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[Song Pack] Ragnarok Fighter Online V.01

Discussion in 'DFO Modding' started by Tepet, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Tepet ☆Sweet Lil' Poot☆ Lurker

    While sitting in IRC, conversation came up. I forget about what, and I don't think it's super important. It could be..I just can't remember so we'll say it wasn't important until I do.

    Anyway, I was inspired to create a song pack feature a staple in MMORPGs. The semi-timeless classic Ragnarok Online. Though some of you may have not played it ever, it is one of the most well known MMOs. If you didn't play it or Runescape, you were really behind in the times back then.

    So about this music pack. It's not really complete. I wish I could say it was, but there are only so many songs that can fit in so many places. I had to circumvent some repeats by finding the remixes and premium arranges of some songs. You will notice maybe one or two repeats, though. I have left all the crediting tags in the files so if you ever want to know who made what, there you go. You can also see the original title.

    I have added a short textual guide in the zip to aid with installation. In addition it has credits to influences and programs I used as well as a plug to superswordaction.:emoticon_summergunn

    In order to keep the file size down, I encoded to 80 kbs VBR. I couldn't level it myself, so I am also using this as an attempt at feedback and troubleshooting. So if you download it, give it a try and find a problem, let me know. Or if you think a song doesn't belong somewhere. Or if you find a song that doesn't sound correct. Or if you just want to give me a distance hug. Just let me know.

    Lastly, I am hosting with rapidshare. I apologize if you cannot reach them or if it is slow. If you have any trouble unzipping, then please say so and I'll attempt to convert it to another format and reupload.

    And now...the download. You can download the file from here (.rar). It is jDownloader compatible so you can resume with no problem.

    Have fun playing and listening.


    -.02- (11/03/12)
    • Added four new songs to replace doubles
    • Leveled Vilmark Boss so landrunner ticking can be heard
    • Leveled Ice Palace so music can be heard amist snowfall
    • Jimmy/Angus theme changed
    • Lowered bite rate for filesize reasons
    • Fixed incorrect song tags
    • Renamed certain song filenames so they are now in use
    • Added .rar upload
  2. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Just curious but did you use the SSH remix of TeMP it Up?
  3. Tepet ☆Sweet Lil' Poot☆ Lurker

    Now that I hear it, I may. It should be a more fitting rendition for Bwanga himself.
  4. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    I kinda thought it was more fitting for screaming or Noire Ferra, but its your pack.
  5. Yuneiko Alt-a-holic

    One thing alone I have to ask.

    Does it use DA PRESSHA?

    Dreamer's Dream I believe.
  6. Ring "...that's my role."

    yey you finally postededed it :U
  7. Tepet ☆Sweet Lil' Poot☆ Lurker

    I'm still tweaking it, so who knows. I haven't gone back to Screaming to see if the atmosphere fits what I currently have, but I'll give it a look once I done with the next upload.

    It's in the new upload going up later. I think I put it as Mecha Tau's theme.

    Yep, but that one won't be up after about midnight. I'm going to delete it and put the new one up.

    New version now uploaded and ready for use. Again, this is a test version. Please provide feedback or any issues you may have.
  8. Tepet ☆Sweet Lil' Poot☆ Lurker

    I was informed that someone already made a Ragnarok songpack and even had the same name. So, this project of mine is for naught and therefore cancelled.

    No sense having similar songpacks out there, especially when one is already finished.

    Before I begin the Sonic/Sega songpack, I will be looking around all the possible fansites to make sure there is not already one. If there isn't, I will probably begin again in the fall.

    In parting I leave this thread with a dancing skunkgirl between two ice tigers.

    :ice tiger right:[IMG]:ice tiger left:

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