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PvP Nen Master Discussion

Discussion in 'Fighter' started by Merryem, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Merryem Trollololol

    Because Nen Master's Flow don't cut it.

    Anyone know any hax combo's that are do-able at level 40?

    My best one is pretty much tornado kick -> cancel into kick -> xxxx-> muse -> dash x + dash x -> muse -> (if Energy Shield here, go below) or dash x + dash x + dash x -> muse -> TGS-> cancel into suplex, explo. dopple trap -> lion's roar if Energy Shield was not used (for stun) or, you can take a risk and tornado in for another combo.

    If Energy is used; run for your lyfe~ it's hitstun is terrible!
  2. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Check out my pvp guide haz combos T^T
  3. Merryem Trollololol


    90% of the combos start with TGS...

    When TGS actually hits: when the person is stupid enough to run into the range of a Fighter's dash attack.

    I see some hax grapplers use hammer kick -> xxxxsuplex. That be good?
  4. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    or your just bad at aiming TCS? 0.o
    You think I would put em in if they dont happen derp derp.

    You watch me play, I do hit TCS 0.o
  5. Nirvanasa Grape Drank....

    Blueish Strikers ftw.

    but anyways, why do you PvP with a nen?
  6. Merryem Trollololol

    They usually never happen -sob-
    When it does happen is in Explosive dopple. pretty much only time.
    Other then that, I get jack-spiked/mused/super armored when chasing. :/

    Explosive Dopple :D
    Energy Shield
    Spiral Nen
    Tiger Flash
    Resemblance to Chun Lee
  7. Merryem Trollololol

    Just HAVE to DoublePost

    Now that I'm done trolling~


    Backstep. Faster Nen Shot, Casting Speed Time is Hax.

    How on earth do we maximize the proness?

    Btw, found and battled a level 50-something exo named ExoNoob. Hero 1. He whooped my ass. Now, I'm scared of Exorcists.. forever. QQ
  8. Midekai New Member

    So with the priest patch finally having hit the US servers, I've been contemplating respecing my PVP/PVE hybrid nen master to straight PVP.
    With the impending skill reset coming on the 20th, plus the new free skills and cheaper cancels we get, it can make the Arad Society skill builder site thingie feel a bit like blind planning since the SP costs are now somewhat different.

    Despite this, I wanted answers about the build I created anyway. This build was made using my instinct playing the game and personal experience ever since I started playing.

    I really wanted to know what I should de-level and what I should add or raise of course. Hopefully without being flamed :3
    Thanks in advance.


    I also know I can take the higher ranked players words repliably....and hopefully that won't seem like d*ck riding :D
  9. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Your build is different. But maybe that's because that's how you like it?
    So dont take all my advice personally like your wrong.
    Keep what you want.

    But first off I have to say dont get the awakening passive because for the SP it's not worth the tiny change in it.
    max Doppelganger blast....Hmmm..If thats what you want. I would think better damage output if you put into energy shield or Tiger flash :(
    Random level of T.Supplex...Usually max or nothing and usually not used in PvP without Max spirals which usually is bad in PvP since you can only use 2 instead of 4...Get my point? :p
    Crushing Fist, ey, I dont think you can combo after dat.
    I dont reccommend low kick personally.
    hammer kick testing as we speak, so far it seems not worth it also even tho it is al ittle bit of SP.
    Neck snap = <3 , should think about it. ( oh you do have )
    Max anicement memory...nice to have, but more of a PVe move in my opinonnn.
  10. Merryem Trollololol


    Uhh Awakening Passive.. leave it at level1.. Also honestly, level 6 RLD? Not really sure about that. However, its not my choice. Max Dopple is fine, Nen Guard just a bit too high for PvP. Suplex thunder level 8... max or level 1. No Ancient Memory. Ancient Memory = Corner Queen Skill. I'm not too fond of Low Kick either; not enough time for you to low kick + set up dopple. Crushing Fist? .. not really good w/o cancel IMO. Its a good poke though, fine by me, but 60SP is just a bit expensive.
  11. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    RLD level 6 is fine, better then fine, perfect, RLD hitstuns, I also have it maxed as of yesterday.
  12. Midekai New Member

  13. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I reccommend adding tiger chain strike.

    And I hope you realize you'll have some sp leftover from the free skills like backstep.

    And I also hope your build takes out your 2 main damage burst skills from cubes.
  14. GreenTea New Member

    I was pvping with some people today, and they said "comparing someone to Golbez or Streamfist is an insult".

  15. Merryem Trollololol


  16. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Yet they knew my name.
    That says alot.
  17. GreenTea New Member

    well streamfist is a house hold name now
  18. Merryem Trollololol

    I c wat u did thare!
  19. Midekai New Member

    Yeah, I already said I knew that there would be SP left over in my first post :B
    And what do you mean it'll take out my 2 main damage burst skills from cubes? o.o Arena balance or something at work?
  20. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Behavior wise possibly. Or it might be retarded people who are convicned your supposed to play like a turtle or its wrong.
    I've had people tell my asura I shouldn't combo because thats what weapon masters do. [IMG]

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