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Summoner Thread and General Discussion (Post Questions Here)

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Glamador, May 8, 2010.

  1. Rdogg Code Kirin

    Based on my fight with Lotus am going to assume Louise would be able to attack skasa but i haven't fought any other wall bosses but lotus on dfo.
  2. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    Well, Lotus's hitbox is straightforward though. There's no weird 2nd hitbox. Skasa has "two" hitboxes, one covering its entire head and one on the neck. The one on the neck is the "real" hitbox, and the only one that will be affected by AOEs, but anything that hits the face will do damage.

    My best advice would be to focus on ranged summons and keep Summoner's Train on constantly (lasher might help too). It takes a lot of work to keep summons attacking but safe, but ultimately you don't have much choice. I'd advise keeping them as far back as possible from Skasa, letting them snipe, and having them run under for the ice breath. If you keep them towards the bottom of the map, lolnado won't do anything to them. Generally the only threats will be from the claw slam (shockwave) and ice breath as a ranged attacker. I imagine it'd be slow, but doable. No clue if Kasijas is effective at all here, though his mini-Sword Storm is bound to do some damage if he dies underneath Skasa.
  3. Rdogg Code Kirin

    Good point but still i was really basing that more on the fact both lotus and skasa count as wall and most summons don't attack walls.
  4. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Eche, Hulk, Murker and Louise don't seem to have as much trouble with the hitbox. Glarine seems to be fine with it too, but isn't as aggressive as usual.
  5. Rdogg Code Kirin

    Keep in mind rawrr before 2nd impact only louise seemed to know how to attack a wall boss while the rest of the summons run around the place.
  6. Gir Raging Homosexual

    B> EX Aukuso with that one root attack mia the druid does :V
  7. Hbard New Member

    It is possible to solo him with a build that specializes in Asuko and max lasher.
  8. Faray Adoptable Loli

  9. Hocus P New Member

    I was hoping some high level summoners out there could give me advice.

    I have a Level 51 Gaia (my build is here)

    The short version is this: max mark, max freet, no king, max hellflower. Here's a video of my build in action.

    Right now, my tentative plan is to respec for King at 54, because + to skill items will make King level 10 possible.

    1) Is king with lasers > freet? Or is the extra SP worth it.
    2) Is anyone using Sandor at all at this level? Reason I ask, I know when he knocks enemies down--that lessens the damage you do. But it also keep enemies interrupted. Can Sandor lock down a room effectively at high levels? Also, I have heard, that against enemies that cannot be knocked down, he is a house--can anyone confirm this?

    Any help would be appreciated
  10. iamchinaman New Member

  11. iamchinaman New Member

    Hmm i see. Thank you for the insight.

    What if I took Mark down to 10, I could then have zealous, but then id have 26 sp and have no idea where to put it

    Summon mosnter purification o.0 why is it not on the ASPS Skill planner!
    Also why lv 10 lasher instead of just 5 for the prereq?
  12. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Not many know, so hopefuly someone can shed light on sac summoners.
    My build is based around exploding adors, using oil bombs and whatever else i can out of louise and freet to summon.
    Does the ador's int effect the explosion damage? Does my int effect the damage? Do they both effect the damage? Does disenchant give int by taking away enemy lowered resistance values like the elementalist passive?
    Would it be in my interest to get lasher? Should I max mark the target?

    Thanks in advance.

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