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So Archie has written a guide for PvE Rangers

Discussion in 'Gunner Guides' started by Archie, May 9, 2010.

  1. Archie Mexocan

    We may not be as heavily armed as a launcher, or as handy as a mechanic, or as equipped as a spitfire. We wander the world, with just our revolvers tucked away at our sides, ready to be brought out for whatever may challenge us. Maybe have have so little, but we all learn to make great use of what little things we have been given in life. This, is the path of the ranger, making lemonade when life gives you lemons.


    I owe a big thanks to Junk for helping me clean up this guide, as I am only just one person talking about a class that many people play.

    Note: Questions? Comments? Utterly confused? Think I'm wrong about anything? Feel free to send a message.
  2. Archie Mexocan


    So you want to make a PvE ranger, or at least see if your build is on the right track.

    So what are the differences between Male and Female rangers?

    I have an entire thread discussing just this, and it's right here: http://www.superswordaction.com/for...6-M-Ranger-vs.-F-Ranger-an-analysis-by-Archie

    Why would you like being a PvE Ranger?

    • Easy combo rate scores!
    • No need to keep distance or get up close. We're dangerous at all ranges.
    • Monsters that wanders a lot on their y-axis won't be as annoying to you than they would to others.
    • Or if you just freaking love fast attacks and gun skills.
    But why wouldn't you like being a PvE ranger?

    • A ranger's ability to PvE will not be up to par with everyone else, other gunners have more skills more favorable for PvE, where a ranger's skill set is more oriented for PvP.
    • A ranger's potential for DPM won't be up to par either, so they WILL want a +11 revolver if they want to keep up with everyone else. It will not be a major issue at early levels, but past the level 50 cap, monsters will have so much defense, you won't do much damage.
    • We need our cube skills. A lot. Don't expect to be terribly good right away.
    • Plus, abusing our cube skills can cost a lot of MP, and cubes. Sometimes, I wonder why rangers are not known for burning so much MP.
    • You can say we're the assassins of Maplestory, some people will not like you for just being a ranger.

    Example Skill Builds

    Now you know what you'll like and hate about being a ranger, let's move on to skill builds

    The Absolute Minumum
    This is the core build

    The Gunplay-Heavy Build
    An example build that purely focuses on gunplay, something you could consider for maximum DPM if you can easily get +11 revolvers, or if you tend to keep a ton of distance. This works slightly better for M rangers, as F rangers comparatively have a higher emphasis on kicks. Gunplay heavy F rangers are just as good however.

    The Kick Build
    An example build that emphasizes in close-range comabt, which is great for rangers who can't afford +11 revolvers, but it could also work for rangers who gets very close and personal. This works much better for F rangers when F gunners can awaken, thanks to veiled cutter, which boosts kick skills with a 130% attack multiplier, and add a bleed proc.

    My Preferred Build
    It might not be what you want, it's probably not what you want, but it's my preference. It's neither pure gunplay or pure kicking, because I prefer to be practical by choosing a balance between the two. A ranger is supposed to be able to fight in all ranges, afterall.
  3. Archie Mexocan

    ~Ranger Skills~

    Jack Spike / Marilyn Rose [Recommended levels: 1, or 5 for BBQ]

    Remembering how I trained my gunners at low levels, level 1 was good enough to score some amazing style points with ground juggles. In PvE, you really only need this for defense, and it's good enough for that at level 1. Female rangers might find themselves using this skill as other melee skills are in cooldown.
    The reason why this skill is NOT maxed, is that this is not going to be the main skill you want to use to launch monsters.

    Protip: Holding the forward key lets you slide forward a little when using this skill.

    Protip: When something gets knocked down, you can use this skill on top of downed monsters to knock them into the air as they get back up. This is easier to do with jack spike than with marilyn rose. This will not work in PvP however.

    Rising Shot [Recommended levels: 5+]

    This is the main skill you would use to launch monsters. It has (obviously) more range jack spike, and its launching power scales much better. 5 is the absolute minimum to unlock headshot, but I got this skill at 9 to make basic comboing easier. Level 9 rising shot is good enough for me, but some rangers are fine with just level 5 rising, others level it waaay beyond.

    You generally only level this for higher launch, but some rangers get this skill up to high levels for damage increase, and it would help launch heavier monsters. It's a great skill to prepare for cube skills.

    [IMG][IMG] "Lock n' Looowl!" ~A Korean gunner
    Windmill / Topspin Kick [Recommended levels: 5 or max]

    When I first got windmill, I abused it on those stupid kitties at poison thunderland, since they wander on their y axis so much. That's exactly why this skill is so awesome, it has a very good range on its y axis, perfect for any monster that likes to wander diagonally just to make you angry. =/
    I am maxing this skill because it's a very important combo starter that can easily be used defensively and offensively. Also, considering PvE stats, max windmill does more damage than max headshot.

    Also, you may want to max out windmill for not just for damage, but attack speed. It will be explained later under the Triple clutch entry under the ranger cancels list.

