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Rebels to Society

Discussion in 'Berserk Rage' started by Heidi, May 3, 2011.

  1. Heidi Member

    That's me. My whole personality goes against what is expected of humans
    - I am hyper
    - I like asking questions and making comments
    - I hate being left out of things
    - I hate failing
    - I hate being ignored by everybody.
    - I hate being not trusted by anybody
    - I think differently to most humans
    - I get upset when I get rejected
    - I want to be successful, but with my kind of personality it's a crime to want that

    And people hate me for it, because I'm not normal. I get left out of everything. It's not just my actions and behaviours, it's my whole personality.

    Why do we have to have such hard rules to comply to in the first place? It just sucks. I HATE SOCIETY AND I HATE MYSELF THE TWO JUST CLASH SO BADLY

    I don't entirely believe I'm a human. I believe I'm something else, though I'd have no idea what.
  2. Dice Dragon Level 46 Manzer Brodor

    Oh my dear heidi, why do you think this? You go to a decent school, and from what I can tell actually do work in group projects. People will always be catty, this isnt a problem of you, but a problem of them.
  3. Heidi Member

    A lot of my lecturers (professors) and classmates are getting more and more sick of me.

    It's like... I ask so many questions in class, and comment so much, my hyperactive personality makes me struggle to shut up, and due to the fact that normal people only occasionally say stuff, I dominate class discussions as well, which gets people all weirded out by me.

    I got kicked off a club committe that I was on (only 2 people left on it now), because of what I'm like

    And I am not allowed to be a tutor, where as most of my postgraduate friends are. Which is really tough to be the rejected one.

    So yeah, obviously I'm not too happy about anything anymore.
  4. MelodyInsanity {The Unimaginative Title}

    Odd, every single criteria there meets me too. Except I don't care whether people judge me. Actually, I like the judging. Feels refreshing.
  5. Heidi Member

    The reason I hate it is because it gets in the way of my life goals. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't care.

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