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Future of this site part II

Discussion in 'SSA Announcements' started by LHCGreg, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Ownership of SSA will be transferred to DarkstarIV and chiisana this weekend. I am sure they will be more than adequate replacements for me. I wish them the best and I am eager to see their own take on the site.

    Here's what the transfer means to you, as a forum user:

    • The site will be moved to a new server.
    • The forum will be moved to a new forum engine (that is, something other than vBulletin). All threads and posts will be transferred.
    • The new owners may keep some, all, or none of the current moderation staff.
    • GSDBot, the IRC bot, will no longer be online because the hosting provider for the new server does not allow IRC bots. This means no quotebot, no trivia bot, and no IRC stats.
    • The new forum will be ad-free, at least for a while, perhaps permanently.

    Exact details on when there will be downtime to come later.
  2. I hope to enjoy working with all of you. I'll be handling most of the design, as well as managing forums.
    Here is a small teaser with the new look of the forums coming.

    Forum Skin --> http://i.imgur.com/DEBcL.png

    Also, while I may be a lurker, I am mostly going to be handling the design of the site. The reason the site is being taken over is because we don't want to see the site and all of its data lost.
  3. chiisana Noobtacular

    For clarification, just in case some people freak out and say why the [redacted] is a lurker like me taking over.
    I am not. I am just here to make sure we don't end up like certain other site.
    Specifically, pay the bills and keep things online.

    There may be some bumpy ride at the starting, but I expect things to become smooth real quick.

    Please bear with us while we sort things out :)
  4. Soushin The Novice

    we need to change the banner, at least, lol.
  5. Any suggestions? I'm open to feedback, and will probably be collecting it to fine-tune the design.
  6. Soushin The Novice

    at the very least, the witch should be gone. I mean.. it started as a joke, the witch flying on the supersword like a broom. the joke banner sorta became the official banner somehow.

    this forum looks like the one used for circlemage guild forums, isn't it?
  7. Yeah. Same software. Xenforo. It's relatively new.


    e: I'm still working on the skin either way, so I'm up for suggestions.
  8. Mark Hyperion

    Seconding the banner change. Unfunny jokes rustle my jimmies.
  9. chiisana Noobtacular

    Soushin's got a sharp eye :)
    Yes, it is what I used for CircleMage.

    It is much more streamlined and leaves a much lighter footprint on the server. From what I have observed, and what I have planned in mind, I think it will help us keep things running with minimum investment / maintenance fees.
  10. I'm going to list what we will try to do during the transfer. Before I begin though, while we will try to keep all data intact, some may be lost. We do not anticipate for any of data loss, and backups will be kept every step of the way. However, if something beyond our control happens, we cannot guarantee everything listed.

    What we promise:

    - We will keep all threads and posts, no exceptions. If the new software does not accept these, we will stick with the current system.

    - ASPS thread will be locked, and replaced with its own support forum. I talked with Chiisana and Tomato extensively about this, and we agreed that it will be easier on him (Tomato), instead of having to sift through emails or a single thread. Things may change as needed, though.

    What may change from what they currently are:

    - Reputation: Possibly converted into XF's "Like" system (Positive reputation is turned into likes), similar to Facebook's "Like", and Twitter/Google Reader's "Star". Some what silly of a name, but overall, I think people will enjoy it more.

    - Infraction System: We have something planned to replace this. It will remain mostly unchanged, except there will not be formal infractions.

    - Moderation Staff: Moderation team does a great job right now, and are welcomed to continue should they wish to do so. Please contact us via private message, and we will work out the transition stages together.

    Also, if staff wants early access to a test site to mess around with the software, please PM me or Chiisana, and we'll set you up as soon as we can.
  11. Soushin The Novice

    I don't know what a "formal" infraction is.
  12. Chiisana wrote that part up. The infraction system that you guys use now.
  13. saccharin That one crazy witch

    The joke banner eventually turned into a legit banner.

    Anyway, third-ing? the mention of a banner change.

    Best of luck running this place. It's your call whether you want to keep the moderation team or not. I'll be content either way.

    Oh, and sorry to see you go, LHCGreg, it's been a fun ride.
  14. Heidi Member

    Why can't we stay on the old IRC server so we can keep bots? :(

    Will Grag no longer be running IRC channel?
  15. tails360 I have a CAPE.


    That's bad like how DFOS had +/- rep stuff.
  16. Heidi Member

    I hate forum reptuation systems so much. Always liked the way SSA didn't have one. I guess that is no longer the case.
  17. chiisana Noobtacular

    To the best of my knowledge, the IRC server (irc.sorcery.net) is not part of what we (Greg, DarkstarIV, and myself) own and operate. It is owned and operated by a third party who provides the service. Every single user -- except for Nickserv (used for authentication), Chanserv (used for channel management), and maybe a few other selected service users -- are users and or bots connecting to the server via another computer. GSDBot is something Greg put together and runs on his server running SSA. Greg will be discontinuing the lease for the current SSA server since we are moving SSA to my server -- it is easier for all of us to manage our own billing, and I wouldn't need to poke him each month to pay for things. Unfortunately, my server's service provider does not allow any form of IRC activities, as IRC activities have historically proven to be more likely to attract DDoS attacks (similar to what we've experienced when SSA started). As such, as an unfortunate by product of the move, GSDBot cannot be around anymore. If Greg makes the software available to us, and someone is interested in running it, we can definitely work something out though :)

    Not entirely true.... But that's not what we're here for :) Infraction and reputation are two things that was included because of the limits of converter. Since reputation does not exist here, we will just globally disable that option in the new software so it wouldn't be something new and source like. Don't worry, we have no plans to become source clone ;)
  18. Fynl Lunchbox Hero

    Sounds good, hope you'll still be around LHC.
    Maybe we should start advertising in-game after everything's all set.
  19. Well then. We won't re-enable it. Like I said. We are extremely open to feedback.
  20. Dice Dragon Level 46 Manzer Brodor

    Reputation is always unfairly given anyways. Funny posts get rep, where as acutal info hardly gets rep.

    Im unsure of what this site needs. Everyone who was here since the start has either moved on, or only posts in select threads, or is in the IRC.
    Advertising seems like a bad choice. Since then you get all sorts of weirdos like Tepet and Tails who come and post weird things.

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