    [IMG][IMG] "That's what you get!"
    Punisher / Spriggan [Recommended level: 1, or 5 for female awakening]

    As cool as these skills are, these skills do not scale very well. Punisher and spriggan should be kept at levels 1 and 5 respectively for their ability to break super armor.

    [IMG] "
    Aerial Fire [Recommended level: 0, 1]

    With this skill, most monsters CANNOT touch you while you are in the air. This skill can be used for mobility, juggling after an air raid, or safely attacking monsters. There are gimmick builds that max this for damage, but most rangers leave this at 1 if they get it at all.

    I HIGHLY recommend aerial fire for its poking ability.

    Steep Slide [Recommended level: 0]

    I put this skill here in this guide just in case somebody will ask about this. This skill can only be used for PvP purposes, as you are not going to really need the launch from your dash attack. Dash attacks aren't really a main move for gunners to deal damage, and our dash attacks already knock down monsters when needed.

    [IMG][IMG] "Straight kick like a GUNNER!"
    Mach Kick / Needle Sobat [Recommended level: 1 (M rangers only) or 5 or max]

    It's a great skill for pushing back monsters in self defense, to cluster mobs, and a great move to follow up after punisher/spriggan. F rangers need this skill at 5 for triple clutch, a required skill for the awakening.

    Both skill's hitboxes linger a little while after it's used, so monsters can run into your mach/sobat after the skill is used.

    [IMG] "HA! No shockwaves for you!" ~Archie
    Gun Guard [Recommended level: 0 or 1]

    This skill won't help you block melee attacks, and you will need some precise timing with gun guard, since gun guard can't be held forever like the slayer's guard.

    The most important thing about Gun Guard is that you do not get launched by shockwave abilities that monsters may have. Some monsters may be able to take advantage of that and attack you while you're helplessly knocked off of your feet.

    If you think you will use it ever, get it. If you don't, don't get it and use the SP into something else. Any more points into this isn't necessary.

    Fastest Gun [Recommended level: 5]

    Don't be mislead, this skill makes you draw your gun faster, not shoot faster. Drawing a gun, for those who might be confused, means getting your hand on your gun, bring it out, and then aim at a target.
    Using fastest gun makes you draw your gun out faster than you normally would, shoot x number of bullets, then you draw out a second gun faster than you normally would, then shoot.

    This skill would usually be left at 5 for wild shot, but rangers who use slower guns like muskets or handcannons may want to consider investing in this skill for the speed to make the X attacks of any gun to fire faster overall. It's great to use when you are going to use your x attack no matter what gun you use, but watch out for its cooldown if you spam your x attack a lot.

    [IMG] "More pew pew for more QQ" ~Archie
    Pan Revolver [Recommended level: Max for revolver rangers]

    Planning on using revolvers? Get it. Seeing how this makes revolvers fire faster, and have a better chance of going through monsters, an explanation shouldn't be needed.

    [IMG] "Bullseye!"
    Headshot [Recommended level: Max]

    Headshot is our move to use for overkills. At level 1, it does an astonishing 500%, gives a 10% bonus chance to land a critical, and its piercing strength also gets a 10% boost at level 1.

    This is a great move for maxing. As you level it, it starts to become a mob control skill.

    [IMG] "Right back at you!"
    Revenger [Recommended level: 0 or 1]

    When you are getting trampled over by a mob, you are helpless often times. This skill is what you use to save yourself whenever that happens. When this skill activates, you get invincibility frames, then you shoot in defense, hopefully hitstunning monsters that are attacking you, to buy you time to start a combo of your own. This skill doesn't help you when you are launched or pinned to the ground, so keep that in mind.

    This is not a skill to max for stun or activation speed, this is a PvP ranger's skill.

    Some rangers skip this skill, as they feel that activating it in PvE isn't going to happen often. You need to be hit (which may or may not happen often depending on how skillful you are), and have either great reflexes, expect that you are gonna be hit, or happen to be pressing your Z button.

    [IMG] "Shoot to kill!"
    Death by Revolver [Recommended level: Max for revolver rangers]

    Ever read somewhere saying that a ranger's strength depends heavily on criticals? This skill is pretty much why they said that. This skill makes criticals from revolver bullets hit harder.

    [IMG] "Like I ever trusted people behind my back..." ~Archie
    Western Fire [Recommended level: 1(max)]

    You're probably wondering what this skill does. This skill makes you turn around and immediately use headshot, but with an attack multiplier.

    [HIDE=Where the idea of this skill came from]You know how people duel in Cowboy movies right? The two rivals stand at a distance away from each other at a town square. Both rivals are facing away from each other. When a clock bell strikes as noon sets, the rivals turn draw out their gun, turn around, and try to shoot each other. That is the idea behind this skill.[/HIDE]

    Some rangers avoid using this move since you have to turn around, as I personally, sometimes shoot the wrong way with this move. Western fire can help when you are being chased since it automatically turns around for you.
    If you prefer to use headshot for the sake of ease, you will still need this as a prerequisite for Death Hawk.

