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Summoner Thread and General Discussion (Post Questions Here)

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Glamador, May 8, 2010.

  1. Glamador Use My Voice Pack Darnit!

    Since we've got a new forum and new members probably looking for some advice I'll start us off.

    For a basic hybrid build max Glarine, Aquarius, and Louise. They do your best damage. From there get at least 1 tank, that is to say Aukuso, Sandor, or Echeverria. These are the summons that excel at grouping enemies and keeping you and your squishy summons safe. After that it is often advised to get Wisp (definitely 11, probably maxed) for the stun and because they are the easiest to multi-summon. In close second for ease of use is Naias which can be summoned from Aquarius' and Louise's attacks. They have the bonus of healing you for 2% of your max HP for each Naias summoned. Murker, Hulk, Ador, Stalker are generally not recommended, best left at 5 if anything should you want Echeverria in your build. They do worse damage than Glar/Aqua and they are close-range only. Also burn from Ador/Hulk will cancel freeze from Naias/Aqua. Freet also has this issue, but he's terrific DPS at lvl 10+ so it is somewhat forgivable. A lot of people recommend maxing your awakening Kasijas because he has hax damage. I'm on the fence about this, it warrants further testing I say.

    That's all your summons covered. From there be sure to get at least 1 point in Mark and Train, Zealous too if you want another buff. Best to leave Zealous and Mark at 1 because they scale poorly. Train is debatable, it will increase your damage and speed because of better grouping and increased aggression. However it is up to you if you want aggression for the summons you have, or possibly another maxed summon. Max Summoned Creature Aura, it's basically mastery for summoners. Leave awakening passive at 1 unless you PvP and/or use contracts a lot.

    Poor people will enjoy having Acient Library, I enjoy it and use it in conjunction w/ my MP/min gear and Flower Ring to pretty much never run out of Mana. Ever. Regardless of your choice definitely get at least 1 point in Phase Shift and Mana sheild for you are a squishy mage and sometimes damage is unavoidable. This is especially true in PvP.

    That's everything. Absolutely everything you need to know about picking your summons and skills. If you have extra SP, max another summon. Gear? MP/min and INT are the focus.

    One last note. Many summons get new attacks every 5 skill levels. 2nd tier summons and Echeverria use your Mattk for damage, the rest are fixed.

    Did I forget anything? I didn't mention sacrifice I know. Honestly, there's so much choice in how to build your summoner, so very much. Glar/Aqua/Louse/Mark 1/Train 1/Aura + whatever the hell else you want. That's the TL;DR version.

    I hope we can get a good discussion going and with this in the first post new Summoner's won't have to sift through hundreds of pages to find answers.
  2. TofuYoshi とうふヨッシー

    I'm just going to post here to say that if anyone has any general questions about Summoners, I'll be glad to help as well.
    However, since I have not yet reached the high-end dungeons yet, I cannot answer questions that revolve around those at this time. Hopefully, I will reach that point sooner rather than later.
  3. AsmaPatchu Iris is still mai waifu.

    Regarding sacrifice summoners, I find them to be more of an option to a summoner rather than a full build emphasis because of the patience necessary to get a good, strong sacrifice up and running. I have my own sacrifice summoner, and I really only find myself actually sacrificing stuff like 4-5 times a dungeon, usually on minibosses or multiple times on the boss (if it survives that long somehow).

    A good sacrifice tends to eat 4-5 bars of a typical boss' life bar for me. However, I find that most of my room clearing and boss fights is about the same as any other summoner, in that my DPS summons (Louise, Glarine, Aquarius, etc.) tend to just do their thing, and if I want something specific dead or need to guide my summons around, I use Summoner Train or Mark the Target to get them where I want them. When the enemy in question really shouldn't be alive for long (such as Soul Eaters) then I'll decide to set up a good sacrifice.

    A typical "good" sacrifice is a Naias Sacrifice, which involves waiting for Aquarius or Louise to do their ice drop attack (which focuses on a single target; Mark the Target on the one you want to kill so they pick the correct one), multi-summoning Naias from it, and quickly detonating them while they're inside of the enemy's sprite. This makes all 8 ice waves hit them instead of maybe 3 or 4 at awkward angles, and since you can triple-summon them, you can get as high as 24 of those shards going at once. At max level the damage multiplier is 214% magic attack strength, so as you can see, the damage adds up pretty fast. An upgraded weapon is actually useful here, so is Terra Cotta ID.

