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Soushin's Dungeon Fighting Videos

Discussion in 'Screenshots and Videos' started by Soushin, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Soushin The Novice

  2. Soushin The Novice

    The Record of Uneventful Moments of Dungeon Fighters

    This section contains all videos that are random, odd, funny, wtf-like, or just stupid.

    Title and format were inspired by DandyDLC's homo-genius: a history of gay inventors. Check out his videos if you're into fighting games. They're definitely funnier than my videos.

    Chapter 01
    Chapter 02
    Chapter 03
    Chapter 04
    Chapter 05
    Chapter 06 *Personal Favorite*
    Chapter 07
    Chapter 08
    Chapter 09
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11 *Personal Favorite*
    Chapter 12 *Personal Favorite*
    Chapter 13
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 15
    Chapter 16
    Chapter 17
    Chapter 18
    Chapter 19
    Chapter 20
    Chapter 21
    Chapter 22
  3. Soushin The Novice

    DnF Perma-Fighter videos

    [hide=What is this section?]It's a collection of dungeon runs I've done with my Perma-Fighter to prove that I leveled her legitimately. These videos aren't particularly fun or interesting to watch. They're just regular runs of the dungeons.[/hide][hide=What is a Perma-Fighter?]It's fighter that didn't advance to a subclass at lv18. She stays an unadvanced fighter forever. I also had a Perma-Mage lv.50 and Perma-Fighter lv.50 on DFO, they were maxed level at the time, but then I got permanently banned by Nexon.[/hide][hide=Why rolling an unadvanced character? What's the benefits?]No Benefits. It's a personal challenge. This is how I enjoy my games.

    In video games in general, I like giving myself handicaps to make the game harder than what they're offering. I like to do things outside the developers' intentions. Here's a few examples: 3-heart challenge in Zelda, megabuster-only run in Mega Man, no death and no weapon pickup in Contra, initial-equipment run of Final Fantasy, pistol-only campaign of Gears of War, etc. You get the idea.[/hide][hide=Why were you banned on DFO?]I wish I knew why, but Nexon refused to tell me the reason, despite my ban appeals and my futile attempts to prove them that I'm legit.

    I can only speculate that the reason they banned me is because they assumed I was a botter. As you may or may not know, all bots were maxed level unadvanced characters.[/hide][hide=So, if these videos are boring, then why should I watch them?]Other than curiosity, these videos can help those who seek knowledge on how to beat a dungeon or to learn the attack pattern of a boss.

    There are tons of videos on youtube of dungeon runs where the players are overleveled, or heavily geared, or cube/awakening skills spammers, or just way too good, or in an effective party, or any of these combined. Because they are OP, they clear the dungeons and killed the boss way too fast. Thus, the viewer don't learn much about the dungeon or the boss.

    This is where my videos come handy: My level is within the acceptable range for the dungeons. I have no cube skills. My gears are below average; they are quest gears and not upgraded. I don't have a full set of avatars. My weapons are the standard purple and not upgraded. I've got no pets.

    With that said, I take a much longer time to clear a dungeon and to defeat a boss. This will allow you to observe the boss' attack pattern so you can know exactly what to do.[/hide]
    All videos in this section follow these rules:
    • Solo (but in rare cases, an NPC may help me)
    • Highest Difficulty Available (in most cases: King's Road)
    • No Token (but I do use a lot of HP/MP potions)
    • Within the acceptable level range for the dungeon

    Sky Tower
    Golem Tower - lv.22
    Vestibule of Darkness - lv.24
    Floating Castle - lv.27
    Castellan's Chamber - lv.28

    Outer Temple Wall - lv.29
    Dendroid Jungle - lv.30
    Purgatorium - lv.32
    Silver Night - lv.33
    First Spine - lv.34
    Second Spine - lv.35
    Chamber of Blood - lv.39

    Noire Ferra
    Shallow Keep - lv.40
    Shallow Keep - lv.41: Sewer Princess Faris Battle
    Spider's Lair with Faris - lv.41
    The Catacombs - lv.43: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    The Catacombs - lv.43: Part 2 - The Boss Battle

    Mount Thunderime
    The Ridge - lv.42
    Frozenheart - lv.42
    Frostfield - lv.45
    Bwanga's Camp - lv.49
    Ice Palace - lv.50: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    Ice Palace - lv.50: Part 2 - The Boss Battle
    Skasa's Lair - lv.55: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    Skasa's Lair - lv.55: Part 2 - The Boss Battle