    [IMG] "Outta here!"
    Air Raid (M Ranger skill) [Recommended level: 1 or max]
    (I consider this skill drastically different enough from Sonic Spike to deserve its own entry)

    I find this skill very interesting. This skill has two parts to it. This skill lets you move during windmill, and it lets you kick upwards to launch whatever is in the way.
    The launching part is the BEST part of this move for PvE rangers, you can either fly away somewhere safe, or fire a few times to juggle a monster in mid-air, and start a combo afterwards.

    You will only invest more than 1 point into air raid if you're going for a kick ranger.

    I've been told that it could theoretically be used to move yourself towards a monster so you can't hitstun a monster out of range. You will probably need to max air raid for this since windmill's second hit has less x-axis range.

    Protip: Aerial Fire likes this move. Air raid can be followed up by an aerial fire juggle easily.

    Protip: Getting trampled by a hoarde of monsters? Rising windmill and immediately air raid right when windmill lands a hit.

    [IMG] "Blast off!"
    Sonic Spike (F Ranger skill) [Recommended level: 5 for awakening or max]
    (I consider this skill drastically different enough from Air Raid to deserve its own entry)

    This skill has two parts to it just like Air Raid. This skill lets you move during topspin, and it lets you launch yourself forward to push monsters in that direction.
    That forward launch is what makes Sonic Spike useful in more situations than Air Raid, where it can be used to move mobs to more favorable places, or just for mobility to get to places quicker.

    However, Sonic spike can be dangerous to use in certain situations, you certainly don't want to launch yourself into that nice looking pool of lava crowded with superarmored mobs do you? =)

    Protip: Getting trampled by a hoarde of monsters? Rising topspin and immediately spike right when topspin lands a hit.

    ~Cube Skills~

    [IMG] "The pleasure is mine."
    Multi Headshot[Recommended level: 5 for Death Hawk or Max]

    This is the most powerful 1-on-1 skill that can take an entire bar of a boss's HP easily.
    What happens with this move, is that when you activate this skill, you twirl your gun (If you're a M ranger). Then you press your arrow keys to shoot. With the arrow keys, you can shoot in front, behind, your right, or left side, and you are in super armor while you are shooting. I called this move the "Stickle killer" since I can easily snipe monsters on their y axis in safely.

    As powerful as it is, you have to be careful when using it on mobs, or anything superarmored. Your chance of hitting an additional monster is 50%. After you are done shooting, you are left open as there is a delay after using multi headshot, which can be painful, so reserve this for 1-on-1.

    Protip: I should really make sure this is clear to everyone. To shoot, you press an arrow key, not hold it. Being only able to get one or two shots with this move is not very fun at all.

    Protip: Learn its range, its reach is limited.

    Protip: Its delay before and after the skill gets shorter with more attack speed.

    Protip: Launch a monster and juggle with multiheadshot. You cannot push monsters out of range,

    [IMG] "Let's rock!"
    Moving Shot [Recommended level: Max]

    This is one of the best, if not the best skill for rangers. You can move an any direction, and fire bullets simultaneously. Okay guys, what more can you ask for? I can maneuver around and confuse monsters while they don't know squat about the y axis, and still deal damage. I can walk around their slow projectiles and still do damage.
    With each level, you walk faster, get more bullets, and those bullets hit harder also. Of all of the cube skills, I would say, this would be given the highest priority. It scales too well to ignore.

    Protip: Different gun classes get a different amount of bullets you can shoot in moving shot mode before this skill deactivates automatically. You can consider using an autogun for the most shots, muskets for having the same amount of shots as a revolver, or a hand cannon for massive hitstun and mob control potential.

    Protip:Moving Shot juggles are deadly

    Protip: Since monsters get launched naturally when they die, pay attention to when you are juggling a dead monster. That would be a waste of your valuable bullets.

    [IMG][IMG] "Show time."
    Wild Shot / Gun Dance [Recommended level: 3 for Death Hawk, 5 for Male awakening or Max]

    These skills have a 360 degree range, and grants super armor immediately when used. Unlike MHS, wild shot and gun dance have absolutely no problem handling large numbers at a time. To sum it up, wild shot and gun dance are crowd control moves.

    Gun dance is significantly weaker than wild shot, so some F rangers are discouraged from maxing this skill. Gun dance has some utility that turns this cube skill into an easy combo starter though.

    Protip: This skill shoots faster if you mash its hotkey, or your x button. For best results, mash both =)

    Protip: With Wildshot, you can easily push a monster out of range with this move, launch your targets, or wait till they jump (if they jump at all) for some mad juggling. You would get instant 85% style right there.

    Protip: Keep an eye out for any of your party members using any skill that launches monsters. Wildshot is a rhaep skill to follow up after a skill that launches monsters, e.g. Star in the Sky, another gunner's BBQ, etc.

    [IMG] "BOOOMerang!"
    Death Hawk [Recommended level: Max]

    You throw two revolvers that spins and returns to you like a boomerang. You get to throw them three times during this skill, and they fly farther with each throw. What is even better, is you can still attack between throws. This is one of your only crowd control skills, so it's a very good idea to invest in this skill.

    Protip: You can control the direction you throw your guns by using your arrow keys. Throw them diagonally, or even behind you!

