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Now Archie has written a guide for PvE Launchers

Discussion in 'Gunner Guides' started by Archie, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Archie Mexocan

    ~Freshly reposted and touched up for f gunners~

    If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing, right?
    ~Tory from the Mythbusters, on exploding pants

    So you wanna make a launcher, or at least see if your build is on the right track.

    Why would you like being a launcher?

    • [*]Launchers have a TON of potential for dealing high numbers. I'm sure we're famous enough for this.
      [*]No need to get close to kill anything. A launcher is more than capable of hurting enemies that are not even on their screen.
      [*]Everybody will love you on parties
      [*]Large numbers of monsters will not worry you, we have lots of skill to tear down entire armies at a time
      [*]Or if you simply just like blowing shit up.
    But why wouldn't you like being a launcher?

    • [*]Launchers have little potential for style and tech points alone
      [*]With that being said, a launcher cannot juggle unless they have TONS of attack speed and considerable subweapon cancels.
      [*]Our skills costs a ton of MP as we do not use our X attack often, if at all.
      [*]We are the slowest, in general, of all gunner classes
      [*]Our ability to solo dungeons is very poor, we are an offensive support class
      [*]PvP can be difficult considering a launcher's skill set is made for PvE in parties.

    What is the issue about launchers and soloing dungeons?

    The reason a launcher's ability to solo dungeons being under-average, is the fact that monsters are either heavily scattered and ignoring you, or are trying to trample over you.

    When monsters are scattered, your skills will not be able to hit all of the monsters you will want to hurt. It doesn't help that our skills costs a ton of MP, and they tend to lack y axis range. If they do have y axis range, that skill probably lacks x axis range. We would want monsters to be nicely clustered for the sake of efficiency, or you will run out of MP before you are, let's say, in your fifth room.

    But when monsters are aggrovated, they will not always come by your x axis where they are directly in your line of fire, they can also approach you on your y axis, and they can safely get close to you that way.

    So this is the reason why launchers are considered a support class. When they are partied up with somebody to draw all of the monster's attention, the monsters are clustered not where the launchers are, but at a distance where a launcher can safely attack.

    Are male and female launchers the same?

    Pretty much. The only major difference is whether you want a vertical or horizontal laser for your awakening. For skills that are different among genders, they are still very similar.

    Skill builds

    The standard cookie-cutter build
    This is a no-brainer build. This has all of your damage moves maxed out for the best fire support for your parties. This build will also work for "poke" launchers who keep distance and simply fire their subweapons at their opponents.

    The Power Build
    This build basically gets rid of BBQ, and stinger since they are not considered main damage skills for launchers, which gives room for both critical passives. This build should deal the best DPS in PvE.
  2. Archie Mexocan


    ~Active Launcher Skills~

    [IMG] "Eat this!"
    M-137 Gatling Gun [Recommended level: 1 for subweapon crusher and BBQ, or 5 for Stinger]
    I'm sure we have all seen this skill. It's everybody's first subweapon as a gunner, that shoots up to 14 bullets in a straight line. If you didn't aim this right, you can press your jump key to stop using this skill.

    Female's gatling gun fires much, much faster.

    According to a DnF player, Gatling's power will get buffed up in later patches where not only does it hit harder, but it shoots more bullets. But for now, keep this as low of a level as you can, and focus on your main damage skills

    Uses: Clustering up mobs, or attacking aerial targets

    Drawbacks: Can only hurt monsters that are closest in front of you, the monsters farther back will not be hurt.

    [IMG] "Now we're cooking!"
    M-3 Flamethrower [Recommended level: 5 for Fire Pillar, or max]
    This subweapon blasts a ball of flame in front of you, as long as you hold on to the hotkey you assigned this skill to. This skill can be maxed for its hitstun increase, if maxed, nothing without super armor can get out of your flame.

    The speeds of male and female flamethrower are different where female flamethrower does faster damage yet it doesn't last as long. Both of their flamethrowers do the same amount of hits in the end.

