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[Release] DFO Control Panel

Discussion in 'DFO Modding' started by LHCGreg, May 5, 2010.

  1. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    DFOCP is no longer officially supported. Feel free to post problems here, but I will not be making any code changes and don't have time to do any involved support. If you are a programmer and would like to take over the project, let me know.

    This is what happens when Browserless DFO Launcher and DFOAssist have a baby.

    Download here

    The .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is required. You may already have it installed. If DFO Control Panel does not start, you probably need to install it. Browserless DFO Launcher only required .NET 2.0.

    The C# source code with Visual C# 2008 solution and project files is hosted on Google Code. To get the latest code, point your Subversion client at [noparse]http://dfocp.googlecode.com/svn/Trunk/[/noparse]. You need to have Python installed to compile it or else remove the prebuild step for the two projects and replace $revision$ in VersonInfo.template.cs with 0 and rename it to VersionInfo.cs. To get the revision number in the compiled version number, you must also have the Subversion command line tools installed.

    I recommend TortoiseSVN as an easy to use Subversion client for Windows.

    If you just want to casually browse the source, you can do that at the google code site.


    • Browserless launching
    • Autodetection of the directory where DFO is
    • Popup killing (optional)
    • Start DFO in windowed mode (optional)
    • Specify the starting size of the DFO window if starting in windowed mode and change the window size while you're running DFO.
    • Switch soundpacks (optional)
    • Switch audio.xml (optional)
    • Automatic fixing of soundpack directories on startup (helpful if your computer crashes while running DFO).
    • GUI will remember your settings, including your username if you wish. Remember that your username is half of your login information and it is not encrypted in any way if you choose to have the program remember it. Keep that in mind if anyone else has access to your computer.
    • GUI and command-line version in one .exe
    • Generation of a .bat file from the GUI. You can then double-click the .bat file to start the gaming using your saved username, password, and options.

    Unlike Browserless Launcher, DFO Control Panel needs to stay open until DFO is closed. It will automatically close itself when you exit DFO.

    You may run DFO Control Panel from any directory. It should autodetect the directory that DFO is installed in. If it does not, you can put DFO Control Panel in your DFO directory or use the --dfodir= command-line option.

    By clicking File->Save As Bat... you can export your username, password, and options to a .bat script. Once you save the .bat file, just double-click the .bat file to start DFO with the username, password, and options you had entered. You won't need to open DFOCP.exe anymore (but you still need to keep it on your computer). Make sure you understand the risks of storing a password in a file on your computer. You must leave the window that is created when double-clicking the .bat file open. It will close itself when DFO finishes.

    Your settings and log files are saved in %appdata%\DFO Control Panel\. If you encounter strange behavior or think you have found a bug, make a copy of the log file once the program is no longer running, make sure your username and password are not in it (they *shouldn't* be, but it's possible I messed up), and include the log in your report. The log file names look like DFOCP 8-26-2010 1_3_12 [3928].log. 8-26-2010 is the date of the DFOCP session the log recorded and 1_3_12 is the time (1:03:12). If the log file is large, you may wish to use http://pastie.org/. Old logs are deleted after 7 days, so make sure you make a copy of it right away. When making a bug report or support request, be sure to include what version of DFO Control Panel you are using. The version can be found by clicking Help->About.

    Q: Why is the "switch soundpacks" (or "switch audio.xml") box greyed out?

    A: You must have a directory called SoundPacksCustom (or file called customaudio.xml) in your DFO directory with the foreign soundpacks (or custom audio.xml file) you wish to use.

    Finally, thanks to Tomato for making DFOAssist. Many features of DFO Control Panel have their origin in DFOAssist.
  2. firecraker Member

    can you help me?

    my dfo control pannel slows down my internet every time i use it is this my internet problem or the program. (when i run it directly from the browser it's fast.)
  3. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    I can't imagine why the program would be doing that. It logs you in, starts the game, and doesn't do anything with the Internet after that.
  4. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    What ever happened to that browser-less launcher with the really nice back ground for the window?
  5. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    If you mean the one with the background image of DFO art, that's old and unsupported but you can still find it on the old DFO Source thread. If you mean the one Corpsecrank was working on, he seems to have abandoned it.
  6. flamedance58 Bloodied Holster

    Corpse has also apparently abandoned DFO so don't bother hoping for anything he promised or was working on.
  7. Zacewing Creepy stalker type thing

    So, I have no F Gunner voices. Does my voicepack folder just not have them or does DFOCP not support F Gunner voicepacks yet or something?
  8. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I dont care to know how or why or for you to fix it.
    But I cant get my DFO CP TO work yet when I launch from website it's windowed mode.