    Protip: Learn its range. Your guns will hover over a spot for a while before returning back. Aiming so your guns hover exactly where the enemy is will do lots of damage.

    Thanks to Krenuxi and Junk for the info =)



    Sudden Death [Recommended level: 1]

    What this does is give you a chance to instantly kill a monster if its HP is low enough. This should be ideally left at one since the chances of an insta-kill is too low to be worth 30 points.

    [IMG] "So much for physics." ~Archie
    Scud Genocide [Recommended level: 1, or max]

    THIS is the skill that won me over when I saw the ranger in the 22-second DnF promotional vid hover in the air shooting at everything under him.

    Considering the amount of SP our awakening skill costs, this scales better than any other skill. From level 1 to level 2, scud gets 366% stronger if every hit lands on one monster. Need I say more?

    NOTE: Even though it scales very well, it's one of the lowest damaging awakenings in the game. When a desperado friend showed me Scud Genocide (unbuffed) at dragonoid's nest, it took the ENTIRE first barrage of bullets to kill the mobs. In contrast, his windmill wipes out all of the dragons.

    NOTE: Leave this at 1 if you do any PvPing, and only level it past one if you have spare points.


    Veiled Cutter [Recommended level: 1 or max]

    This passive awakening, adds a bleeding chance to all kick skills, which depends on the level of this passive, not the level of the kick skills being used.

    Twin Gun Blade [Recommended level: ?]

    This awakening is like a buff much like the asura's awakening (which I'm sure everyone has seen as they party with GSD)

    Here's a video with a level 60 Bloodia showing off the awakening:

    ~Ranger Cancels~

    What is a cancel? A cancel normally lets you stop an X attack combo to use another skill immediately. Other cancels, lets you stop other skills to use another skill immediately.

    Cancels in general are very good for combos, and also makes useful skills more useful.

    No cancels are useless, some cancels are just less practical.

    Rising Shot cancel [Recommended? Yes please.]

    This helps you dish out damage while you're using your x attack for only 10 SP, and monsters trying to get to you on your x axis would have a harder time doing so also. It's great for making sure your rising shot doesn't miss also, if your x attack can land a hit, so would your rising. I only wish I had the SP to invest in this earlier.

    Also, this cancel *can* be used to break anti-range superarmor of monsters that get too close.

    Rising Windmill / Rising Topspin [Recommended? YESSSS]

    You can windmill/topspin out of a dash attack that lands a hit, I cannot stress enough how awesome that is. It eliminates the need to run up to a monster to use this skill on them, where running up to a monster can be dangerous.

    And lastly, you can windmill/topspin after you get knocked down. Gotta love being able to get back on your feet right away right?

    Triple Clutch [Recommended? Recommended but optional for M rangers, Mandatory for F rangers for awakening]

    This cancel lets you use mach/sobat during windmill/topsin, then rising shot.

    This is more of a PvP cancel, since it's a combo-starting cancel. However, cancelling windmill to triple clutch nets more damage than air raid, so you can consider triple clutch for just an option to do more damage.

    Also note that it is possible to cancel into your skills so fast you skip these windmill or mach kick entirely. Remember when I said some rangers might want to get a higher level of windmill for its speed? If you want to use triple clutch faster, a faster windmill means you can triple clutch faster and not miss out on any hits from your windmill.

    Windmill/Topspin cancel [Recommended? No]

    Only great for self-protection, but some gunners find this useful.

    Punisher cancel (M ranger) [Recommended? Never.]

    Punisher's range is terrible, making this cancel totally impractical.

    Spriggan cancel (F ranger) [Recommended? No]

    I've heard of PvP F spitfires use this cancel to make their ground combo's longer, easily proving that this cancel has uses. Would a PvE F ranger find this useful? Probably, but there's not too much utility in this skill.

    Mach Kick/Needle Sobat cancel [Recommended? Not really]

    I had mach cancel before I got a SP reset. It's just a combo extender, and a defense against stray monsters who approach you on your y axis.

    I preferred this over windmill cancel for its x-axis range

    Cancel Headshot [Recommended? Depends on preference]

    If you use headshot for ease, or even both headshot and western fire depending on the situation, you can consider investing in this cancel.

    I exclusively use western fire so this cancel won't help me personally.
  4. Archie Mexocan

    ~Non-Class Skills~

    [IMG] "These robots are not your friend, they're like... evil pokemon!" ~British commentators
    RX-78 Landrunner [Recommended level: 1 (You get this for free)]

    If you consider that rangers get virtually no intelligence as they level, this skill won't do any damage. Don't bother.

    [IMG] "Do silver bullets really hurt more than lead bullets?" ~Archie
    Silver Bullet [Recommended level: 0, 1, or 10 for gun-heavy builds late-game]

    Who doesn't like to get a little extra damage boost? If you feel that you benefit from this skill, I say go for it. It stacks with all gun skills including multi headshot and wild shot. It benefits the physical damage from your bullet if you shoot at a light-weak monster as both magic and physical hit are light-attribute.

