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Wow, how can they do something that is just so wrong?

Discussion in 'Berserk Rage' started by Heidi, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    Murder by any other name, or under any justification, is still murder. People may excuse themselves, and bring up points to say it's okay, but to me, it's still taking another's life. Just because you gave someone life doesn't mean you should kill them, or killing infants should be fine also. Yes you gave them life, but it's still THEIR life, something they should choose, not us. It isn't humane to choose life or death for them. I see it as more of being a control freak, and serving your OWN purpose instead.
  2. Heidi Member

    I am also concerned that if say I had a kid who was discovered to have down's syndrome or something before birth, would I be frowned upon by people for refusing an abortion?
  3. conewicci I dun goofed.

    You guys DO realize I said that as just a little additive, and that I SAID it probably sounds a bit stupid, right? Because it seems like ALL you're getting from my post is that I believe that killing the people to stop their genes from passing on is fine.
  4. Heidi Member

    You're entire post has been addressed...

    Also sorry, but it didn't just sound a bit stupid, it was completely incorrect. It is best to not say things unless you know the facts right.
  5. conewicci I dun goofed.

    No, it wasn't that's incorrect.

    But anyways, the fact you spelled didn't as didnt shows you to be illiterate, therefore showing you have no education, so I don't really think you should be talking.

    That's basically what you did. (No, you didn't spell didn't as didnt, I just added that so I could just show that.

    It's kinda impossible to address the rest of my post since the first part is a fact, the second (main thing I wanted to say), is an opinion, and the third is... I guess an idea. The fourth, this little thing I threw in there, is what you guys kept commenting on. Even in that post, it shows that that is what you primarily took away from my post, which is completely... retarded. You said get your facts straight. That ONLY applies to the fourth part.

    Also, I find it a bit hypocritical that you said get your facts straight despite the fact you didn't even know that for the first four months, a baby can't feel or anything.
  6. Hiroshi dat smirk

    I go to sleep and hell freezes over, woot.

    Guys, I'm not arguing that every unborn child that is diagnosed with Down-syndrome should be aborted, but that parents are allowed to if that is the case. And if you read my edit of my latest post, it should only be allowed in the first four months of pregnancy, I am not of the opinion that you should abort/kill children older than that.

    With that it should obviously be clear that poor people are of course allowed to have children... But if I were poor, I'd ask myself whether I should really get a child. But that's not the topic here anyway.

    In many cases disabilities doesn't affect intelligence, but Down-syndrome actually results in not being as intelligent as a healthy child iirc.
  7. Archie Mexocan

    They're not "suffering" exactly, but it's usually in the parent's best interest to have their kids live life to their fullest. Of course, a disability like Down's Syndrome is really going to get in the way of that.

    This really isn't a question many people want to answer. Both sides have very valid points, so this is probably going to be a neverending debate. Thanks to medical advancements, we're basically forcing ourselves as a society to answer them.

    Wikipedia says that the average IQ of a person with Down's is around 50 =/

    Also, a bunch of health issues were listed too.
  8. Heidi Member

    Where did I say I didn't know that a baby can't feel anything for the first 4 months? o_o
    What I pretty much said was that I don't think that "not being able to feel anything" is a good enough reason for determining whether or not they should live. You could give me some kind of drugs that make me unconcious and numb all over. You could then shoot me. I wouldn't feel any pain. Is that really right? No. So that's why I don't think that is a very good decider about whether or not it's ok to abort.
  9. conewicci I dun goofed.

    That's different though. You've already been living in this world, by killing you I'd still be killing a being that has felt, one that doesn't want to die, one that has some kinda... "connection" to this world.

    Let's say there's a mother of two kids, that's poor and is working hard to get back on her feet to feed her children and herself. She gets raped, and ends up having to have another child. Because of that child, her two kids AND herself end up becoming homeless, and eventually dying because of some disease.