    This skill becomes more useful after a future patch

    Uses: Keeping monsters in hitstun to keep your party members safe, can also hit downed monsters, and able pin monsters on the ground.

    Protip: When the hotkey is tapped, you only are holding your flamethrower out for a split second, but the ball of flame lasts for a good half second. This is good when you need some quick hitstun to give yourself time to pull out another subweapon or even throw a little grenade for the launch.

    Drawbacks: Leaves you open to an attack when the skill's duration ends, after one or two second of holding this. Also kills your style and tech when you solo.
    Also, don't be stupid and use this on a Goliden while partied.

    [IMG] "Delicious!"
    BBQ [Recommended level: 0, 1]
    This is the most damaging grab gunners get, then again, gunners don't really have any damaging grabs to start with. While maxed BBQ is insane damaging, it is very gimmicky considering a launcher's general role in parties.

    Uses: Gives you potentially life-saving invincibility frames, places monsters conveniently in front of you.

    Protip: Wanna make sure your BBQ lands a hit? 'Nade the monster.

    Drawbacks: To use this skill, you have to get very close to the monster you're trying to kill. Normally, launchers want to destroy monsters at a distance, not get close and personal.

    [IMG] "Cannonball!" *Pwoof*
    Cannon Ball [Recommended level: 5 for X-1 Extruder]
    This skill lets you charge up an orb, then the orb is shot forward to explode shortly after. This skill has a ton of range on its y axis.

    Uses: Hitting anything that wanders a lot on its y axis.

    Protip: Charge this up in PvP after you knock down somebody right in front of you. You will have enough time to charge up this attack, and avoiding this skill's range after a knockdown is difficult.

    Drawbacks: Charging this skill takes a little too much time

    [IMG] "Steyr."
    Steyr AMR [Recommended level: MAX]
    This is a skill plenty of other gunners consider stealing for many reasons. This is the best skill a launcher could ask for, and you get it at just level 20. This shoots a missile that homes in on monsters on the y axis, making it an extremely very useful poking skill.

    For males, the bullet pushes back its target, then explodes, hitting anything around the monster. Male steyr have better mob control abilities for just its larger explosion area, and does longer hitstun that makes it easier to combo with than female steyr

    For females, the bullet immediately explodes three consecutive times as the monster is pushed back each time. Female steyr is more reliable for having more hits, better damage on a single target, less chance of having a miss ruin this skill completely.

    Uses: Poking, for its ability to home in on targets..
    Keeping monsters in hitstun to help you prepare for another attack
    Can be abused for back attacks since it pushes back the monster that it hits
    Dealing great damage for the amount of MP this skill costs.

    Drawbacks: In PvP, lag can cause your bullet's explosion to not happen at all.

    [IMG] "BaZOO-ka!" ~Korean gunners
    Laser Rifle [Recommended level: Max]
    This skill shoots a narrow beam that does light damage, and has a finite, but good amount of range.

    This skill is the same for both genders

    Uses: Destroying anything directly on your x axis, if the monster is weak to light, it OBLITERATES instead, can knock down monsters to help protect your team mates.

    Drawbacks: After you use this skill, you are under the mercy of this skill's recoil for a good second. When you get the passive "Charge Laser Rifle" skill, you are forced to hold still for a while to get this skill's max potential for damage. Also has very limited range on its y axis before you get to be able to charge this skill.

    Also, don't be stupid and charge your laser if something if chasing you down.

    [IMG] "Whose fire pillar is sideways? The launcher's or the elementalist's?" ~Archie
    Fire Pillar [Recommended level: Max]
    This subweapon's flame is so long, the game just has to shift the center of the screen to where you can see the entire flame. This doesn't do as much damage as flamethrower, but this subweapon has a longer reach and pushes back monsters with each hit.

    This skill is the same for both genders

    Uses: Can be easily used to protect your team mates as it constantly gives hitstun, and it does not make those little plants in Silver Night and Dendroid Jungle explode, as it has limited reach downwards.
    Since this lets subweapon allows you to move slowly while you're shooting your flame, you can easily reposition yourself if you misfire.

