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Summoner's FAQs

Discussion in 'Mage Guides' started by firecraker, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. firecraker Member

    Summoner's FAQs

    To start this off I’ve gathered all or most information about summoners from the Summoner’s General Discussion and Sie’s Summoner’s Guide. I made this guide because I hate to keep reading the same question over and over again.

    If you have anything to add to the FAQs post in this thread if you want to contact me post in the general summoner discussion and post @firecraker: I will get to you as soon as I can.

    Table Of Contents

    General Summoners FAQs
    Spirit Summons FAQs
    Sacrifice Summoners FAQs
    Contract Summons FAQs
    Other Summoner skills FAQs
    Other skills
    Gear FAQs


    PvP - Player Versus Player
    PvE - Player Versus
    DPS - Damage Per Second
    1st Tier - Low level spirits (wisp, naias, ador, and stalker)
    2nd Tier - high level spirits (glarine, aquarius, flame hulk, and Dead murker)
    3rd Tier - Spirit King (Spirit King: Echeverria)
    Contract - Hired Summons (Hodor, Freet, Sandor, Big Sister, and Kasijias)
    Panzer - Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor
    Sandor - Hired Summon: Black Knight Sandor
    Louise or Big Sis - Hired Summon: Big Sister Louise!

    Genral Summoner's Discussion.(SSA)
    General Summoner's Discussion. (DFOs)
    Casting Gear.(SSA)
    Casting Gear. (DFOs)

    General Summoner Questions

    Why is my 1st tier summons doing more damage than my 2nd tier summons?
    This is because 1st tier summons are fixed damage which means INT affects your summon’s attack.
    2nd tier summons and Spirit king is based on percent damage which is based on your weapon’s power and INT.

    Why is it when I take off my weapon my contracts (hodor, sandor, freet, louise, and kasijias) does damage high damage?
    All contracts (hired summons) are fixed damage which is based on INT like 1st tier summons.

    How many 1st tier spirit summons can I have in the room?
    7 is the current limit.

    Spirit Summons Questions

    When do I get Stun?
    The higher level wisp is the higher the chances of stunning

    How come I get randomly healed when I summon naias?
    Naias heal 2 percent the person farthest to the left (naias can be used to heal APC like neil the sniper)

    Does leveling naias increase healing?

    Should I invest my points into wisp or naias?
    You could invest into either one but most summoners invest in wisp because it is easier to multi-summons and end-game monsters are mostly shadow types.

    What level 1st tier summons can start multi-summoning?

    What levels should I keep my 1st tier summons?
    This really depends what are you making a sacrifice, PvP, hybrid, traditional, or a gimmick build.
    Most summoners keep ador, stalker, and naias at 5 and wisp max. Sacrificers max low level summons or leave them as they are and keep wisp at 11.

    What can i multi-summon spirits from?

    * Fire Sources: Red Dragon Statues (their flames) , Lantern Firebomb, Thunder grenade fires, Dendroid Jungle plant fires, Dying Flame Hulk, many Fire-based attacks, etc.
    * Water Sources: Fountains, Frosty's Head on hit, Nais' Icespike, Aquarius' Waterfall, Louise's Ice Spikes and Ice Pillar, most Ice-based attacks, etc.
    * Light Sources: Nen Blast, Spiral Nen, Florae Circle, Heaven Expeller's lightning, Lakius's Lightning, most Lightning-based attacks, etc.
    * Dark Sources: Soul Bender's Tombstone, Pluto, Void, Black Hole, Poison/Darkness Traps
    * Battle Mage Chasers

    What 2nd tier summons should I get?
    Glarine and Aquarius they have the most DPS out of the 4 2nd tier summons so I recommend getting them but if you are getting spirit king get level 5 flame hulk and dead murker.

    Should I get flame hulk and dead murker?
    No because flame hulk cancels freeze and dead murker has a very low aggression. But if you are getting spirit king 5 into dead murker and flame hulk.

    How many 2nd tier summons can I have in the room?
    1 of each 2nd tier summons

    When does my 2nd tier summons learn a new skill?
    level 5

    What are the pre-requirements for 2nd tier summons?
    5 in each 1st tier summon.

    How can I summon 2nd tier summons?
    You need a 1st tier summon to sacrifice to summon a 2nd tier summon.

