd you'll be fine.
  6. eXodusOnFiRe New Member

    Hello, I was mostly a lurker at DFOsource and stumbled upon this refreshing change of venue. Pleased to see the first comprehensive guide to ranger and i learned alot about the class from this guide but my real question is if the builds on the first page are still viable to this day?

    I've been mostly winging it but my build is similar to Archie's "preferred build" [have 1 point extra in rising shot and have 5 points in marilyn]. Was hoping that build is still okay so I can just pick up and follow it.

    My other question is regarding that same build, the link it leads to has the wrong skill names and marilyn isn't even there. Is that on my end or am I looking at the wrong thing lol [have only ever used the simulator at aradsociety]

    thanks for the guide and any response to my questions
  7. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    yo dats incorrect

    im posting on the assumption that since the post has not been edited, nobody as pointed it out yet
  8. gongfuren GongJiZhe

    I think that this is because that skill planner has recently been updated. The values that Archie put in have been rendered null due to them corresponding to the old values that no longer exist.

    I could be wrong. Please don't yell at me too much if I am.

    Also, I completely agree that this guide is extremely informative. So informative, that it wins. It really is a shame that the posted builds are malfunctioning.

    As a side note, despite AradSociety's superior UI, its lack of up-to-date values simply does not allow it to compete with the completely up-to-date ASPD skill planner. In short, ASPD skill planner wins.
  9. eXodusOnFiRe New Member

    I see. I guess I forgot to mention that I do like the ASPS simulator more, for the reasons you pointed out.

    As far as the values go I see what you mean, and I also realized the the wrongly named skills just to seem to be the name for the male gunner counterpart to the skill so w/e. I'm only wondering if it's safe to assume that the values that are there now are still the proper values(since the basic f.gunner skill values are still in place) and the ranger skills themselves are nulled out but they still have the checkmarks there(which means to max them if im not wrong)

    So it's a little messy lol but the actual sheet itself is still usable..but that just brings me to the unanswered question of if it is still a viable build in the first place lol.

    Since im a total noob (been playing since release but alot of on and off - never got over 40 on any char) ive been reading around and as far as i can tell the build does seem proper..i just like confirmation on things >.>
  10. DualReaver ǝʇnɔ os ɯ,ı


    DbR top is far better, and even then you could get something like Moving Shot. Pan Revolver tops are horridly expensive for a very small bonus, and you really don't need it that badly.
  11. Leviathan The Windy Gunner

    You'd be surprised. I sold a devil Trigger top for 2 mil to buy another adv ava top worth 650k (Profit!~) But yeah... I suppose it is hard to come by sometimes.. You just have to have a good eye in AH. Also, I agree. Though I should've put it up there. That was my mistake. I was like... writing stuff off the top of my head. DbR is good for damage in a big way. I'm getting on it as I speak.

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