    This is extremely damaging in PvP if you catch somebody in firepillar for the entire duration

    Drawbacks: The flame's y axis range is limited, and you are also left open to an attack after the skill's duration is over
    Also, don't be stupid and use this on a Goliden while partied.

    [IMG][IMG] "Spray, and pray." ~A DFOsource member
    FM-92 Stinger/FM-92 mk2 Lancer [Recommended level: 0, 1, or Max]
    You aim this subweapon up and a little missile arcs over your screen. You hold the hotkey until the missile is over the area you want to bomb.

    For males, stinger drops four bombs, that covers a larger area and launches higher than lancer. There are blindspots within the explosion area as the bombs are spread out a little far.

    For females, lancer drops eight bombs, that are concentrated into a smaller area. Lancer shouldn't have a blind spot. Also, female launchers need one level of lancer to get the awakening

    Uses: Dealing damage on a moderately scattered mob in front of you, as well as launching them as they're caught in the explosion.

    Drawbacks: The time between when you press this skill and when the bombs explode, is long. This skill's full potential for damage depends on the size of the monster, since you have to make all four bombs touch a monster. Considering the bombs are spaced out a little too much, to the point where you can literally stand in the middle of the bombs and not get hit, this skill has very low priority in terms of putting SP into skills for damage.

    [IMG] "Incoming!" ~Male launcher
    Quantum Bomb [Recommended level: Max]
    When you use this skill, a nice crosshair appears on the ground when you are trying to aim it. Though you can only aim this at a spot close to you, this is a major damage dealer that doesn't depend on the size of the monster.

    The skill is the same for both genders.

    Uses: Sniping monsters on their y axis, electrocuting monsters for your team members, or just doing OMFGWTFH4XBBQ damage (I can take out 98% of average slayer's HP with this move)

    Drawbacks: You will have to get little close to the monsters your team is trying to kill. Be careful that you are not super armored while aiming, getting hit pretty much cancels out this skill.

    Note: Though the skill description says that this skill does % based damage, this skill actually does fixed damage.

    X-1 Extruder [Recommended level: Max]
    You are super armored during this skill when you set up a very big cannon that focuses a call of energy. Monsters are vacuumed into that ball after a second, then you can control the direction the ball is shot.
    When you hit the hotkey again, the ball is shot, dragging the vacuumed monsters with it, then explodes, hurting every monster within a certain radius. This is a huge damage dealer, does about twice the damage of quantum bomb when fully charged.

    Uses: It's really good for scattered mobs trying to trample you over for its vacuum effect, as well as hurt monsters far away.

    Drawbacks: Don't get stuck mobbed while you're using this skill, you are super armored for the duration of this skill




    Spectral Search Eye [Recommended level: 1]
    Levels added into this decreases evasion of everything in front of you, about 0.5% per level, which supposedly can help party members also.

    This increase is barely worth 30 SP, you are probably doing something wrong if you die as a result of not having this passive to a good level. Out of all of the skills that are helpful to launchers, this is the bottom-line, lowest priority.

    Satellite Beam [Recommended level: 0, 1 or max for pure PvE]
    A laser beam blasts down at you, then it follows monsters for six seconds. Despite its low damage, Maspan has given us some very useful insight.

    [HIDE=Merits and Pitfalls: Satellite Beam, by Maspan]There are several things to take note of when deciding whether to include (and level, for that matter) Satellite Beam in your build:
    1. The satellite attacks independently of your own action once aimed, leaving the user free to use other attacks or flee as necessary
    2. The beam hits up to 21 times, with the initial hit being 2-3x stronger than the remaining 20.
    3. The entire attack is Light-attribute damage
    4. The beam is capable of juggling airborne enemies and pinning downed enemies
    5. The entire attack can be buffed by Eagle Eye
    6. The attack starts out at lv 2 because of Male Launchers' class-change passive
    7. The beam can follow a target, meaning it's very difficult for an enemy to completely escape it.
    8. The skill actually grows faster with each point - each point invested gives more return than previous points

    The usual mindset of "There's no kill like overkill" does not apply with Satellite Beam - that's what every other Launcher move does, so the Awakening needed something different to shine - utility, safety, and ability to attack from off the X-axis. While it still has respectable damage, that isn't the key focus of the skill.

