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Stuck in a shitty dilemma

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by Deus, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Revelus New Member

    So you could have at least one level for PvE purposes? I've seen full PvP builds that get one point in it. (stupid, imo) Yet you, who wants a build that's decent in both, don't even get one point in it. You're also willing to make a +12 Revolver for PvE, which the skill needs to be powerful. Doesn't make any sense.

    No it isn't, what are you talking about? Phase Shift can be baited, and if you're a fast class you can simply run to where they Phase Shift after you bait it and continue a combo. Just ask Saccharin. I'm not saying doing this is easy, I'm saying it doesn't guarantee that you're going to live. Max Revenger isn't nearly as easy to counter with a grab.

    Yeah, I was talking from a PvE standpoint. Obviously those are important skills for PvP.

    I admit, I've only played a Ranger to Level 37. But, I've asked Korean friends for PvE builds, I've read nearly everything about Rangers on DFOPlanet, and you tell me I know jack shit about Rangers? Nearly all builds there (American or Korean) have Revenger maxed, no questions asked. If someone posts a build there that doesn't have this maxed, they instantly get jumped on and told to max it.

    You ask for build advice to make your build more suitable for high level dungeons, and you get told that it isn't possible. You say that Moving Shot is your main cube skill for PvE/PvP, making it sound like you're going to have this shit running permanently in PvE. It isn't a great skill and is very easily canceled / gets you cornered. In PvP, you don't need this skill at a high level because gravity kicks in while you're in the middle of the skill (in the BBQ -> Moving Shot combo). Basically what your last post tells me is that you wanted to hear that your build is good, and nothing else matters. Cool story, bro.
  2. Deus flyingdogg

    Here's a reason to not get it. It's one of the worst awakenings in pve and in pve. Gaebolg punch does fucktons of damage in pvp and it's practically the entire screen. Great for fun, Great for trolling. Level 1 scud? It needs to be maxed first to actually show potential, then it needs +12 to actually do damage. Only pve rangers (maybe), retards or people who have extra SP (retards) get it at level 1 and leave it.

    Just ask saccharin, okay. Okay. Wow. This point was automatically invalidated. Maybe if you said "ask unsane" or "ask hellmut" i would read the rest of it.

    Korean rangers have SHITLOADS OF SP because of SI. Even multigun rangers max dbr and pan. As for american rangers, (i don't even know why you categorize them this way, it's not like dfo rangers all suck shit or something) it's the general idea for people to get max revenger especially when they're looking for "starter advice on ranger pvp". Prove. Me. Wrong. Don't get the wrong idea though, I don't hate the idea of maxing it. I like the skill. I like how it gets faster and it stuns things. But I cover my ass in more ways than one (especially with SLR) so maxing it may not be worth it.

    Moving shot is fucking godly in pve, you must be retarded or maybe it's because you only had level 1 moving shot (gg 37 ranger) so you got hit easily. In pvp you need the skill at high level for extra shots to juggle people who you can't scratch with just stupid BBQ->lame otg shots. You aren't thinking far enough. Not to mention the movespeed. My last post? Bitch please, you just went full retard.

    My build isn't perfect. I need to bounce ideas off RANGERS WHO KNOW HOW TO PLAY RANGERS. Don't honestly think I'd actually take advice from you with that attitude. Maybe you just wanna help, but I say gtfo. No. Don't want your kind of help. Go help the 37% winrate rangers who are frustrated about why they are bad at pvp.
  3. ArtSlay _________________________

    Lulz, you mad
  4. HellMuT mite b cool

    I PvP with 1 point in phase shift.
  5. Deus flyingdogg


    i can b like u

    i pvp with 1 point in revenger

    waiiii we have so much in common ^_^
  6. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    I might not be an expert in PvP male rangers, but I don't see the point in secret landrunner. Sure, you can lay down two landrunners, but don't they stay close together, unless if they're chasing two people? Or is it just for the fact that you can build a wall of Landrunners? The 5% of summoning a landrunner upon getting hit is also bleh.

    Also, maxing Moving Shot makes it stronger and makes you move faster. The moving faster part is great, but juggling with a high leveled Moving Shot makes people fall faster, due to damage protection, or whatever it's called. I think this is why people just get a point in it in PVP.
  7. Divine Supreme Dictator

  8. Deus flyingdogg

  9. Proicio I cuss like a bugger.

    i do this too. lol .3 second stuns. ffffffffffffffffffffffff

    also http://vlog.17173.com/v/1/20011/69/NjkyMjQ2 troll people with infinite combos. otg cancel grabs ftw.
  10. Deus flyingdogg

    holy shit

    that jack spike cancel reverse backstep xxx jackspike cancel reverse backstep thing is fucking genius. im gonna go do that now. most of everything else is just typical weaponless 0 damage "oh look how long i can combo" garbage.
  11. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Do you have the attack speed? And what are you getting jack to in your build.
  12. Deus flyingdogg

    its just cancel jack spike(10, always. 5 is for lame shits and generic rangers) and draw speed, bro.

    no big deal.
  13. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    impractical as fuck
    guy who made the video was raped in the 17173 China vs Korea match

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