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Future of this site

Discussion in 'SSA Announcements' started by LHCGreg, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Let's be honest. This site has been dying for a while. One of the purposes of this site is to be a center for DFO data (pot probabilities, drop tables, and such). With no new raw data having been available for 9 months, the information here has gotten stale. I had been working on making a DFO database site, but I now have a real job and don't have time for it anymore.

    I would be glad to hand over ownership of the site to anyone interested and qualified. If no one comes forward and the site doesn't magically revive, I'll be shutting the site down in a couple months. I will make the wiki database available to anyone who might want to import the data somewhere else.

    I am also willing to give my C# code for parsing and analyzing unpacked DFO data files (including programs for generating pot probabilities, drop tables, etc) to anyone interested. This does NOT include code for unpacking DFO data or copies of unpacked data. You will have to get unpacked data elsewhere.

    Additionally, I am officially discontinuing support of DFOCP. It will continue to be available for download, but do not expect updates or bug fixes from me. If anyone wants to take over the project, let me know and I can add you to the Google Code project. The code is open-source, so anyone is free to make their own unofficial releases.

    It's been a fun year. The experience I gained programming various DFO things and maintaining this site actually helped me get a job. I thank you all for giving me that opportunity.

  2. HellMuT mite b cool

    It's unfortunate that the wiki never flourished. I've just been adding avatars to the wiki whenever I can, and that's about it.

    At least it's nice to knowing that this site helped you get a job. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. tails360 I have a CAPE.

    RIP SSA :l
  4. geenareeno Not gReenareeno


    I will really miss this. I don't know what else to say. I feel like I should say a lot since I love it here so much. Oh well.
  5. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    Aw fuck, really? That's a damn shame. It'll be kinda sad to see the site go.
  6. Karinaaa :3 ( ` 3`)~♥chuu

    give it to maspan. n_n
  7. Jay Garden of Eden.

    Thanks for everything, LHC.
  8. Soushin The Novice

    Thanks for all of your contributions, LHCGreg. I'm glad to hear this site at least helped you gain a job.
  9. gongfuren GongJiZhe

    Well...that's too bad. Although, you do have a point about the site being close to dead.

    It's been a good run.
  10. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Someone has to take over the IRC if not the whole site atleast.
  11. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Who said I'm shutting down the IRC?
  12. Mark Hyperion

    This place was doomed from the start. Majority of the DFO community are freaking morons who prefer to congregate in one spot and spread their fecal matter everywhere.

    Shame the SP of DFO never got to thrive. Also my guides will be forever lost in limbo.
  13. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Don't give up on the website yet. An interested party has contacted me and they look like a good candidate. No promises though.
  14. conewicci I dun goofed.

    Oh sweet. I was coming here to post that... basically this kinda sucks, but it was fun while it lasted, but seeing as you posted that, sweet! :D
  15. Yuneiko Alt-a-holic

    As a longtime lurker, this greatly saddens me. Hoping the new owner (if it occurs) can invigorate more life into this without turning it into (insert name for Nexon official forums here) for the sake of more membership/readers/viewers.
  16. HellMuT mite b cool

    If someone does buy it, will you still make the wiki database available?
  17. Heidi Member

  18. Tomato I am man, and also god

    Sell it to Dom.

  19. Heidi Member

    And now the forum goes nearly completely dead...
  20. Fynl Lunchbox Hero

    Let's buy DFOSource instead

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