    Probably the most important aspects of the skill are the hitstun and the fact that the beam moves independently of the Launcher once aimed/cast. This allows the user to unleash their most powerful skills in the meantime while the target is (hopefully) being hitstunned by the satellite.

    My recommendation is that you use Quantum Bomb immediately after Satellite Beam for the chance at electrocution - it doesn't last long, but it's still enough time to get about 5-10 hits worth of electrocution damage, which is a nice boost of 1-2k damage if electrocution is only doing a paltry 200 per tick. Following with Fire Pillar can further hitstun the target and grant another 5-10 hits of electrocution damage as well. Additionally, after the priest-patch, subweapons will be able to cause status procs from weapons, which they cannot do now - in this case, Satellite -> Quantum -> Fire Pillar is looking to be anywhere from 20-46 hits, which is a very high chance to inflict a status. BBQ can also be used in place of Fire Pillar to hold the target in place if they're too fast for Satellite Beam to lock them in hitstun. BBQ also sets the enemy up to be juggled by whatever is left of the beam at its finish, which can be pretty useful for you and your party members.

    Alternatively, Quantum Bomb -> X-1 Extruder -> Steyr/Charged Laser Rifle maximizes damage done to the target. Of course, Eagle Eye should be active before using Satellite Beam as well for a substantial damage boost to your entire attack chain.

    With good timing and the right mix of teammates, you can also use Satellite Beam to pin a target to the ground while your teammates curbstomp it. Good party members to do this with are Brawlers, Soul Benders, Mechanics, fellow Launchers, basically anyone that isn't hindered damage-wise by the target being forced onto the ground/immobile.

    Solo, I've gotten a lot of use out of Satellite on tough, fast enemies that normally give Launchers a major problem because of their ability to maneuver around attacks and quickly exploit vulnerabilities from subweapon afterdelays. Even if some of the damage potential is wasted, you'll hopefully be able to slow them down enough with hitstun to use Extruder or Charged Laser Rifle safely. Bosses like Sayoung, who lose defense (Keiga) from being hit multiple times and are extremely weak to Light damage are also prime targets. Stationary bosses also make prime targets for rather obvious reasons. Against a slower enemy or one without much Hit Recovery, you can pretty much use Satellite for damage as opposed to hitstun without much effort. In other words, different types of enemies will warrant different mindsets when using Satellite Beam - the hitstun is your goal against something smaller or faster, the damage against something larger or slower.

    Like most active Awakening skills, getting hit during the startup (in the case of Satellite Beam, aiming the initial blast) will completely cancel the skill and leave you cussin and yellin and all sorts of angry. It's important to watch out for shockwaves from knocked down bosses, AoE attacks, etc as you get ready to use your awakening. Treat it with the same precautions you would Quantum Bomb, as the aiming mechanism for the two is basically identical.

    It's also easy for mobs with Super Armor, invincibility frames, high hit recovery, etc to simply walk/run out of the beam and leave the satellite struggling to track the target and continue the attack (for an idea of the speed of the beam's movement, take a look at a Monk's Twister of Judgement). This is rather unfortunate when it occurs, though it's not as if this is the only Awakening skill to experience this problem - Sword Storm, for example, often has targets walk out of its AoE before the attack can actually begin. Giant Twister has to gather up targets, losing vital time chasing enemies. Fortunately for a Wrecking Ball, Satellite Beam is not an all-or-nothing attack, and the target escaping from it doesn't leave the user wasting time somewhere else.

    Another noticeable downside to Satellite Beam is the fact that it's purely Light-attribute damage - anything that resists it, or all elements, will present a problem. This isn't exactly helpful, considering Laser Rifle and Quantum Bomb, 2 of a Wrecking Ball's important skills for damage, are also Light-attributed, greatly reducing the effectiveness of a large portion of their aresenal. However, it's a mixed blessing, as there are more light-weak than light resistant enemies in late-game content atm, so this isn't an issue that will surface often.

