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Ranger Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by 2bninja, May 10, 2010.

  1. Ring "...that's my role."

        M : Mach Kick, Cancel – Mach Kick

         1 : M-137 Gatling Gun, Flamethrower, BBQ

    what? lol
  2. TheHolyGuy Member

    I think he didn't see my updated build
  3. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    personally don't think there are enough skill slots for headshot, but that's just my preference
  4. Thuvian Member

    Occasional mention is made about kick based Ranger builds, but I haven't seen anyone go into their experiences in very much detail. Anyone willing to share their experiences with one?

    Ultimately I'm looking into the viability of a PVE Hand Cannon Only Female Ranger focusing on Kicks. Kick damage is percentage and fixed (the percentage component is generally larger) so it should scale well, especially given how much percentage damage there is. With a heart piercing ring and the Female gunner passives, enemies should be bleeding all of the time which will add additional damage. This may be sufficient to increase Ranger PVE status from needs a +12 weapon to not bad, but I don't have enough experience to say.
  5. Archie Mexocan

    If you ask me, kick builds are pretty gimmicky. Ultimately, our cubes that don't happen to be kicks, will be something you'll want to use once in a while.

    Death hawk is too much to pass up, heheh
  6. Thuvian Member

    Death Hawk did look pretty good. Does work with Hand Cannons (it didn't say it didn't, but Nexon documentation is lacking)? I was considering adding it. Unfortunately the prerequisite levels into Multiple Head Shot would be wasted due to using a Hand Cannon (unless I'd go with a musket for MHS, which gets into multigun build territory).
  7. Gloomy dicks

    MHS isn't all that. It's probably the least useful attack Rangers get for PvE. I guess Fem's is better. It's just filler though, not something you should prioritize. Don't worry too much over it.
  8. Archie Mexocan

    It's your main boss killer move though.
  9. Gloomy dicks

    All Ranger skills are boss killers though! I would rather focus on improving my dungeon run time than my boss killing time-- after all using it or not will not determine whether you kill the boss, it will only affect how fast you do it, and only marginally at that.

    I would max out another shooting skill, since you're using HC, they should still hit pretty damn hard, and still be "melee."
  10. RawrBomb New Member

    How does this build look? It's for PvE. Lack of Backstep/Cancel is assuming Priest Patch.


    I chose not to get Physical Crit because Sharp Eye potions should suffice, and I plan on a full Spinal Leather Set for a base crit rate of 30%+ if I'm feeling cheap.

    Then there's this build:


    I leave Wild Shot and Death Hawk at their min levels (5 Wild Shot and 1 Death Hawk) because I dunno if the few extra percent of damage per level is worth leveling when I could get other skills.

    Then I can possibly turn the build into something more PvP oriented like so. Max nades and a 15 Rising Shot should be troll worthy:

  11. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Max MHS, Lower Scud to 1. You should be aiming for %skills rather than kicks, i.e Air Raid, Windmill.

    I would personally prefer something like this: http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/...bxJbuWjuKhuLfuTbuFsuSbvBbuUbwKkuPjwWnuJlwBiwO but of course that's assuming you can afford an outstanding weapon. I never really find that you truely *need* windmill or airraid since your y-axis can be covered by all of your cubes and considering you won't be able to launch the boss anyways, it's fairly useless.

    You might be able to use your current planned build in PvP, but you'll be subpar at best, probably low tier without maxed revenger/mach kick. You'll probably have to rely quite abit on cube cding. With my build, you'll be great at PvE but horrible in PvP, but then again, I rather excel at one than be mediocre at both.
  12. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    why do people hate mach kick
    why does no one believe in a hybrid kick/gun build
    i mean if you're getting triple clutch you might as well max out mach kick
    and holy shit leave air raid at 1, only good for escaping in pve
    and scud genocide sucks, most enemies drop too fast, if the floor stomp misses then you're in for a world of pain from some gay boss like borodin, other cube skills are far more useful.
    either way, getting more sp with priest patch, so a max melee/cube build is possible
    also crit set sucks, get vile beast until you can afford quicksilver
  13. Skyson Let's rock.

    I'm too lazy to quote posts, but it looks like a lot of different info was tossed around here.

    I built, like, a ton of Rangers. I had 6 at one point, but deleted four of them. Now I have one Male Ranger built for PvE and one female Ranger built for PvP. I don't level my Female anymore so I won't bother with her build, but my Male right now is 45 and I'm active on him again, so here's his build.

    Male Ranger, PvE, Revolver/Cannon hybrid. http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/?class=ranger#160:vWt9Pb0TbuDfuGb0UbuHfwGbxKbuWjuKbuLk9LkuFsuIbvBbvHbxLbuUbvKbwKkuPjwWnuJlwBiwOb

    I make a lot of weird choices. I really don't like BBQ for PvE. I would get it if it didn't have a pre-req of Jack Spike 5 and Gatling 1. I left Jack at 1, so getting BBQ would be an investment of an additional 125 SP. For a grab that doesn't grab superarmor? No thanks, I think I'll be fine with Punisher. Anything else about my build looking weird is mainly personal preference.

    I absolutely love the Cannon/Revolver combo. Cannon is amazing for mobs with its 100% piercing shots, and maxed Fastest Gun lets you draw a cannon fast enough to push back mobs and backstep a lot to control mobs together. A guaranteed 100% piercing Western Fire on an approaching mob is just a beautiful thing with maxed Headshot, really. Wiping out a whole mob in one shot just feels satisfying. Revolver is supremely better for 1v1 situations, mainly bosses. This is majorly due to the access of Multi Headshot, imo a Ranger's best damaging skill on a single target. Sharp Eye Potions, maxed Critical Hit passive, and maxed Death by Revolver, pushing out King's-level damage with a simple revolver.

    I'm not the richest around and I've been rolling pretty mediocre gear. I'm currently using a +7 Midel Matig (lv45 blue) and a +0 Brann Pillar (lv45 blue cannon) and doing pretty fine. My armor is bad for now, Chestpiece/Legguards/Boots of the Stalker and the Shoulder/Belt for the lv50 2-piece +Strength sets, which I plan on using at 50 'cause I'm too poor for the Quicksol Set. Q_Q Still, even without OP gear, I've been doing fine for the most part. Solo'd Shadow Labyrinth on Master's, and wanting to get to 46 to be able to run the higher up places.

    After I awaken him or later, I plan on making a pure Hand Cannon Ranger. I honestly think Hand Cannons are the way to go from 18-25. The piercing is just way too good for mob control when low-level Pan Revolver makes Revolver piercing pretty garbage. :eek:
  14. RawrBomb New Member

    Well for me I don't plan on being able to get a +11 gun anytime soon, hence the plan of maxing Win-mill and Air Raid. As for PvP build, I had no idea it's subpar/low tier with the build I'm using; they seemed like a class that don't need stuns and can just pew pew to victory. I wonder when they will give the option of a dual build so I can take up a PvP build without gimping myself in PvE.

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