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PvP Ranger Build Help

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by IceIceIce, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. IceIceIce New Member

    I currently have a ranger and plan to make it for PvP. I've heard of multi-gun builds as well as revolver builds. It seems all the pros use multi-gun builds so I made my skill build for multi-guns. However, I'm only lvl 25 and can change my build to make it revolver at the moment. Can somebody explain to me which could be better? I didn't use some SP in my skill build because I just wanted to leave some space in.

  2. ゴド Atomyk Ebonpyre

    revolver builds have more damage in pvp until you meet someone with a steel wrist guard
    multigun builds are more versatile in dealing with opponents, and offers more sp for other skills like bots
  3. IceIceIce New Member

    With a multi-gun ranger build, do people use revolvers along with another gun or two non-revolver guns or is both possible? Can people recommend some gun pairings?
  4. Archie Mexocan

    Revolvers is for burst damage and punishing combo's because DbR is sex

    Muskets are for poking for having the longest range of all guns, a good alternative from revolvers if you went multigun.

    Autoguns for draw speed, if you went multigun

    Handcannons for power (and kiting), but I've seen some videos of handcannons being used as pretty good combo weapons.

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