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Female Ghost Knights

Discussion in 'Korean' started by BMLover, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. BMLover Must Lurk More

    Got a chance to test them. It's buggy though - they aren't assigned a weapon or npc so you get no epic quests for a good stretch - almost pure grind from about 7-20, and if you try to use the class change Cera item to go to Demon Slayer you get assigned the "tentative" class instead with an empty skill tree (Sword/Blade Master works fine).

    Sword/Blade Master (Tell: ???) - The skill that does element changing also changes the basic attack of the weapon to be longer, increases base damage, among other things (so much for Demon Slayer holding that title...). It's active and can be levelled (lol). Class is currently OP. Has a reactive physical defense guard of sorts.

    Demon Slayer (Tell: Dark aura) - Get whip weapon transform upon subclassing - similar to frenzy except no HP drain. Really nice 4 hit basic hit combo and increased attack speed. Several buff skills, bleeds, and full percent skills. Not to mention the summoned ghost. MP issues though (gets the same as zerk per level up except everything uses MP instead of HP) and damage isn't close to Sword Master.

    Besides a few differences they are similar to Weapon Master and Berserker respectively (right down to leveling stats and armor mastery). Triple Slash equivelent is really nice with a low CD (two slashes though). Odd high MP cost attack that can only be used when hit and not knocked down. Grab has suction but has much more delay than Wheel Wave.

    Personally I was a bit scared a first that they would take the male mage route but the classes are what I think is a healthy deviation from thier counterparts while retaining much of the same feel (though Demon Slayer feels a bit conceptual still).

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