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Apr 23, 2021
May 8, 2010
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mite b cool

HellMuT was last seen:
Apr 23, 2021
    1. Soltis
      obv just jeluz cause I make the rules as I go~

      Also I maxed out the images on Sitlos lol;;
    2. Soushin
      I read this on nexon:

      dfos is a shitty forum with a bunch of elitists who think they know shit but dont

      fk that place real talk
      You're making me laugh. Just how long is your ban anyways?
    3. Soltis
      Good thing the only punishment for alt account without prev bans on your main is just that the alt gets perma banned :V

      Should read the rules next time :>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    4. Soltis
      Had to make an alt and upload more images on source since hit the max limit on Soltis :<
    5. Soltis
      banned foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    6. Zelos Wilder
      Yo kid. I see you shut down DFOS with your epic ban :>
    7. Soushin
      Jokes aside, according to the rules, you are allowed to create an alt, but only to make a ban appeal through private message. You are not to post on the forum with the alt.
    8. Soltis
      Where's my denial.png when I need it :V
    9. Soushin
      I made a social group called "Free HellMuT Campaign". Not that you can actually view it since you're banned. But we, as small as the group is right now, are fighting for your freedom!

      I even made a thread to advertise it, but it got immediately locked. They said "If HellMuT has an issue, he can speak for himself."

      How are you gonna speak for yourself if you're banned from speaking?!?!?!?!
    10. Soltis
      yasureok and ive never masturbated to any of your avatars :V
    11. Soltis
      nop cuz u uploaded pr0n :VVVVVVVVVV
    12. Soushin
      I want to know the same thing. Why are you banned?
    13. Soltis
      yubanned? :V
    14. Greg

      Just thought I'd personally thank you for helping influence Heidi's leave. You're a hero!
    15. Vibe
      americans like unhealthy things because they taste good have have good/false advertising.
      THAT is a giant fucking blob of shit with a sign that says "I'M A GIANT FUCKING BLOB OF SHIT"

      i can't even decided as to go as far as to even do
      whats the rizon channel
      or wherever you're staying at
    16. Vibe
    17. Vibe
      that's not funny you bastard. :l
    18. Vibe
      i miss you so. :(
    19. Heidi
      Revenge is gonna be sweet

    20. Kanery
      FRUMPYBITCH_____ has left freenode (Client Quit)
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