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Stupid router

Discussion in 'Berserk Rage' started by Heidi, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Heidi Member

    So yeah, arrived back at my apartment today. Got my router out but couldn't remember the admin username/ password and needed them. Tried to reset it by pushing the reset button. Messed around with it for ages. It refused to reset. I tried guessing the username/ password. No luck. I then pushed the reset button a bit harder and the fucking thing broke and flung inside the router.

    Why even bother having a reset button on a router? Is it just there for decoration?
  2. Heidi Member

    Yesterday I got a friend who knows a lot about electronics to help me take it apart. Looking inside it revealed that the reset button was likely defective when the router came out of the factory - it just wasn't connected right because of the way it had been soldered. It took about an hour of messing around with it trying to make it reset and failing until my friend asked me if I had any aluminium foil or chocolate wrapper (Dunno about US chocolate, but a lot of ours is wrapped in foil inside the outside packaging). I didn't, but then thought of the foil on the painkillers I've had to take recently for a toothache. I ripped some bits of foil off that and so he stuck it all around the contacts, switched it on, left it for a minute, and that made it reset itself.

    The router is actually a shop brand one. My friend had happened to work at that shop for awhile before. Apparently they're notorious for defective hardware >_>

    Using the stupid thing now. What a mission that was.
  3. gongfuren GongJiZhe

    Wow, so there WAS a purpose to your toothache besides torture!

    Congrats on getting your router working!

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