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March Combo Madness

Discussion in 'SSA Announcements' started by Soushin, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Soushin The Novice

    I'm volunteering to be a recorder AND to be that "buddy" that will eat your combo.

    I'm a fighter lv.15, yes I know it's a low level. But due to pvp level balancing, i have a high physical defense so you can juggle me longer. Here's my DEF:
    Physical DEF: 16611
    Magic DEF: 11030

    I'll record your combo and upload them to youtube for free, but some tips would be nice (not required though).
    If you're wondering about the quality of my recorded video, here's a sample (set view to 480p for optimal quality):

    If interested, just send me a Visitor Message.

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