    The reason why I left the level recommendation for silver bullet at one, is that this skill is a SP sink that easily takes points from other skills you could have had more SP put into. I hear that maxing this skill is much more feasible with the level 60 or especially the 70 cap.

    Stacks with cube skills easily, especially with wild shot.

    [IMG] "Ice."
    Freezing Bullet [Recommended level: 0]

    Its 60 SP cost is quite a lot in my opinion for a little extra damage boost. Silver bullet gives the same 30% magic damage boost, but with less time to cast, a shorter cooldown, and costs a lot less SP.
    Maybe it does freeze, but its chance of doing that is only 5%, once every 20 shots.

    [IMG] "Swallow this!"
    G-14 Buster [Recommended level: 1(You get this for free)]

    I consider rangers the least needy of this skill for PvE of all gunners. If I need some y axis range, I use windmill. I want to damage monsters in front of me, I dash and rising windmill out of my dash. If I need space, I just dash, rising windmill, then air raid away. This gets less useful as we use our cube skills more.

    You do not level this for damage, because it won't do great damage. You won't level this for AoE size, because this skill is only levelled for PvP utility.

    [IMG] "Eat this!"
    M-137 Gatling Gun [Recommended levels: 1 (You get this for free)]

    Gatling as a subweapon isn't great, so don't level this. There are better uses for your SP.

    [IMG] "Burn, baby burn."
    M-3 Flamethrower [Recommended level: 0]

    I have a launcher, so I know this skill needs considerable points to be good. At level 1, the hitstun isn't very good, even at level 6, it's still not good enough. Anyone who wants to put considerable points into this skill would have to max flamethrower so its hitstun would keep monsters in stunlock. You will not have the points to spare, so you don't wanna touch on this skill.

    [IMG] "Alright!" *chuddachuddachuddachudda*
    BBQ [Recommended level: 0, or 1]

    Yeah, this skill does some crazy damage at early levels, but this is not a skill to level for damage, but utility. BBQ gives you invincibility frames that protects you from being hit, and that's why rangers like me get this skill. Plus, it places monsters conveniently in front of you!

    Sometimes, I jump in the middle of mobs for tech points from counters and backattacks. BBQ is a must have in a situation like that, so monsters try to attack me during my invincability frames, and when it's over, I immediately windmill while they're attacking.

    Also note that after this skill, monsters are left in the air, where they can easily be juggled. Bosses (except stupid Ice Layer Malaga and Jakarta) can't counter juggles.

    [IMG] "Steyr."
    Steyr AMR [Recommended level: 0 or 1]

    This costs a fat 60 SP I personally wouldn't want to spend for this skill. But, It's really great for long ranged poking and mob control. My launcher abuses this skill all the time, and it has great potential for tech points. Rangers do have a lack of ranged moves early on, so you may consider the 60 SP for this skill.

    ~General Skills~

    Quick Rebound [Recommended? Depends]

    This skill lets you get invincibility frames after you're down. I mainly use rising windmill to get back up and counter nearby monsters, but sometimes you get knocked down without a monster nearby, and you would want to immediately get back up to fight. Using rising windmill where no monster is nearby would use up MP and put it on cooldown for nothing.

    This isn't a skill you would not regret a lot for getting, it only costs 10 SP. Quick rebound will certainly prove itself useful in difficult dungeons like King's Relic and Vilmark where knockdowns can be painful.

    Leap [Recommended? Not really]

    Gunners jump high enough, and we can jumpshoot for maneuver wherever needed anyways. Only get it if you know what you're doing.

    I tried it on my spit before advancing, its bonus isn't as significant at level 1 than it is for another class, like slayers.

    Ancient Memory [Recommended? Hecks no.]

    I once saw an aradsociety planner build with this skill, so I might as well stick this here. This skill adds INT, which won't really help rangers at all since our only magic attacks would be silver/ice bullet, grenade, and landrunner.

    Physical Critical Hit [Recommended level: 0 or 10]

    Remember about DbR, a buff that makes our criticals hit harder. You might as well get a skill that makes criticals land more often too!
    The other critical skills are not going to help you, rangers are purely physical in terms of the skills we really depend on to deal damage, and this critical skill helps you whether or not you land a backattack on a monster or not.

    But few rangers skip out on this because 1: You can just use sharp eye potions. and 2: Having a lot of red flashes on your screen from landing criticals would be an eyesore. Personally, I think these people are missing out on valuable DPS.

    Physical Rear Attack [Recommended level: 0]

    When soloing, there are several ways to land easy backattacks. Wildshot juggles, carefully aimed death hawks, or timed rising windmills. When you are partied, landing backattacks cannot be easier.

    It has been a long time since this guide has been up before the first ranger ever recommends this passive. It wouldn't help you all of the time, and putting SP into this skill definitely takes SP away from your core skills. That is why this skill is recommended at 0.
  5. Archie Mexocan

    ~Equipment Recommendations~

    I won't go too in-depth about the bonuses to look out for, the main thing you want from a weapon is its attack strength.

    Refer to this list of revolvers: http://wiki.dfo-world.com/index.php?title=Revolver

    All guns mentioned are revolvers, unless noted, or is obviously not a revolver looking at its name.