    For a PvP build, you probably shouldn't be touching Satellite Beam - it's bad form to use an active Awakening skill in PvP, and most matches won't last long enough to do so anyway. For a PvE build, it really comes down to preference, but it's definitely not something to ignore just because the damage doesn't quite match up to other active Awakenings - I recommend at least getting a single point (+1 bonus point from Launcher passive) for its varied uses and to make soloing dungeons a bit easier.[/HIDE]

    But despite its two minute cooldown, having a powerful skill as a quick damage dealer is a nice thought.


    Overheat [Recommended level: max]
    At the cost of breaking your weapon two times faster, "all subweapons levels 1-35" will hit harder. It has been said that f launcher will want this maxed to par up to male launchers in DPM.

    You can turn off this passive if you do not need the extra power, and extra repair costs.

    Ancient Trigger [Recommended level: 1 or max]
    This is yet-another-overpowered-x-axis-skill, but it is said that Ancient Trigger is one of the hardest hitting skills in the game.

    A giant laser cannon is created, then vaccuums monsters into its line of fire. Then, BOOOM

    Uses: Destroying mobs silly.

    Drawbacks: You are in super armor during this skill, so please be careful and not get attacked by mobs during the skill. If you get frozen/stunned/confused during the awakening, the skill WILL be cancelled.

    It also doesn't work well on superarmored monsters since they can easily ignore the vaccuum effect, and come to you to attack you.

    ~Other Launcher Skills~

    Hand Cannon Mastery [Recommended level: Max]
    This gives hand cannons a bonus as it gives us a 10% boost to our attacks. This affects all skills with some percentile damage. If it makes a lot of your skills stronger, it is probably a good idea to max it.

    Also, hand cannons are the only weapon a launcher should main. Though handcannons supposedly makes physical attack skills cost more MP, that does not affect subweapons. It affects windmill and other skills like that, but not subweapons. I've tested it out on my own launcher switching from a hand cannon to an autogun for biggest difference. Despite a supposed 50% difference in MP usage, there was none at all.

    Heavy Firearm Mastery [Recommended level: Max for PvE]
    This reduces our MP cost of our subweapon skills, which is extremely helpful considering our skills costs a lot of MP. In PvP, you will not run out of MP unless you are getting multiple kills in a row in elimination matches, points put into this could have been put into other skills that actually helps you kill people in PvP.

    But if you can afford MP potions, you can skip out on this skill.

    Eagle Eye [Recommended level: Max]
    It's our only buff, and it makes our subweapons hit harder, and gives a bonus to our hit rate. Missing a monster can be very deadly as it leaves anyone wide open to being attacked, so you will want to give your team members reliable support fire.
    If it makes all of your skills stronger, it's probably a good idea to max it.

    Charge Laser Rifle [Definitely get this, no questions asked.]
    Not only does it make our laser cannon stronger with a 140% multiplier, extend its range on its X, Y, and Z axis, but if you don't charge your laser, you do not experience the high recoil that leaves you open when you get this passive skill.

    Level 2 of this skill, if you happen to get a bonus from equips, gets you about a 145% multiplier instead. (Somebody double check for me please)

    Protip: Don't be stupid and try to charge your laser when a monster in PvE is trying to trample you over, or your opponent in PvP is trying to approach you to catch you into a combo.

    Subweapon Crusher [Recommended level: 1 or max]
    As the name suggests, this lets us basically melee with our subweapons. Anything hit by us drawing our our subweapon gets knocked back.
    Don't let the description mislead you. The "immobility duration chance" refers to how long a monster is stunned when you hit them, not how often this skill hits monsters when they're in range.