    Or, let's say there's a teenager who got drunk for the first time and ended up getting pregnant. First of all, this stops her from probably pursuing a career, and sets her up for a most likely horrible life. Second, if her father is super protective, she might also be abused.

    I know these situations aren't going to be happening all the time, but in the times it happens, without abortion, you might be basically ruining other people's lives. By killing this one baby (that doesn't have a "connection" to this world, and hasn't even thought [I believe they can't think for the first four months, correct me if I'm wrong] nor felt), you might be saving the lives of two or more people.
  10. Heidi Member

    I don't have a problem with things like the morning after pill, as that stops life from forming rather than killing it. That teenager should be responsible enough to take it. tbh, I have limited sympathy for teenagers that get drunk and get themselves pregnant.

    Rape victims are the one case where I agree with abortion.

    And also, adoption is an option.
  11. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    I don't agree with abortion no matter the case, but there's one thing people are leaving out.
    People have different religious viewpoints, or moral ones for that matter, that sometimes will not mesh or seem sound with other people. I see abortion as wrong because as long as life was formed, but others may not see it as life being formed before 4 months, and others may argue if it's for good of more, it's okay. I actually considered this question a long time ago, and ended up asking my church pastor, and after thinking about his answer, and my own views, I came up with the idea of being a "control freak", or sort. Some may call me following a religion blindly, but it's what I believe, and similarly, questions such as these that are so attached to those types of viewpoints will be hard, if not impossible, to answer.
  12. Heidi Member

    ^ This definitly. This is a great post.
  13. Rawrrr Bitch.

    So they aren't missing out. And why does an unborn child get the right to the mother's womb, or even a life? If the mother has to carry it, she has responsibility for it. Just because they are there, doesn't mean they are entitled to a life no matter what. That's like saying because someone is black, they have the right to steal your bike.
  14. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    I dun get the last part, explain please
    Why does a parent have to take care of their babies and kids? If they have to feed and nurture it, they have responsibility for it. Just because they are there, doesn't mean they are entitled to keep their life no matter what. That's how similar I see to it, again, personal opinion
  15. conewicci I dun goofed.

    Well if it's just from religion then really it doesn't matter what we say with other things, because for your religion, you're not supposed to do that. No point in even really trying to argue with this then with you. :/

    Heidi... are you siding with abortion being bad because of your religion? o.o Otherwise I don't get it.
  16. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    actually no. If good enough points are given, my argument will probably shake. I don't actually follow religion blindly, but think about it, how it applies to me, and try to figure out what it means. And if what I know turns out to be wrong, then I would look over my beliefs again, and see where I had it wrong, etc. It's not impossible to argue.
  17. Heidi Member

    Nope. This is my own belief, from reading the facts, talking about it, and thinking about it by myself.

    I found this a little offensive, please stay away from actually attacking what I believe.
  18. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Rape victims don't decide to get pregnant. Teenagers don't decide to get pregnant. Even women living in unsanitary conditions with other men can get pregnant just from sperm being around (not likely but happens). Sometimes they're just careless and get pregnant. A lot of women don't plan to get pregnant, they just do.

    So the baby had no influence in the choice? All the more reason for it being the mother's choice.

    In a world with a swelling population and uneven economies, why should we just make more mouths to feed (or not, depending on who takes care of the baby).

    Not agreeing with what they are doing necessarily, but you can't take away the mother's choice either.
  19. Hiroshi dat smirk

    Let's say I order a kebab, it turns out that it has rotten meat. Since I decided that I want to eat kebab, does that mean I have to eat it? Apparently, I should. After all, the kebab had no influence in the choice of whether it has fresh or rotten meat in it.

    I'm fairly sure that if a woman decides to get a baby, she says "I want a healthy baby!" and not "I want a baby with Down-syndrome!".
  20. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    And now you equate the life of a baby with whether a kebeb is eaten or not. If it's just food that you decide you shouldn't eat, oh well, no big deal. If you want to kill a life because it wasn't like you wished, I see that as a big deal.

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