    Levels 1-17

    A good weapon to start off in at low levels is the lvl 5 Power Bowgun. But... you will not need a good weapon to get through these levels.

    Levels 18-24

    Your lvl 18 Enlightenment Bowgun from Shadow Thunderland quests will last you a good while. The lvl 20 Colt Python is ridiculously expensive, and your revolver mastery skills are not strong enough to make revolvers a good weapon to use.

    Levels 25-29

    Do not get the Colt Diamondback unless you have a back up weapon, it does light damage, and the Light Castellian at the lvl 25 dungeons is strong against light.

    You get a lvl 27 light revolver from Castellian Chamber quests. Be sure to get a back-up weapon that doesn't do light damage for Silver Night at level 30.

    Levels 30-34

    The lvl 30 Colt MK3 Trooper, which doesn't really give any "decent" bonus will get quickly replaced by the lvl 32 Fairy Revolver.

    Levels 35-39

    Be wary that the lvl 35 Colt Paterson deals water damage. There are too many water/ice based dungeons at this level range, and you won't meet fire-based monsters until level 43 when you get to go to Scoria Core.

    An alternative is the lvl 35 Colt Mk3 Anaconda, which is neutral element and can poison.

    Levels 40-44

    There are two lvl 40 purple revolvers: the Colt Mk5 King Cobra, and Colt Peacemaker. The peacemaker gives a defense aura and 1 to gun guard, but the King Cobra gives 1 to DbR, so go for the king cobra.

    The lvl 43 McGee's Custom Desert Storm is a one-of-a-kind revolver, it fires fast enough to not feel like a revolver. They say that this is the BEST revolver around.

    You get this from an Odessa Street quest where you have to solo the map on Kings, kill Ranger McGee, and clear the dungeon. You can get a friend to change the boss with an epic quest, and leave before the boss is killed so it counts as if you solo'd

    Levels 45+

    The lvl 45 Rude Boy Jack's 20% speed to wildshot is negligible. Also, the lvl 45 Fast Pan is extremely expensive thanks to its bonus to pan revolver and bonus to attack speed, making rich PvP Rangers basically hunt this down.

    The lvl 46 Indomitable Matig is from Scoria Core quests (correct me?).


    As a ranger who does pretty much only PvE, there are three stat bonuses to look out for: Physical critical hit chance, Strength, or Attack speed.
    Critical chances and strength helps you hit harder, but you only would want to consider attack speed for pulling off combo's easier. Comboing is very important for PvP to prevent your opponent from getting the opportunity to attack back. Comboing is nice for PvE but not totally necessary.

    You would not really need to care much about defense since we use leather, it won't really protect us from harm. If you need the defense, you can always ask Kiri to reinforce your equipment.

    Please note that I only list noteworthy bonuses. Max MP bonuses, hit recovery, skill bonuses for less useful skills, or other less useful bonuses are not listed.

    Buffalo Criminal Set [Level 15-20]

    Individual Bonuses: +1 Mach Kick [Top], +1 Windmill [Bottom]
    Set Bonuses: 17-24 Strength, +93-110 HP

    Leather armors rarely give strength. Need I say more?
    If you're around level 20-29 have the time and some money to spend, this is the set to seek out.

    Burning Rider Set [Level 20-25]

    Individual Bonuses: [Nothing notable]
    Set Bonuses: +3% Attack Speed, +2% Move Speed, +3% Evasion

    The extra attack speed can help with comboing for effective killing, and will help you in PvP for those stupid albert's quests.

    Legacy: Fine Leather Set of Lat [Level 20-25]

    Individual Bonuses: [Nothing notable]
    Set Bonuses: +29 STR, +9 MP/Min, +2% Phys Crit, +1 Headshot

    Vile Beast Set [Level 25-30]

    Individual Bonuses: [Nothing notable]
    Set Bonus: When attacking, you get a 1% chance of increasing your attack strength by 40%, decreasing physical defense by 30%, and increasing move speed by 3% for 20 seconds.

    A 140% multiplier? Holy shit. Western fire's 120% multiplier was amazing enough as a damage comparison. This is arguably the one of the best (if not the best) set for maximizing damage.

    Rangers attack *coughfairly fast, so the chances of activating this buff would be pretty good. Just as long you play carefully, our defense is mediocre already.

    Legacy: Holy Fine Leather Set of Lat [Level 25-30]

    Individual Bonuses: +1 Headshot [Top]
    Set Bonuses: +249 max MP, +30 STR, +12 MP/Min, +3% Phys Crit, +1 Death by Revolver

    Spinal Leather Set [Level 30-35]

    Individual Bonuses: +3% Critical Chance [All items], Abnormal status tolerances
    This is the set I personally got for myself =)

    The best part about this set is that you do not need to seek out the entire set to benefit! I've seen enough people trying to look for the shoulder/ belt of their nearly complete set.

