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Apr 30, 2011
May 10, 2010
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Bitch., from Faggots.

Rawrrr was last seen:
Apr 30, 2011
    1. Soushin
      Don't see you much on msn anymore.
    2. MelodyInsanity
      There's no such thing as a "tank" in LoL. That's just a term carried from MMORPG's. You can't get anywhere near what tanks in those games do, like keeping enemies perma taunted away from the deeps and such.

      A taunt in LoL is just a glorified stun. The couple extras it has over an actual stun is that you can make taunted people get turret aggro, and that you can make the taunted person walk a couple steps towards your team. The other things a stun can do just as well, including but not limited to, keeping people from asploding your carry or from running away.

      "Tanks" in LoL are initiators and/or disruptors. For initiation they have a way to force a fight to happen on your terms, ands for disruption they usually have a lot of CC to throw around. Since both of those things usually require them to get on the other team's face, they're pretty beefy to get the job done.
    3. MelodyInsanity
      Spoiler: A taunt is just a different flavor of stun. If a champion attacks your squishy and Shen taunts him so that he stops for two seconds, how is that any different than if Sion stared at the same guy and stunned him for these two seconds? It isn't. A taunt is a stun where you get to control the actions of the target by a very small margin. This advantage is often inconsequential in team fights and a stun would offer the same results, if not better.

      The concept of taunt = tank is a horribad concept that belong to peasants who cannot outgrow the influence on their mind from World of Warcraft.
    4. Soushin
      Happy new years!!
    5. Soushin
      Sheeps? Hmm... we need to record that, makes much money for the porn industries.

      Also, didn't know like you like Anamanaguchi. I was a big fan of that band back in the days when they weren't so popular. Now I still like them, but not as much anymore.

      I'm still a fan of Nullsleep though.
    6. Soushin
      Let's move to New Zealand so you can make me earn more money. Don't worry, you can still work as a prostitute.
    7. Soushin
      I miss you, you know?
    8. Soushin
      Hey beloved daughter, whatcha been up to? LoL?
    9. geenareeno
      Look at that fuckin' eagle.
    10. geenareeno
      Nope. Also I love how badass my avatar looks in Vms.
    11. geenareeno
      That was a typo, i meant to say mudkipz. I get the two confused. I gotta ton of homework but i can probably play this weekend. Tell me your ign or w/e. I know nothing about that game.
    12. RawrBomb
      Such a bitch in sheep''s clothing. I was glad she failed in the end. Also, hate how she posed as her sister. Now Iris, I liked.
    13. RawrBomb
      Dahlia Hawthorne. How I hated her so.
    14. saccharin
      Every single time I see your sig.
    15. Stream
      lol I searched up Altitude and the first thing that came up was LHCGregs comment!
      .........Thats all gonna create thread now kk thanks I <3 you yea.
    16. 2bninja

      aaand i miss yu girl.
    17. LHCGreg
      You need to be on Altitude more. :(
    18. saccharin
      Holy shit I fucking love your signature.

      Also cool profile pic.
    19. Izzy
      Cookies are for losers.
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    I'm a girl. I'm white. Oh lawd I must be Taylor Swift.