    Should I get Spirit King?
    Yes, you should and max him if you have a traditional build. But I wouldn’t recommend him for PvP

    When Does Spirit King get new skills?
    5 and 10. (3 lightning and Laser)

    How can I summon spirit king?
    You need to sacrifice 1 2nd tier summon to summon him.

    Is Spirit king good?
    Yes, but the down side to this is he has a learning curve because level 5 less into him and his DPS is the 2nd lowest +10 and up he has higher DPS

    Spirit Sacrifice

    Should I make a Spirit Sacrifice Summoner?
    You can but it is MP draining if you keep sacrificing. Most sacrificers leave most of the 1st tier summons at pre-requires and put some points into 2nd tier summons and Big Sister.

    What does Sacrifice Passive Do?
    It increase the level of what the status is inflicted on the enemy and lowers they’re element resistances.

    Why Don’t I see a lot of sacrificers running around?
    Sacrifice summoners are the hardest to play because of the position they have to sacrifice in and MP issues along with the curve they have to get through to get the sacrifice skills.

    What levels do I keep for my sacrifice skills?
    Max all sacrifice skill and passive.

    Hired Summons (contract summons)

    What level do I keep Panzer at?
    1 if you’re a pure spirit; 10 if you’re getting Big Sister

    Should I max Panzer?
    Leave at 10 for pre-requires; max for PvP or max him if you are a Contract summoner.

    When does Panzer learns new skills?
    5 rocks spread; 10 bombs and cast haste on himself.

    What level do I keep Sandor at?
    10 or Max

    How come many summoners don’t recommend him?
    This is because Sandor can knock down enemies which make the other summons not able to attack the enemies. Sandor isn’t a very good summon in the first place since he has the lowest DPS and he tends to gets glitch a lot. The only reason I think that he is good is because he is the 2nd best tank but it is debatable and he is very aggressive. Also he is the only summon that cost gold to summon so if you’re dead drop poor then don’t get him.

    How can I fix glitch Sandor?
    Lash him with lasher.

    When does Sandor learn a new skill?
    5 healing aura 10 taunting aura 15 Defense aura

    What level should I get Auxo ?(aka Ausuko and Flower)
    10 or Max. I recommend Max for higher DPS, more health and efficiently damage level 50+ enemies.

    When does Auxo learn a new skill?
    Level 10. Confuse and poisoning gas

    Which is better Sandor or Auxo?
    This is a very popular debate so IMO I think that Auxo is way better than Sandor because Auxo can poison and confuse which is very helpful in PvP. Auxo can be used strategically to block enemies so you can heal and resummon. It also can tank a lot of hits. The only down side to this is that it is immobile.

    How many Auxos can I have in the room?
    2 is the limit of how many you can have no matter how high you level it.

    Should I get freet?
    Yes you should but Freet is mostly for PvP and Contractor builds.

    What levels should I get for freet and what skills does he learn?
    Max freet. He learns fireball at 5 and flame breath at 10

    Why does freet always hide in the corner?
    Some AI problem but no worries to remedy this you can use summoner train or mark the target.

    Big Sister or not?
    If you are a pure spirit don’t get Big Sis. If you’re a Hybrid/Contract Max her.

    Why should I get Louise?
    It’s the highest DPS summon.

    What level does Big Sis learns a new skill?
    Level 10 ice pillar.

    How can I get Louise to learn ice pillar at this cap?
    Vital harmony set + Louise top or tactician Contract.

    Should I max Louise?

    How many of each contract summons can I have in a room?
    With the exception of Auxo you can only have 1 of each contract summon but there is a weapon that lets you have 1 extra Panzer and Sandor in the room.
  2. firecraker Member

    .Other Summon Skills

    Lasher and Zealous a yes or no?
    IMO I think that you should max it for full potential but in some cases you should have 1 in zealous creature for utility. Total sp for lasher and 1 zealous is 160sp for max its 335. At higher levels this skill gives a lot of attack speed, movement speed, cool down speed, but for a little bit of the summon’s health. If you are partying with another summoner that uses zealous your summons will be affected by it.

    What does mark the target do?
    Mark the Target can stack on a single mob up to 3 times, and each hit stacks on another level of debuff. I makes summons target a single monster.

