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Discussion in 'General DFO' started by Jonny, May 17, 2011.

  1. Jonny New

    What if the reason that the DFO site has been down for so long was that they were installing a suprise Second Impact?

    Damn I wish...
  2. Kasumei Doesn't have a custom title :D

    I highly doubt it. They're probably trying to fix some problem on their own and they're really bad at doing it.
  3. Jonny New

    I know. White text is so hard to spot with this forum layout.
  4. Kasumei Doesn't have a custom title :D

    I usually only check for white text on DFOS. I didn't see it in your post because it's always obvious when people white text on there. :C
  5. Jonny New

    How do you spot white text on here?
  6. gongfuren GongJiZhe

    The wonderful button known as "reply" or "quote".
  7. Jonny New

    Meh harder than my way. I just Ctrl + A to highlight everything every time I load a page.
  8. Lunar New Member

    yo dawgs whats up

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