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Semi-Future Question

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by Kudan, May 6, 2011.

  1. Kudan Member

    I was just recently Surfing around AradSenki Wiki (cause i cant find the proper kdnf wiki) and i noticed when i was in the weapons section under the chronicle section that it said "Second Chronicle (weapon) Broke" and i was wondering, that means breaking ur wep is a good thing now? kiri is gonna be usefull finally? or do i have to do a quest to "unlock its full potiental"? If we reinforce it then it breaks is it gonna start over at +0? Is the "breaking" gonna be implatiment into our game also?

    reason i said semi-future is that no one would know the answer to these questions until someone actually gets one.

    4 more days till i get to start 6months of farming:emoticon_cry:
  2. Hiroshi dat smirk

    All this means is that Google translate can only get you so far. It ahs nothing to do with breaking and I have no idea how the hell it even translated it like that.

    Point is: Don't worry about it. The Advanced 2nd Chronicles should come with 2nd Impact. Think of them as "2nd Chronicles+1", their main gimmick will be the same (like... I dunno, Ice Wave Cooldown -7% or whatever) but have slightly boosted stats and have a level requirement of 65. You can also upgrade your "old" 2nd Chronicles once 2nd Impact hits, so yeah: don't worry about it.
  3. Kudan Member

    but when the advanced one comes out do i have to do the farming all over again?
  4. Hiroshi dat smirk

    You can just stick to your 2nd Chronicles, they won't disappear. You could farm for Advanced 2nd Chronicles later if you really wanted to.

    However, there's also a "powerful" 2nd Chronicles set, but I'm not sure if you get them now or in a separate update. They have improved effects (like -9% Cooldown instead of -7%), but also only drop on King's road... and EVERYTHING that can drop in the dungeon can drop on King's road, so happy farming if you decide to go that route. I believe you can also upgrade "normal" 2nd Chronicles to their powerful version, but again I'm not sure.
  5. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    I've seen a recipe for a powerful fierce golden dragon spear(or whatever the mage skill is called) drop in goblin masters. I'm more curious as to where you get actual sets.
  6. Pretty sure you get the set pieces on kings road only.
  7. Kudan Member

    yea weapons drop on master road and armor sets drop on kings

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