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Super Sword Action inaugural tournament

Discussion in 'PvP Discussion' started by LHCGreg, May 8, 2010.

  1. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    To celebrate the official launch of Super Sword Action, I am hosting a tournament.

    Tournament is over.

    1st and 2nd place: saccharin and Shirobon tie because of lag issues
    3rd place: Represented
    4th place: Greg
    5th-8th: Zacewing, Jacky, Stream, Feesh


    Tournament will take place Friday, May 14 at 10:00 pm EST, possibly spilling over to the next week.

    Update: Tournament will continue on Friday, May 21 at 10:00 pm EST. It should finish then, but if it lasts longer than 11:30 pm EST for some reason, participants can leave without penalty and the tournament will resume the week after.

    How it will work is that there will be as many rooms as there are referees. Each room will contain the referee, the two players for the current match, and any spectators that want to watch. Each room will have a password of SSA. A referee will whisper the two players when it is time for their match. Players should wait in the tavern or one of the tournament rooms.

    Current referees: LHCGreg, Stream

    There is no entry fee.

    Current sponsors: LHCGreg (1m)

    1st Place: Prize Pool x 35%
    2nd Place: Prize Pool x 20%
    3rd Place: Prize Pool x 10%
    Winners 4-8: Prize Pool x 7%/person

    Rules are based off PKC rules, with modifications in bold


    Avatars:No Restrictions
    Titles:No titles allowed
    Skills:No Awakening Cube Skills; however Awakening Passive are allowed.
    Weapons, Armor, Accesories: No damage reflection. No summon effects.
    Any Form of Response/Attack with Abnormal status effects must be less than or equal to 3%
    Examples: No Stool/Chair, Talon Glove, Gileimo, Charlies Necklace
    Items: Only Clear Cubes Allowed ; No Use of Any Consumables(Disks, Bombs, etc.)
    No Terra Cotta ID
    (Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in immediate disqualification)

    To Clarify Special Effects are NOT Stat Boosts
    Stat Boosts are evasion, hit rate, attack speed, move speed, cast speed, and hit recovery.
    Meaning Mani and Royal Rings are allowed.

    Additional Rules

    1. Use of equipment over +10 will result in Immediate Disqualification

    2. No use of 3rd Party Programs, Being disputed and caught will result in league ban and match will be overturned.
    (3rd party joystick/controller key mapping programs are allowed if ONLY USED TO MAP KEYS)

    3.If an individual player has Connectivity Issues/Problems, he/she forfeits match.
    If both players have connectivity issues or there is server side problems the match will be restarted.

    4. Mechanics are banned from this tournament.

    Match Setup
    • First round is best of 5. Finals are best of 9. The other rounds are best of 7.
    • Practice Channel
    • Tavern
    • Team, 1v1
    • Delag fight where both players use all of their skills

    Reasons for the modifications:
    • No titles because I think cash shop titles are unfair and people who have cash shop titles have an unfortunate tendency to throw away their normal titles.
    • Mechanics are banned because they've done disproportionately well in past tournaments. I'm somewhat unsure about it, but this isn't a serious business tournament so I can experiment a bit.
    • Best of 7 instead of best of 5 because a DFO fight only takes 2 minutes.

    To register, post the following information
    Character name:

    Current registrants:
    [TABLE="head;autonum=1;autonumtitle='#'"]Forum Username | Character | Class
    LHCGreg | LrdHiCptGreg | Spitfire
    Shirobon | Zerobon | Battle Mage
    Jacky | Ironically | Monk
    FenixStryk | FenixStryk | Battle Mage
    HolyPie | NdFeBMage3 | Elementalist
    Represented | SulkyMe | Spitfire
    Zext | Zext | Spitfire
    Piggy 2.0 | Piggerth | Soul Bender
    TofuYoshi | TofuYoshi | Summoner
    CasualHero | CasualHero | Spitfire
    MasPan(?) | MasPan | Launcher
    Tsukuruya | Kochiya | Battle Mage
    faintmemory | TheStar | Ranger
    Jormungandr | Indignate | Battle Mage
    Corpsecrank | Verrako | Berserker
    Mark(?) | Fatalized | Exorcist
    Stream | StreamFist | Nen Master
    saccharin | AokoAozaki | Witch
    HellMuT | Utsuhou | Elementalist
    AsmaPatchu | Calumny | Battle Mage
    Hombow | Meronpan | Battle Mage
    Greg | Luciform | Monk
    DeathsSinner | DeathsSinner | Spitfire
    DJhotboy | AceDragon | Ranger
    tails360 | tails360 | Launcher
    Feesh | Feeshi | Grappler
    Ring | Desesperado | Ranger
    Shaoxia | Shaoxia | Blademaster
    RawrBomb(?) | BearPawKuma | Exorcist
    Zacewing | Erihana | Battle Mage[/TABLE]
  2. Shirobon Wizard Of Orz

    I guess i'll be the first to enter.

    Character name: Zerobon
    Class: Bellatrix
  3. Jacky Hottest Asian ;]

    Ill be second to join.

    CHaracter name: Ironically
    Class: Monk
  4. Orihalcon The Dream Will Guide...

    Haha no mechanics? That kinda sucks for them i guess.

    Ill think about joining.
  5. FenixStryk Member

    I don't have a good reason not to show up, but I do have a lot of excuses such as crappy gear and relative ineptitude at effective attack combination procedures.

    Nevertheless, sign me up.

    IGN: FenixStryk
    Class: Battle Mage
  6. Shaoxia (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    I'll join as well.

    Character name: Shaoxia
    Class: Grand Master

    Better get a new necklace....
  7. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    I'll join, NdFeBMage3, Elementalist. Level 50 (I WILL GET THERE)
  8. Infection Cool story, bro

    I'll join, though I'm set to lose.
    Unfaltering, Blademaster
  9. CasualHero New Member

    boo, this turny suks
  10. Represented New Member

    Hmm. I'll join.
    SulkyMe, Spitfire.
  11. Zext Vengeful Path of Muskets

    I think that's the LAST day my avatars will be available. The very last. :x Might as well make them count.

    Zext, spitfire.
  12. Piggy 2.0 Come out of the Kitchen?

    Going to lose, but whatever.

    Piggerth, Soul Bender.
  13. TofuYoshi とうふヨッシー

    I should be able to join, if my schedule allows it.

    Character Name: TofuYoshi
    Class: Summoner
  14. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    I thought you had a spitfire?
  15. CasualHero New Member

    but i want to play my ezmodo

    well w/e
    joining with CasualHero, viper
  16. ArtSlay _________________________

    I'd join, but I would most likely be on the plane to Hawaii on May 15 X_X
  17. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    Count me in, MasPan, lv 49 Launcher.
  18. Tsukuruya ...

    IGN: Kochiya
    Class: Battle Mage/Bellatrix
    Level: 49

    Applying this tourney, because I'm lonely and needed to be with people... ;_;
  19. faintmemory New Member

    Class: 46 Ranger
    Name: TheStar
  20. DualReaver ǝʇnɔ os ɯ,ı

    I'll give it a shot with my ranger.
    IGN: Screed
    Class: Lvl 50 Ranger (I'm gonna get there dammit)

    I'd bring my Sader but he's more for trollan.

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