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DFO Render

Discussion in 'Art' started by gongfuren, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Out of all the class cut outs, monk should be pretty easy at the lack of special effects added into it.
  2. sanderrm New Member

    Hey Gongfuren I was wondering, could you do a full size render like the elementalist for the blademaster, spitfire, female mechanic and male ranger?
  3. sanderrm New Member

    Could you do a rendering like this (same size) of the blademaster, female mechanic, male ranger, male spitfire and all the female fighter classes?
  4. gongfuren GongJiZhe

    Someone's a bit demanding ;)

    As I have stated above, my computer broke down, so until I get a new laptop or get my old computer fixed (not likely), I can't render anything. After this issue is remedied, then sure, I suppose I can do some of those. First, however, I'm going to do the Monk, since someone already requested it and it is pretty simple (as stated by Blanix).
  5. gongfuren GongJiZhe

    After months of dicking around, I finally got around to rendering something requested by our very own DomoHenry. You can find his post here: http://www.superswordaction.com/threads/custom-awakening-image.3293/

    For those too lazy to click on that link, the render is right here:


    and before:


    Now, give me your critiques since, as I've already said, it's been months since I last did this.

    Also, fucking electric sparks were annoying as hell to render out.

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