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Future of this site part II

Discussion in 'SSA Announcements' started by LHCGreg, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    if you want to keep irc bots, stat pages, and whatnot, there is the option of moving the channel to a server that has them, such as rizon.
  2. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    I was thinking just that. This site is in dire need of fresh meat.

    But Tepet and Tails are cool. :c
  3. Rob 別の方法でまだ考える

    I'm glad everything worked out in the end guys. Best luck to both parties.
  4. chiisana Noobtacular

    Most, if not all IRC servers allow bots to be on their IRC servers. The problem right now is not with the IRC server, so the channel have no reason to move unless there is a general notion in doing so (ie: "oh, but no one use this server, and we're all on <XYZ> instead.").

    On the other hand, most hosting providers and data centers does NOT allow IRC related activities unless you pay premium to "offer DDoS protection for other customers". My data center does not allow me to run IRC related activities (namely, GSDBot).

    As such, changing IRC server (from sorcery.net to rizon.org as proposed), will not resolve the issue. I'm not keen on renting a second server just to host a single IRC bot, either. As I mentioned in the other reply on this subject, if Greg makes the software available to us, and someone is interested in offering their server to host it (not IRC server, a physical server they'd have to rent themselves or already have been renting), we can definitely work something out.
  5. Heidi Member

    I wonder if it would be possible for me to run a server on my old laptop in my apartment. Seeing as the internet is very very fast here. Only catch is that I live in New Zealand, though I don't think speed would be an issue.

    I'm tempted to try set something like that up when I have more time :p (Early June)
  6. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    you misunderstand, i meant rizon has bots that you can use if you wish. quotes, an internet search engine, etc.
  7. tails360 I have a CAPE.

    You forgot yourself and Proicio.
  8. chiisana Noobtacular

    You're right, I did misunderstood.
    I didn't know Rizon had BotServ... Though, it seems to be fairly different than GSDBot. I'll investigate further, and see if we can make use of that. Thanks!
  9. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Seconding the mention of keeping rep out. Most of the time it's not used for any good purpose...
  10. Mark Hyperion

    Suggesting a wipe of current mods for new ones.

    As a mod you should be actively trying to keep a forum alive, but they've done nothing to help recruit members. Bunch of lazy good for nothins, I'll tell ya what.
  11. Fynl Lunchbox Hero

    Ouch, a dagger through my heart.

    No where in the job description did it say moderation = recruiting or even keeping the site growing. As for keeping the site alive, well, you're still here aren't you? We must be doing a great job to keep you interested.

    For the new forums, would you like Facebook Connect added in? FBC is basically another way to register. (It takes less time as well)
  13. Soushin The Novice

    We've been actively giving you infractions though.

    I don't use facebook. So no, i would not like any feature related to it.
  14. Mark Hyperion

    Who are you?
  15. Bernelli Death By Revolver

    Facebook is garbage.
  16. Ok then. Won't bother setting up FBC then. Was just checking general consensus anyways.
  17. Fynl Lunchbox Hero

    You hurt my feelings. I'm crying on the inside now.

    I don't think this would help out much unless it lets us recruit people that check out the DFO FB page as well, in which case I think it would just hurt the site.
  18. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Pass on the Facebook as well.
  19. For any staff member who doesn't have access to the testing site (or a regular member), here is a screenshot of the new Wiki. Me and Chiisana still haven't decided what to do with the original, but try and back up anything you want, just in case you want to post it on the new one/keep it/post it elsewhere.

  20. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Its always bothered me how free website hosts are never in english.

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