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Selfish/Fall and Fall Again

Discussion in 'Art' started by Merryem, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Merryem Trollololol

  2. Ring "...that's my role."

    I love your sig.
  3. Merryem Trollololol

    Thanks o,o
  4. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Your sig can't be any more true.
  5. Merryem Trollololol

    :p Probably.
  6. flamedance58 Bloodied Holster

    Found the two pictures and the comments to be quite intriguing. I more than likely have to agree because it's very true. Humankind is no where near the point where anyone could be called "Angels" much less seeing many people in the past called one. That and soldiers don't like puppies.
  7. Merryem Trollololol

    True... I found it so that people are so ignorant with themselves that they dont consider that other people may live and feel, unlike them.
  8. Gloomy dicks

    what an angel
  9. Merryem Trollololol

    I've already seen it. A Bosnian Girl throws puppies into a river, that video just shows it in reverse. What a bitch.

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