    This skill is left at 1 because it does the job of pushing monsters in front of the subweapon to get hit by projectiles, just good enough. A higher level of subweapon crusher can help as it pushes monsters farther away to make flamethrower a more effective poke, gatling much better for clustering mobs, or even give you time to charge up your laser cannon, but level 1 is all that you need.

    Maxing this skill can well supplement your overall DPS without a cost to you MP, but be sure to buff yourself up with eagle eye to avoid potentially painful misses, and do not go out of your way to walk up to a monster to whack them.

    ~Launcher Cancels~

    What is a cancel? A cancel normally lets you stop an X attack combo to use another skill immediately. Other cancels, lets you stop other skills to use another skill immediately.

    Cancels in general are very good for combos, and also makes useful skills more useful. Launcher cancels in particular, are a little different.

    All Subweapon Cancels [Recommended? Only for Pro PvPers]
    These cancels are reserved only for PvP with close range juggles with subweapon crusher, with BBQ cancel being the cancel to use to pick up your opponent from the ground.

    However, you will need to invest in a lot of attack speed to make close range juggling with subweapon crusher to be feasible. Hzol has pretty much shown us that this is possible.

    Demonstration vid:

    Note: Cancel launchers are worthless in PvE ;)

    CannonBall Cancel
    I personally think this cancel is silly, the time it takes to charge this skill, and the delay after the skill is long enough in general to break a combo. But until somebody says that they can actually use this in an effective combo, I will just say that this combo is useless.


    ~Non-Class Skills~

    Jack Spike/Marilyn Rose [Recommended level: 1, or 5 for BBQ]
    The only time you really need this skill as a launcher is defense. Its range is so short that it is all that it good for.
    At level 6, you can combo a jack spike into BBQ more easily. At level 7, it ensures that you can combo into BBQ on heavier classes.

    Protip: With subweapon crusher, it's possible to launch a monster, then aim gatling upwards for a manual BBQ (for shits and giggles). The heavier the target, the better then launch you will need.

    Rising Shot [Recommended level: 1 or Max]
    Some launchers max this skill not just to be able to set up attacks like Quantum or Extruder, but for the amount of MP this costs, it's a very efficient damage skill that can give you lots of breathing room.

    Most launchers leave it at 1, some may choose to max this, though doing that is gimmicky.

    [IMG][IMG] "Lock n' LOOOWLL" ~Korean gunners
    Windmill/Topspin [Recommended level: 0 or 1]
    With our heavy armor, your windmill will be very slow, slow to the point where you are leaving yourself open to an attack when you use this. In PvE, this is only great for poking monsters on their y axis when monsters decide to come a little too close.

    [IMG][IMG] "That's what you get!"
    Punisher/Spriggan [Recommended level: 0 or 1]
    This is our super armor breaker, and a gunner's only proper grab. However, a launcher normally doesn't get close to super armored monsters, so a launcher will only really need this if they decide to solo.

    If you're a female launcher, spriggan is a much better life-saving grab than BBQ. If you need one or the other, you want spriggan

    [IMG] "Fly."
    Aerial Fire [Recommended level: 0 or 1]
    This is a move to use for escape methods, and mobility. Though a normal jumpshoot with a cannon gets you flying far enough, it definitely has its uses in PvP as jumpshoots with cannons, will knock your opponent down.

    Steep Slide [Recommended level: 0]
    If you aren't sure if you need this skill or not, don't get it. This is a skill for people who are really good with combo's

    Mach Kick/Needle Sobat [Recommended level: 1 (You get this for free)]
    We don't really need this skill, that's what subweapon crusher is for.

    Fastest Gun [Recommended level: 0]
    PvP only, needs 200 SP put into this skill to be good

    [IMG] "Landrunner!"
    RX-78 Landrunner [Recommended level: 1 (You get this for free)]
    PvP only

    Secret Landrunner [Recommended level: 0]
    PvP only

    [IMG] "Do bullets made of silver hurt more than lead bullets?" ~Archie
    Silver Bullet [Recommended level: 0]
    This really only helps with your x attack. You only use your x attack, when you probably don't want to use any MP in the first place.

