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Stuck in a shitty dilemma

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by Deus, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Deus flyingdogg

    ok here's the quick rundown

    1) i wana make renjer
    2) i dont want no female sluttia
    3) the defining points of a male ranger in pvp demand significant investment into other subclass skills.

    a) the few things female rangers just can't have that males have are the following:
    i) double landrunner
    ii) fast grenades
    iii) a steyr which puts hit targets in a predictable predicament

    here's the catch, if i get all of these things, i am down like 935 SP or some shit. that's fucking whack, yo. it's whack because these things don't help me for dick in pve, which i don't want to be piss poor at, especially in the higher levels. i want to be able to farm solo and am willing to make a +12 or something (too povertypussy for +13 or higher)

    thing is, i'm not so sure how a multigun ranger does in pve, but i can bet it's not as well as a funded and geared revolver ranger.

    so basically:

    i want to use a revolver as my general use weapon
    i want to take advantage of my manly perks in pvp <<<<<<< is big deal, because typical pve rangers don't waste 1000 sp on fucking secret landrunner
    i don't want to suffer in higher dungeons

    what build/gear sets can i use to accomplish this???
  2. HellMuT mite b cool

    You want to have a good PvP build and be able to do PvE well? That really doesn't happen. Especially if you're a poor ranger. +12 might carry you though.
  3. Ring "...that's my role."

    First of all, have u played a ranger before?
  4. Archie Mexocan

    I can't see how it will work out

    You're better off with a PvE character to farm, and having a friend help you out at dungeons.
  5. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    One not that great suggestion is grind to 60 and then reset. But that's definitely a shitty option. And so is you're delima. Unless you take something crucial out of your PvP build like Air-Raid and pump it into like headshot or some shit you're screwed.
  6. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    technically a pve ranger is just a cube build
    surely you can run around for 20 seconds(or max leap and jump forever til CD, lol)
  7. Deus flyingdogg


    3 existing male rangers, 1 of them revolver built. highest i ever got was 40-something on a multigun, and it kind of blew in pve

    new one is what this thread is about
  8. ArtSlay _________________________

    Do what everyone has been doing, make a pve build and gear carry it in pvp.

    +12 everything > pure pvp build.
  9. Ring "...that's my role."

    then all u need now it to learn the flyinggodd technique :3c
  10. Deus flyingdogg

    Fuck off, bitch. Go whine about gunners somewhere NOT in the gunner discussion thread.
  11. Skyson Let's rock.

    It's not. I've ran 4 multigun rangers for PvE, three of them nonrevolver, all three of those are now deleted. My main now is a Cannon/Revolver, and the Revolver end [although not obscenely geared] still does very well 1v1. With proper gear and funding, Revolver is pretty much the obvious choice. I hybrid a cannon 'cause I like how it mobs and I'm not funded. ):

    There are some directions you can go with it. From what I pick up, the Vile Beast Set is arguably the best set for PvE with its percentage attack strength and speed boost. I don't think Haughty Chantre is that bad, but I can't say from experience. Assaulter's bonuses seem to be the way to go in PvP. People like it if they don't like the lower Defenses of the Vile Beast set. That's armor. Build-wise.. you still have more options.

    You can possibly ditch the [Secret] Land Runner and Steyr and max Nade at level 10 for its size. Catching someone off a Nade is always great, and if you invest in that you can still maybe get level 1 Land runner just as an annoyance. Ranger SP is fairly flexible imo, if you don't want to max every skill then you can play with things. I like maxed Headshot for PvE, maxed Windmill for PvP more than PvE, and Mach Kick isn't bad. I'm a Triple Clutch fan, too. x_x

    I'm about to leave for class, so I don't have a moment to make a clear build, but I think this is doable. If you have the funds and gear to put good equipment on a Revolver ranger, you can fudge the build a little to stand alone in PvE and PvP. It's possible, unless I'm totally ignorant to how to be a great Ranger. >_>
  12. Deus flyingdogg


    is what im looking at so far. i realized what a GIGANTIC point sink revenger is, and i dont even know if its worth maxing since theres so many things i need to get. also, skill is useless if you get hit by a launching attack. this build has a shitload of TOOLS so i'm pretty much set for any encounter. as for the pve part, i surely won't be doing ridiculous critz, but i think with an adequately upgraded revolver i'll do alright with spamming moving shot and mhs. moving shot being my only "good for pve too" skill.

    discuss further
  13. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Now tell me this, wouldn't all the points spent in Air-Raid be better spent on Headshot? I'm not trying to give you advice on your build i just want to know.
  14. Deus flyingdogg

    headshot costs more sp and air raid max is for the movement distance

    different things
  15. Revelus New Member

    Quicksilver Sol set is probably your best bet for PvE and PvP if / when you get to the level requirement for it. You could also make two revolvers, one +10 one for PvP, and another one even higher for PvE. (if that's an option)

    With a build like that, you might as well just go full PvP. None of your important skills are maxed, not even one point in Scud... not good. HellMuT's and geenareeno's posts pretty much summed it up.

    For some (by some, I mean almost none) classes hybrid builds work, for this class it doesn't. Ironically, PvE Rangers have quite a bit of extra SP to mess around with. All you really need is your cube skills maxed along with Headshot and the revolver buffs. You don't have enough free SP to get everything you need for PvP, though.

    Also, Level 1 Revenger is terrible in PvP. I can easily grab a Ranger out of it on my Monk and combo further. Shit doesn't stun either. Probably one of the biggest skills you need to max, leaving it at 1 is like leaving Phase Shift at 1.

    I've been in a similar dilemma for almost every character I play, and chose geenareeno's route so far for almost all of them. The problem is I haven't reached Level 60 on any character. I've done tons of PvP with my shitty PvE builds and lost a ton of games because of it. That's how it goes.
  16. Deus flyingdogg

    wow, you lost me. why the flying fuck would i ever want scud?

    revenger 1 is fine vs standing skills (triple slash/windmill/whatever) since you cant grab that quickly after one for the most part.

    don't you DARE compare phase to revenger, god fucking damn. worst comparison ever. phase is TOP TIER to get out of everything. revenger is just merely anti-standing (most classes try to keep things in the air or ground). holy shit i am raging out just because you put those two skills on the same tier. ps: i've fought high lvl revenger rangers and surprise, they sure have trouble hitting me with it because when i graze them and their arms cross, i'm already out da way. so much for the epic stun rate. 450 sp into a skill which requires you to get hit and can be easily countered by a grab, in my opinion is something for the cookie cutter letslearn ranger starterpack.

    my main cube skill for both pve/pvp is moving shot. i'll just have to deal w/ mhs not hitting as hard as it could. headshot? fuck it. i WISH i can max it, but i can't. i'm not a pve ranger.

    also: NONE OF MY IMPORTANT SKILLS ARE MAXED? are you stoned out your mind? several key skills (concerning the purpose)have been maxed.


    something tells me you know jack shit about rangers
  17. ArtSlay _________________________

    You mad, got problem?
  18. Deus flyingdogg

    nigga please, you mad more
  19. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Oh sorry, i thought this was pve for some reason. Definitely get air raid max. I don't think any of us can improve the build you have given, it's good. If you want max mach kick.
  20. Deus flyingdogg

    thx thats exactly what i wanted to hear


    guess im out of luck when calling for ranger experience in this forum

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