    Assaulter Set [Level 35-40]

    Individual Bonuses: [Nothing notable]
    Set Bonuses: +1% Attack Speed, +1 Triple Clutch, +1 Wildshot

    I find the name of the armor set to be very fitting with its bonuses, haha
    This set also has a chance to return damage when you get hit. It's not that great in PvE, but it's great for luls at PvP

    Legacy: Holy Suede Set of Culy [Level 35-40]

    Individual Bonuses: +2% Phys Crit [Top]
    Set Bonuses: +230 HP, +200 MP, +35 STR, +12 MP/Min, +3% Atk Speed, 2% chance of raising your phys crit rate by 20% when hit

    A gold buyer's favorite.

    Stalker Set [Level 40-45]

    Individual Bonuses: +3% Critical Chance [All items], Abnormal status tolerances

    The pro-er version of the spinal leather set.

    Haughty Chantre Set [Level 40-45]

    Individual Bonuses: +1% Physical crit, +2% Attack Speed [Shoulder], +1 Headshot [Top], +1 Mach Kick [Shoes]
    Set Bonuses: 4% Physical Crit, +1 Death by Revolver, +1 Wild Shot

    That's a lot of bonuses. The entire set adds to four different skills, most importantly DbR, and 1/3 of the phys crit bonuses the stalker set gives. If entire sets weren't ridiculously hard to seek out, I would get this set.

    Quicksilver Soul Set [Level 45-50]

    Individual Bonuses: [Nothing Notable]
    Set Bonuses: +240-260 HP, +4% Attack Speed, +2% Move Speed, 5% Physical Crit, +1 Death by Revolver, 20% bonus damage to undead

    So many set bonuses, the list takes up a second line. The HP bonus is crazy enough to be notable also. It's a shame this set isn't out yet though.


    There are not any accessories that specifically give to ranger skills. Go for anything that gives some sort of attack boost

    Also, save accessories that gives elemental resistance. If you stack up elemental resistances for certain maps, you can potentially save a TON of HP.


    These are my recommendations for avatar bonuses to seek for optimal PvEing, listed in order from most helpful to the utterly useless.

    Hat/ Hair
    MP Regen - We all like to be self-sustainable don't we?
    HP Regen - Getting hit is always certain, though it can be avoided through careful gameplay.
    Spirit - The damage reduction is probably neglegible, but whatever helps.
    Cast Speed - Helps you buff up faster, but our buffs are casted fairly quickly anyways. This is the best bonus if you do PvP.
    Intelligence - Because we need our landrunners to actually do damage. Pfffft

    Attack Speed - This really helps with comboing, especially when you wanna launch heavier monsters for multi headshot / wild shot juggles.
    Abnormal Status Tolerance - Being blinded/frozen/stunned/poisoned is NOT fun at all.
    Hit Recovery - Being able to respond back to attacks is nice and all, but this stat is more useful for melee classes.
    Magic Defense - Does the 300 magic defense bonus even make a difference in PvE?

    For Standard avatars, try to seek out a windmill kick top if you're maxing windmill, it's the best combo starter that can be used offensively and defensively.

    For Advanced avatars, a top with a revolver mastery skill would be of top priority. If that's not an option, get one that gives to a cube skill, or headshot.

    Max MP - More MP to start with, so you can last longer without having MP issues.
    Max HP - Getting hit is always certain, though it can be avoided through careful gameplay. This is better than max MP if you do any casual PvP.
    Physical Defense - Does the defense bonus even make a difference in PvE?

    Evasion - Because nobody likes being hit.
    Max Weight - If you are going to farm with your ranger
    Elemental resistance - The 7.5% damage reduction might save you, who knows?

    Strength - Because we all like hitting harder.
    Move Speed - When we run, we gotta run like hell. This is better than strength if you do casual PvP.
    Vitality - Because we all hate being hurt so much.
    Jump Strength - Don't we already jump high enough? Only "great" if you abuse aerial fire often.

    Not really important, but physical is better than magical damage reduction since more monsters (and PvPers) deal physical damage.
  6. Archie Mexocan

    Could a ranger use other guns?

    Yes, they can. Rangers can use multiple guns just like a Spitfire.

    In PvP, a ranger uses autoguns and bowguns for OTG combo's, aerial fire combo's, and moving shot spam. Muskets are used for power when DbR is in cooldown, and for its crazy range. Hand cannons are for kiting and knocking down your opponent when you're in mid-air, as well as making you extremely powerful up close.

    But in PvE, after you get your revolver masteries to a good level, you will generally only use revolvers as they are an all-rounded weapon that should net the highest DPM.

    Before you do get good levels of pan and DbR...

    Bowguns can be used for a comboing weapon, with its lowered cooldowns and large clip size for lengthy x spam

    Revolvers become your single-target x-spam once you get around level 5 pan

    Muskets are the ideal poking weapon with its extremely long range, and has a higher base physical attack than revolvers.

    Hand cannons are your mob-control weapon with its 100% pierce rate that hits every monster touching its explosion effect.

    Here is a table comparing each gunner weapon with each other. Note that some boxes under the revolver column have two entries; the first is without revolver masteries, the second is with revolver mastery skills maxed.