    So I'm happy
  9. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    There's no reason why DFOCP would cause female gunner voices not to work. It could be that your custom soundpack doesn't have them (although I don't know why that would be the case) or it could be that the female gunner voices in your custom soundpack are somehow incompatible with DFO. What custom soundpack are you using?

    What doesn't work about it? And it makes perfect sense that launching from the website gives you windowed moded if your last attempted DFOCP launch was windowed. The way launching in windowed works is that DFOCP creates an empty directory called zo3mo4 in the DFO directory. DFO looks for that on startup (I don't really know why, someone posted that on DFOS a while ago). Manually creating the zo3m04 directory works just as well, DFOCP just makes it easier.
  10. Zacewing Creepy stalker type thing

    I'm using the Japanese voice pack. The F Gunner sound files are in the soundpack but I just don't get the voices.
  11. nihil679 New Member

    Hello, one of my friends tried to use the DFOCP with the custom soundpacks (Using the one including Thieves posted by HunterxZelos in DFO-Source), but she gets an error message that reads something like this:

    I also had her send me her DFO Control Panel settings from the AppData folder and this was also there.
    2010-06-13 12:30:02,766 DFO monitor ERROR: Switching soundpacks failed. Could not move main soundpack directory C:\Program Files\Nexon\DFO\SoundPacks to temp soundpack directory C:\Program Files\Nexon\DFO\SoundPacksOriginal. Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\Nexon\DFO\SoundPacks' is denied.

    I checked thoroughly and compared her settings with mine, but they're the exact same except for the error when trying to switch soundpacks. She is able to play fine, but the error message pops up when she tries to switch soundpacks and the English voices will be in the game. She said she put it in properly, with SoundpacksCustom folder and everything.

    Thank you in advance.
  12. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Looks like Vista (or 7?) from the screenshot. Try running as admin. Also make sure that C:\Program Files\Nexon\DFO\SoundPacksOriginal does not already exist.
  13. nihil679 New Member

    She somehow got it working when she came back from work. Thanks for the help though. Really useful thing.
  14. d4rkov4 New Member

    i have a problem with DFOCP, i cant start the game, its seem that it doesnt work for me

    here is a pic (im using aol, if there is another configuration to make before using it)

    [Image removed for your protection]

    i have the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  15. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Check any antivirus or firewall software you may be using that might be blocking DFOCP from connecting.

    I removed the image from your post for your protection because it contains your login ID and the length of your password.
  16. d4rkov4 New Member

    FAIL, didnt think about it. well im going to try everithing again

    well it works thx
  17. Tomato I am man, and also god

    Another feature request that I already have in use in my personal launcher:

    With the official launch Nexon added that really annoying (to me) news popup in the game. This is not only really annoying because it displays the same 3 random images each time, but also really buggy if you resize the DFO window or play in fullscreen mode with some Nvidia drivers under Vista/7. The way this popup works is that it overlays an iframe over the game window. Only the "border" is drawn with the ingame rendering and is part of the actual GUI. The part that bugs out is the iframe. To kill it you have to kill the process with the windowclass NEOPLE_WEB as soon as it spawns.

    Personally I would love to see this feature and I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one annoyed at that popup.
  18. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    A very late possible answer: Maybe the Japanese voice pack uses different names for the fgunner sounds. DFO uses sounds_char_gunner_f.npk and sounds_char_gunner_f_effect.npk. What does the Japense pack use for the female gunner files?

    I'm working on the next DFOCP version. Expect audio.xml switching, minimizing to tray, better logging for easier troubleshooting, and maybe more.
  19. LtDrebin New Member

    EDIT: Nevermind, found the problem. My fault.
  20. firecraker Member

    ;_; when are you going to include resize and a better UI?

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