    Should I max “mark the target”?
    You should put only 1 into this skill or max. (see next question)

    What happens if I level up "mark the target"?
    As to say, LV11 Mark(50cap) which increases player's magic weapon magic attack strength and summoned creature's magic weapon attack strength by 46%, will go up to 92%, and then 138%.

    This meaning EVERY summon hits thats mob with 138% more force(NOT 1.38, but 2.38 I believe).

    Its possible to have lvl13 Mark in this cap, which would be 49%, 98%, 147%. And in 60cap you can get it to lvl16 with SP alone, meaning 54%, 108%, 162%. i.e a 4k fireball from louise will do around 12.1k? I believe.

    This is why maxed mark is actually very deadly.

    Should I max train?
    This question really depends on what type of summoner are you but most summoners have 1 in it for utility. PvP summoners have 10 into this for maximum protection.

    Summon Creature's Aura
    This increase your summons attack and critical hit. Max this skill no matter what kind of summoner you are.

    Other Skills :3

    Magic festival?
    Max for PvP to help your summons Cool Down faster.

    Element Burn?
    Don't get this it cost too much sp for The Int Bonus.

    Aerial Lantern?
    PvP related used in conjunction with leap to escape attacks.

    1st tier elementist skills?
    1 in each for magic festival pre-requires if you’re a PvP build
    1 in floare only for PvE

    Mana Shield?
    Max for PvP, 1 for utility, or don’t get it.

    Weapon Uppercut + cancel?
    5 for pvp 1 for pve

    Dragon Fang?
    For pvp 5 or 1 into this

    Palm Blast?
    1 or max PvP build related.

    Phase Shift?
    1 only

    Shururu’s Doll?
    Don’t get this it’s kind of useless to a summoner unless you’re a sacrifice.

    Magic Missile?
    1, 10, max don’t get the cancel either it’s retarded. Mostly used for pvp

    4 or max PvP build related.

    Ancient Library?
    Invest in MP gear

    Indomitable Spirit?
    Max for PvP

    Quick Rebound and Leap?
    Quick Rebound is mostly pvp related but is useful in PvE to get invincibility for a short time. Leap is also useful in PvE to escape some attacks. In PvP it has the same use as PvE and usually use in conjunction with Aerial Lantern.

    Other Skills that I didn’t mentioned?
    Don’t get them :3

    Ancient Memory?
    Ancient Memory is a good skill to have if your a contract summoner since their health and atk is based on INT[/b]
  3. firecraker Member


    How do I awaken?
    You must be level 48+

    What do I need to awaken?
    Clear Kings relic and Vilmark each 5 times on any road
    Give Albert 700vp :3
    50 terranites.
    Kasijias' Tooth
    10 white cubes(not the fragments)
    10 red cubes(not the fragments)
    100 superior hardeners
    100 superior iron

    What is my awakening?
    Hired Summon: Conqueror Kasijias

    Can he die?
    No, he can't die but he has a duration limit

    I heard he cost more than mp to summon, is this true?
    Yes, he cost hp, mp, 5 clear cubes to summon.

    Does he take less hp when I level him?

    How much do I learn?
    1 or Max

    Should I learn more into this skill?
    You don't have to learn more of this skill since you can always resummon.

    Should I learn more into this skill for PvP?
    Yes. Most PvP summons max this skill for casting speed.


    Does Fire Guard marks summons?
    No, He does not but the summons takes damage from the fire aura instead.

    What happen if i use Mark The Target on Fire Guard?
    You get 3 marks on your head for each one of the ticks.

    How do i fight Light Guard?
    Mark. Mark. Mark. run to the right side of the room. Re-summon. mark.

    Don't face the direction of light guard when the screen flashes.
    Also don't use summoner Train.

  4. FenixStryk Member

    Nice FAQ, although I don't agree with much of the PvP advice for it.
  5. HellMuT mite b cool

    saving spot 13
  6. AiNoMinako Poke Poke Poke

    save spot 14 reserve for commentary
    : Weird alot of pvp is a bit weird to me >_<
  7. firecraker Member

    @ fenix i might revise this one DFOs comes back online i still need the info from sie's guild and mp gear stuff
  8. Archie Mexocan

    So according to your faq, ancient memory is something I should not have gabbed?

