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Ranger Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by 2bninja, May 10, 2010.

  1. 2bninja Get high on life

    Lets discuss rangers!

    [inb4 archie]
  2. Jay Garden of Eden.

    Hi. I play a musket Ranger.
  3. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    I made a ranger, hit 25, got headshot, fired a headshot, made a facepalm then quitted the ranger >.>.
  4. 2bninja Get high on life

    Got to lvl 40, got wild shot, killed a guy in just one wild and one multi,
    face palmed and never uses cubes again.
  5. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Hmm I wonder if max silver is worth it in pvp, esp with a decent weapon, 43% more damage per shot would be quite gay.
  6. Archie Mexocan

    It's magic damage, rangers don't get much INT per level, so silver bullet damage would suck.

    You're much better off putting SP into combo-starting skills like grenade.

    But you're welcome to test it out, be sure to post what you think of PvPing with a troll level of silver bullet
  7. Divine Supreme Dictator

    I'm actually quite interested in testing this, guess I'll be contacting my friend with a WPE soon.
  8. RawrBomb New Member

    How long do I have suffer with dealing piddly damage per shot starting from advancing my gunner to a Ranger (now level 20), to until when I can start kicking ass and taking names like the 9001 Ranger videos I've seen on Youtube where they shred shyt up like a hot knife through butter? Seeing 100-150 per shot makes me go in my head "Is the monster dead yet?" over and over.
  9. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Until you get a +12 & your cubes.
  10. Jay Garden of Eden.

    It's pretty much going to suck until you get to level 35, after that it starts to get better.
  11. RawrBomb New Member

    I don't have teh funds for a +12 anything. +10 at the most, maybe +11 depending on my luck. :<
  12. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Leech off your party and pretend you're doing more than chipping away at stuff until you get your cubes. It's however possible to use a cannon and have decent leveled kicks and spam them.
  13. Archie Mexocan

    Or you could go farm at a noob dungeon, saves you the shame of leeching off people and giving rangers a bad name
  14. Ring "...that's my role."

    grrrr ... wrote responses for these posts and the forums went down -_- gonna summarize ...

    there's always alternatives, muskets ( multi gun ) , cannon ( have to have some experience with a ranger ), a kick or hybrid build for revolvers I'm not going to work on a build or post unless you tell me you;re not quitting your ranger

    @ facepalmers

    lol ninja

    clutch>headshot at early levels

    but yeah when you get your cubes you'll have some nice boss killer skills.

    I currently have lvl 21 windmill ( avatar +) and the damage is pretty good, I could have lvl 22 with the gust draft boots but I use Vile Beast set for PVE and assaulter for pvp ...anyways I say u can go for a revolver hybrid build and do very well you don;t have to worry about purple revovlers! They are all over the place with Epic quests. I'm currently using a lvl 46 indomable midel +10. which is better damage than a +10 Rude boy jack, the money saved buying one I spent upgrading. ( I got to +10 on my second run of trying.)
  15. SpyydeR A Sharp Blunt Object.


    Male ranger, or female ranger? got tired of my spit at lvl 22 and dont want to play it anymore, and ranger looks like the most fun gunner class i guess.
  16. Ring "...that's my role."

    spit fires are really boring at low lvls and from 30 to 35 after that, if u wanna do good you burn morepots than a ranger but less cubes :l

    I think it's like this:

    F ranger : stronger kicks, weaker gun slinging skills ( for example wild hsot doign 50% dmg at lvl 1 instead of 100 % like M gunners) their awakening passive bossts their kicking skills

    M rangers: stronger gun slinging skills

    Personally I'm making both and a F launcher later, I like rangers that much.

    at the first levels your main damage might come from clutching and what not unless you buy some purple revovlers at lower lvls. You'll start to really feel the melee at lvl 25 and 30 you get to manouver more , at 35 you'll start being OP'ed and hated and a boss killer. Death hawk is one awesome boss killer too.

    If you use gun gaurd alot, you'll start to miss it whe nyou play other gunners D: !
  17. Divine Supreme Dictator

    Hmm I'm currently debating how viable maxed mach kick is for PVP at Lvl60 cap. Currently maxed @ our cap is great with 25% stun rate, but when the cap raises to 60, mach's stun level is still capped at 53 (Lvl20 skillwise). Of course you need around 10 to make sure someone doesn't walk out of triple clutch, but does it warrant 250 more sp to max? Kdnf/Senki rangers generally have it at max at lvl60 cap, but I'm wondering whether it's purely for damage instead of stun. Also CDSMG has his at lv5 at 50 cap, but I'm guessing he's planning for 60 instead of the lack of sp, but of course this is purely based on speculation. I am planning to max mine on my alt ranger (acquiredhope) and resetting when 60s rolls around if Lvl20 mach proves to be a poor option, but I'm waiting to see before passing judgment.
  18. Represented New Member

    Got to Glad 2 at Lv.27 and I got bored. I dun laik training up to 50.

    Anyways, my build: o_o
  19. Divine Supreme Dictator

    CDSMG's build with a bit of guess work. Most of the stats were taken from his Vilmark vid and the rest involved a little bit of guess work, and it's a revolver oriented PvP build.

    My guesstimate of his build : CDSMG - Lv50 Ranger build

    His build can be seen in the first portion of the vid under the skillbars.
  20. liveordie56 New Member

    on a female ranger, should top spin kick and sonic spike be maxed for pvp? right now on my build, i have top spin at 10 and sonic spike at 5, should i definitely raise these? and how useful is death by revolver on the female ranger?

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