    [table="head; width=80%"] | Autogun | Bowgun | Revolver | Musket | Hand Cannon
    Power | Ticklish | Low | Average>>>Oh shit | High | Very High
    Firing Speed | Brb Carpal Tunnel | Very Fast | Slow>>>Fast | Slower | Slowest
    Range | Shorter | Short | Good | Off-Screen | (Like a melee weapon)
    Pierce Rate | 25% | 15% | 25%>>>45% | 50% | 100%
    Clip Size | 6 | 7 | 4 | 3 | 2
    Cooldown | -10% | -10% | +0% | +5% | +10%
    MP usage | -30% | -20% | +0% | +10% | +25%
    # of Moving Shot bullets | Most | Many | Average | Average | Few
    Affordability | Fair | Good | Worst | Cheapest | Good

    For power, cooldown, and MP usage, only refers to physical skills.

    Pierce rate refers to the chance of a bullet going through a monster, it has nothing to do with piercing damage from upgraded weapons.

    Which kick skill should I level?

    People have asked many times which of the three kick skills they should level up. I did some number crunching and found that if I was a level 50 ranger with a +0 Rude Jack Boy with all of my kick skills maxed...

    Windmill has the highest damage potential,
    then Air Raid,
    then Mach Kick.

    But sometimes, we don't want just damage, right? Sometimes, we need a little utility too to make things easier on us.

    Windmill is the bread-and-butter skill for most if not all rangers, it can be used offensively and defensively and it only has a 4 second cooldown.

    Air raid makes triple clutch easier to land. It's more of a PvP skill in that sense, but PvE Kick rangers can max this for damage. Though it only costs 20 SP, this skill can benefit both windmill and triple clutch when air raid is at higher levels

    Mach kick is generally only maxed for PvP, for its stun. This self-defense skill into a combo starter when it stuns your opponent.
  7. Junk is hangin' around.

    Hey Archie. Since I've migrated over here from DFOSource, mind changing my name in the credits to Junk and link to my forum ID? I don't plan on posting anymore on DFOSource; the site's just past its usefulness with too many trolls now.

    As for the guide, it would be handy to relook the Backstep & Backstep Cancel section. I notice that you listed it as recommended, but you also note that you do not have it yourself. It seems a bit contradictory. As well as that, saying that you got it for your Launcher isn't the best example, since this is a guide for Rangers.

    If I ever get some time in the future, I'll be sure to do grammatical proofreading on the guide. I notice errors here and there.

    Finals are very soon, so I need to concentrate on school at the moment. I'll be sure to read over this again at some later time.

    Best regards.
  8. Archie Mexocan

    Heh, I guess it is contradictory... brb
  9. ElectricSix *Insert witty title here*

    Just thought I'd let you know I've been using your guide for my PVE Ranger and say thanks for writing it. It's not too hard so far, but it's a bit of a challenge to get back into him after I've been playing my Spitfire. I'm still trying to decide whether to go more gunplay or a more kick oriented build, but I've been leaning to gunplay. As I literally only PVE, I think that will help keep me playing him, but I've been considering the fact that a kick build would put me outside my usual playstyle and might help improve my rather limited skills in DFO. XP
  10. Ring "...that's my role."

    Don't forget to add why assaulter is so useful! Specially for PVP, it returns dmg, and paired with a Gilemno will have people crying in PVP, I've killed two grapplers with low health in the middle of a cannon spike.
  11. Archie Mexocan

    Yer funny, you know that?
  12. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Where you have the graph about the gun types, i think revs are just plain fast, but they don't shoot as much as auto and bow so it seems slower over all.

    GJ on what you have so far and GL for improving it.
  13. Archie Mexocan

    "Slow" and "Fast" are both subjective. I've heard of people saying how ridiculously slow muskets are while I have little problem with its shooting speed.

    So the best I can do is compare the shooting speeds with other guns, so revolvers end up being "slow" since when you need shooting speed, bowguns and autoguns are the obvious choices.
  14. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Revolvers are ideal for PVE with pan/DbR it's probably the best dps over extended periods of time.
  15. Archie Mexocan

    ^ I know that.

    Some boxes under the revolver column have two entries; the first without revolver masteries, the second with revolver masteries at a good level
  16. Ring "...that's my role."

    nigga that way they dont get it for pve lul meaning suggest other sets.
  17. Archie Mexocan

    So if it benefits for PvP, it automatically has no benefits for PvE?

    I'll just mention the damage return chance anyways. There we go.
  18. Ring "...that's my role."

    Yeah its nice to add it , I would take Vile beast over hauntry and assaulter anytime for PVE.

    I really gotta start working on the ngrexo guide and hybrid ranger...
  19. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Nope PVE is easy enough atm with a decent gun & a PVP build. But vile beast is just fucking sexy along with spinal for the poor kids.
  20. Archie Mexocan

    I've heard from "overseas experts" that dungeons will be much harder for rangers past level 50, so supposedly PvP builds, as well as PvP builds of other classes will suck.

    But... PvP rangers right now should have a slightly harder time with mob control, and our level cap is apparently not high enough to make the build differences taht great.

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