    Scoria Core - lv.44: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    Scoria Core - lv.44: Part 2 - The Boss Battle
    Labyrinth of Shadows - lv.47
    Slums Gate - lv.54: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    Slums Gate - lv.54: Part 2 - The Boss Battle

    Temple of Apostasy
    GBL Arad Branch - lv.47
    GBL Laboratory - lv.47
    GBL Hatchery - lv.49

    North Myre
    Brigand City - lv.51: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    Brigand City - lv.51: Part 2 - The Boss Battle
    Hamelin - lv.54

    Moonlight Tavern
    Moonlight Tavern - lv.53

    Odessa Streets - lv.55
    Verderia - lv.54
    Verderia - lv.55: Reunion Quest Battle

    Outer Gent - lv.56
    Gent East Gate - lv.56
    Gent East Gate - lv.56: A Quest Battle
    Gent South Gate - lv.57: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    Gent South Gate - lv.57: Part 2 - The Boss Battle
    Gent North Gate - lv.58
    Defense of Gent - lv.59
    Night Assault - lv.60: Part 1 - The Dungeon Run
    Night Assault - lv.60: Part 2 - The Boss Battle

    Valley of Fallen Souls
    Altar of Infinity - lv.52: Part 1 - Round 01-14
    Altar of Infinity - lv.52: Part 2 - The Last Round's Boss Battle
    Tower of Illusion - lv.55: Part 1 - Floor 01-24
    Tower of Illusion - lv.55: Part 2 - The Last Floor

    Town Invasion - lv.53
  4. Soushin The Novice

    DnF Male Perma-Fighter videos

    I'll pretty it up later. Right now I'm just dumping the links.


    Grand Flores

    Sky Tower

  5. Soushin The Novice

    PvP Matches

    [Section to be updated in near future]
  6. Soushin The Novice

  7. Soushin The Novice

    All reserved posts have been taken.

    You guys can comment now if you wish to.
  8. NuMbA Light's Out

    Lol, and I though 009 was bad...
    Btw can't wait for the theif vids, too bad I can't play mine anymore
  9. Rawrrr Bitch.

    The Record of Uneventful Moments of Dungeon Fighters

    LMAO :3c

    Perma thief should be... interesting.
  10. BMLover Must Lurk More

    DnF Perma-Fighter videos

    Wow.... you had some luck and some npcs there but still, that's really impressive and some really well timed and placed air walk kicks. Seriously, miss of one those and you die most likely. Makes an otherwise difficult boss for a lot of people that routinely spend several coins just for one kings run look really easy.

    Perma-fighters get (thanks a long-ago balance error by Neople) similar level-up stats to grapplers, so basically they are grapplers without access to higher level grappler skills.
  11. Soushin The Novice

    DnF Perma-Fighter videos

    Hey thanks for the compliment!

    I agreed that I got incredibly lucky, especially when I came to very near death.

    I used npcs because the first time I fought that supermech, I had to use several tokens. But what I didn't realize at the time of recording, is that I could have gotten rid of the tanks in their respective rooms before getting to the boss. Once I found that out, I had a much easier time fighting the supermech without the miniboss tanks and without my allied npcs, just as long as I keep him blinded with my upgraded sand thrower. It's hilarious how the bosses have absolutely no idea what to do when they're blinded.
  12. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    DnF Perma-Fighter videos

    Sand Splash gets a lot faster, i see. Is it easier to play a perma fighter in dnf than dfo?
  13. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    DnF Perma-Fighter videos

    A whole bunch of them are broken.
  14. Rawrrr Bitch.

    DnF Perma-Fighter videos

    Elaborate plox.
  15. Soushin The Novice

    DnF Perma-Fighter videos

    The sand splash you see in my videos (assuming you watched the lv50+) are upgraded from using TP. There's a passive skill called Sand Splash Upgrade which makes my sand go farther and deals more damage.

    Perma-Fighter on DFO was a lot more easier, especially since i don't waste so much MP like i do in DNF.

    What's broken? the links?
  16. Vibe 8===D~~ O:

    The Record of Uneventful Moments of Dungeon Fighters

    this one wasn't uneventful at all! i demand a name change right now!
  17. Soushin The Novice

    The Record of Uneventful Moments of Dungeon Fighters

    Permission granted. You may change your own name.
  18. Vibe 8===D~~ O:

    The Record of Uneventful Moments of Dungeon Fighters

    i'm suing for false advertising.
  19. Soushin The Novice

  20. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    The Record of Uneventful Moments of Dungeon Fighters

    So the Kartels recruited clowns or something? Ooookay.

    By day they screw towns over, by night they're a freaking circus.

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