    I enjoy her 4.2k fireballs =/
  9. TheEnd187 Member

    need to add Ancient memory for Contract's, and elemental burn at level 1 is kind of a waste since it gives ok INT but maxing it makes it better than Ancient memory. you also forgot to add Florae Circle for ele skills.
  10. firecraker Member

    It's mostly for contractors :3

    going to fix it and don't you use elemental burn
  11. TheEnd187 Member

    I use elemental burn on my Contract but my Elemental burn is at level7. was just a comment on your elementalist skills section since you said leave it at 1.
  12. firecraker Member

    what do you recommend for this skill because i don't even use it
  13. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Posted this in the game mechanics section but I suppose it should be repeated here.

    Some reasoning as to why maxing Mark the Target is actually a very good decision, an arguably worth the SP of an extra summon;

    [hide=Mark the Target]Mark the Target can stack on a single mob up to 3 times, and each hit stacks on another level of debuff, as to say, LV11 Mark(50cap) which increases player's magic weapon magic attack strength and summoned creature's magic weapon attack strength by 46%, will go up to 92%, and then 138%.

    This meaning EVERY summon hits thats mob with 138% more force(NOT 1.38, but 2.38 I believe).

    Its possible to have lvl13 Mark in this cap, which would be 49%, 98%, 147%. And in 60cap you can get it to lvl16 with SP alone, meaning 54%, 108%, 162%. i.e a 4k fireball from louise will do around 12.1k? I believe.

    This is why maxed mark is actually very deadly.[/hide]

    Think of it as choosing between an ADV ava top with +1 Glarine or Freet, or one with something like Summoned Creature Aura or Wisps(if you have them maxed).
  14. TheEnd187 Member

    you have the main point's on why I don't ;ike Elemental burn, although it does buff up louise like crazy it has huge SP requirement and MP usage(if you have to wait for cd on summons), for spirit builds this would be a humongous MP drain as well summon 4 1st tier,4 2nd tier,spirit king, resummoning a 2nd tier(you should've used wisp for king,unless you have ador maxed which you probably don't), then cast elemental burn and constantly spam 1st tier ele spells to keep your INT up.

    for Both Scenarios it's a huge MP cost and SP. and as for firekrakers Q, you might as well get it to level 5 if you spent the SP to get it, also mind compiling everything Wisp can copy when you get the time?

    on the subject of wisps, everyone probably already knows it can copy 1 move. however when you summon from florae that counts as your 1 move ;_;. If you watch my YT vid or if you already know it would be better to summon wisp from glarine 5-lightning. I tested and you can summon wisps en masse like that then have them copy your move of choice(on a mobile connection so I can't test atm) I tested a half screen florae and a nen shot, havent tested any other light moves cuz I have no friends. tldr summon from glarine and you can choose when to make wisp copy your florae or whatever.
  15. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Thought this might help some summoners out there with King's Relic: Fire Guardian room;

    Until I finally went and ran it a few times myself, I really didn't know if any summons' hits would trigger the fire. Every time I had wisps out and/or did Mark the Target(wisps I'm not 100% sure about, but mark for sure) I'd get fire bombed right away.

    As you can see in the vid though, high spirits, Freet, and Louise won't cause any marks [on normal as far as I know].

    EDIT: Trying to upload a vid of the light guy's room but youtube being gay for some reason.
    Also ignore the terrible quality lol :<
  16. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Here's the Light Guardian room one;

    Either side will kinda work to dodge lightning I think, but god please DO NOT USE summoner's train in there, its like suicide. Not every summon makes a lightning mark, but some of them do I think...
  17. TheEnd187 Member

    where's your AM, and I go on th left side also, if I try to dodge at the right side I just die because there isn't enough room to go up and down. as for the fire guy you an just run to the left side of the room and afk.
  18. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    I'm not full contract so AM loses alot of its usefulness. If there's another reset I probably won't have freet anymore either.
  19. firecraker Member

    6 hits on fire = bombed

    summons aren't that smart so they just keep getting bombed

    things that use use affect the marks on your head excluding summons/robots
  20. TheEnd187 Member

    Iirc summons and robots don't get marks

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