    Most sacrifice builds also go with Wisp Sacrifice since they're easy to get out. I commonly find myself with 6-7 Wisps running around not doing too much, and I fix that by Marking the Target on something, having them mob it, and blowing them up on its head. The electrocution goes hand in hand with Louise and Aquarius multi-hitting attacks.

    Here's the build I use: Sacrifice Summoner Build

    At level 50, I don't have room for Ancient Memory just yet, but from some calculations I ran back in the other summoner thread, the damage output boost equates to about 3 more levels of Naias Sacrifice, a LOT of additional pain from Kasijas and Louise, more HP on Sandor, and some tier 1 summons that will last their entire 30 seconds despite being level 11.

    I don't touch Ador, Stalker, or Hodor at all. I've fooled around level 1 Mana Shield, it isn't as great as I figured it would be because the mana-to-HP conversion rate is terribly inefficient at level 1, so whenever I get hit by an attack worth absorbing, I usually don't have enough MP to stay sharp anyway. Phase Shift is rather useful at times, but I find that Quick Rebound covers most PvE scenarios for me.
  4. firecraker Member

    Regarding my PVP build I like to have not a lot summons that you have to wait so I tooked out many summons and focused into my contracts and 1 spirit. I also wear plate armor after i summon them just in cast i take damage. ok finally i got back from shopping for graduation stuff Click here for my build
  5. GreenTea New Member

    But you move so slow :[

    Keeping Plate armor on seems like such a gimp. It sounds reasonable to change into it if you're about to get comboed or SiSed or something.
  6. Glamador Use My Voice Pack Darnit!

    Better to swap to light or heavy so you can at least still have some mobility. Plate won't let you move an inch and you'll be attacked and dead, defense or no defense.
  7. firecraker Member

    hmmm i though ---- nvm ----- wait summoners aren't suppose to get hit.
  8. Gloomy dicks

    I've said this before. Summoners don't listen to me though cause ya'll gay

    Ever since I stopped posting in the original summoner thread the builds posted there have gone downhill. Let's change that.
  9. firecraker Member

    - - your the most intellegent guy i know
  10. HellMuT mite b cool

    I can't find Sie's post on DFO Source about it, but which Summons are affected by INT? Which ones are affected by MATK?
  11. firecraker Member

    hired summoner or contract summons are based on int

    spirit summons or element summons are based on your magic attack.
  12. Garble o no

  13. HellMuT mite b cool

  14. TofuYoshi とうふヨッシー

    Not really. If you don't want, you really don't need phase shift or quick rebound either. I tried experimenting with them as a Summoner and never really used them. You'll pretty much be in a corner for most of your life as a pure PvE Summoner. Summon -> 3 Mark the target -> Corner.

    But why 2 Zealous and 16 Aukuso? You really only need 1 Zealous and 10 Aukuso, for Zealous' effect and Aukuso's confusion gas.
    You could always take some points out of those as well and shove them into Freet.
  15. Garble o no

    At lvl 10 does the confusion still work against higher levels? I assumed higher level = higher status. If lv 10 works I'd definitely want to try to squeeze in Freet.
  16. TofuYoshi とうふヨッシー

    Ahhh. Wasn't sure what you were going for. Aukuso is sometimes uneffective against higher end dungeons, so yes, if you'd like, that'd be a good way to spend your SP. Unless you completely get rid of Phase Shift, 6 points from Aukuso, 1 point from Zealous, and Quick Rebound, you won't have enough for 10 Freet, so I wouldn't advise doing that.

    Lower Zealous down to 1 and put it into another skill. Palm Blast sometimes works as a filler, but really is only used for PvP. You should be fine from there, then.

    Edit: Why do I always say Phase Shift when I want to say Palm Blast?
  17. Gloomy dicks

    I just finished soloing Second Spine Kings at level 38 and I have to say, Summoners are amazing. It was surprisingly easy and I only wasted 6 HP potions and 1 MP potion. It was easier than partying...

    God, once Glarine gets that 5-lightning call, everything just melts.

    And has anyone else noticed that Dead Murker and Flame Hulk's basic attacks randomly cause an explosion and turn into AoEs?
  18. Kevin New Member

    38 is a threshold level for summoners. I found 2nd spine to be twice as hard prior to 38.

    The explosion/AOE attacks are the attacks they use when they die/run out of time.
  19. Gloomy dicks

    Nope! Just tested it and it turns out I am not imagining things. Both Dead Murker and Flame Hulk attack with a small chance of casting fire and dark explosion.
  20. Kevin New Member

    Hm, I don't recall. I'll go check it out later.

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