    Freezing Bullet [Recommended level: 0]
    Same story with silver bullet, but it gives the same bonuses while costing more than twice the SP. Don't expect it to ever freeze unless you max this at your level.

    [IMG] "Swallow this!"
    G-14 Buster [Recommended level: 1 (You get this for free)]
    In PvE, I personally use this to make sure my BBQ lands a hit so a monster doesn't decide to walk away from range while I cast my BBQ skill. It can also knock down monsters when they start to overwhelm you, but normally your team members are supposed to be attacking whatever is mobbing you.

    From experience, the difference in blast radius between level 1 and 5 buster is insanely noticable especially in PvP. Since this is an important combo starter, PvP launchers can consider maxing out this skill to make it a lot easier to catch their opponent into a combo.


    ~General Skills~

    Quick Rebound [Recommended? Yes]
    This skill lets you get invincibility frames after you're down. Potentially valuable in high level dungeons where knockdowns can become painful.

    Leap [Recommended? Not really]
    Gunners jump high enough, and we can jumpshoot for maneuver wherever needed anyways. With our handcannons, we can fly very far with jump shoots, so only get it if you know what you're doing.

    Ancient Memory [Recommended? lolWUhT.]
    You don't need intelligence as a launcher, all of our attacks are purely physical.

    Physical Critical Hit [Recommended level: 0 or max]
    Only invest in critical passives if all of your skills are maxed. Fixed damage skills will not do great damage if they are not near max for our levels, so they are a much higher priority than these passives.
  3. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Nice, really nice. Helpful to me.
  4. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

  5. Archie Mexocan

    Lancer can be dropped. Though people said that it's better than stinger, lancer is still not the best launcher skill =/
  6. Junk is hangin' around.

    Nice as always, Archie.

    I've been procrastinating on testing out Female Gunner stuff, but once this week (finals week) is over, if you don't mind, I'll do some skill descriptions and the like for Female Rangers on your other thread.
  7. Archie Mexocan

    Don't worry, I've been working on my own f ranger. The only issue that it's waay too early to really give any "expert" advice.

    I'm just glad f launchers are simple enough
  8. Ring "...that's my role."

    Same here :c Metapod keeps pinching me for a f ranger build lululul

    thanks for the guide.
  9. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    Just checked back to this thread, haha. I can't drop Lancer because it's a prerequisite for Ancient Trigger. Anything else? edit: I'm wondering if BBQ is really a necessity... If I drop it I'll save TONS of SP from Marilyn Rose, and it's not use for much other than utility.
  10. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Spriggan is much better than BBQ. Drop BBQ.

    Don't bother with Topspin, and drop gatling to 1.

    And you might want to get Subweapon Crusher.
  11. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

  12. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I'm a PvE Launcher, Just hit level 42 yesterday, Dont have bbq.
    Sometimes I wish I had it just for damage when there's only one teeeny mob left.
  13. Archie Mexocan

    If it's not maxed, you won't use it for damage =p

    My M ranger's BBQ doesn't do enough damage to bother, it's really only a self-defense and comboing skill for him

    My guide says that BBQ is a MASSIVELY strong 1-on-1 skill if it is maxed. Though there are very few launchers who even bother with this skill since their job is supposed to provide support fire, I can definitely speak from experience with my gimmick build.
  14. ArtSlay _________________________

    I use BBQ a lot when I solo, finish off craps not hit by nuke. Lv1 still does lv17 styer like damage, to a single target. And sometimes there are those really annoying fast moving craps, I just BBQ in place, and they hump right into it :)
  15. 2bninja Get high on life

    Stinger is the best skill <3
  16. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I'm going to be playing around with builds later and see what I can do.
    I think Rising Cancel and max rising like MasPan's Would be better then bbq, nice stable damage and launch of some monsters And multi-hit if there is ...2 pesky enemies?
  17. 2bninja Get high on life

    Seriously tho....
  18. Stream Is Starting Anew.

  19. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Nobody commented on my build.
  20. Archie Mexocan

    I don't have any comments for max rising shot

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