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[Request] Removing that red flashing.

Discussion in 'DFO Modding' started by Junk, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Junk is hangin' around.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that there's no way to remove that freaking red flashing while you're fighting. Is there any way to, and if so, does someone mind finding out how to? I've been trying to find the image for the flashing using DNF Extractor, but even if I found it, I highly doubt that I'd be able to do anything with it. If someone could provide a flashing removing, it'd be absolutely great. Much thanks.

  2. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    It's just a flash, there probably isn't an image for it.
  3. Ring "...that's my role."

    hahaha man and you;re a ranger.
  4. SpyydeR A Sharp Blunt Object.

    some ppl said turning ur settings to low or something makes it stop. Haven't tried that though.
  5. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    I have my settings in low and i barely notice theres a flash when you do a crit. If you ppl didn't cry about it every time i wouldn't even know XD
  6. ArtSlay _________________________

    What we talking about?
  7. Shirobon Wizard Of Orz

  8. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    All my settings are maxed and I never really notice. But whatever it looks cool when I crit with a ducking body blow :D
  9. Junk is hangin' around.

    Turning my settings all the way down isn't helping; it's still flashing. :< And I personally just can't stand the flashing anymore, particularly because it hurts my eyes somewhat, if it keeps flashing as I'm using Scud Genocide, Death Hawk, or Wild Shot. >_>
  10. Ring "...that's my role."

    and not moving shot? umad?
  11. Holypie Mmmmmmmm

    I have my settings on highest, stack magic crit gear and everything I have hits billions of times. I never notice any flash.
  12. SpyydeR A Sharp Blunt Object.

    Best solution. Dont play a gunner.

    The only time I ever notice the red flash is when I kill someone with a crit and the screen stays red for a few seconds.
  13. Shirobon Wizard Of Orz

    Seriously, this needs to be removed, there has to be a way. And no, i won't quit my gunner >.>
  14. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Just close your eyes when you use that move.
  15. Shirobon Wizard Of Orz

    Im being serious here, stop being a fucking retard
  16. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    lol sorry. It's the only solution that completely remedies the situation. It also creates another problem however. Also i was just joking...
  17. Karinaaa :3 ( ` 3`)~♥chuu

    It's kinda hard to notice the flash unless you look for it, lol. I doubt there's a way to turn it off, also. Pitch the idea to Nexon!
  18. Junk is hangin' around.

    Yeah, I'm gonna do that. And since I'm partially color-blind to certain shades of red, that shade of red is one I'm not color-blind to, so it stands out quite a bit. Lul.

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