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PvP FemLauncher: planning for 60 Post-Priest Patch

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by FenixStryk, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. FenixStryk Member

    Having build problems, going to the forums.

    IIRC, the following changes are made for Female Launchers after Priest Patch:
    -Needle Sobat and Grenade are free.
    -Backstep + Cancel is free.
    -Marilyn Rose Cancel is free.
    -Rising Shot Cancel reduced to 10 SP.

    (^If anything is wrong with that, it'll throw the whole thread off; tell me if it's wrong)

    I am left at a crossroads: 50 SP to spend with nothing else desired. Here is the build:

    (^AradSociety's Female Launcher calc won't allow awakenings; subbing in Male)

    61 SP is left in the above build; 10 of it is going into Rising Cancel. That leaves 50 SP.
    50 SP allows for the following choices for this specific build:
    -A Cancel (more specifically: Flamethrower, Steyr, Cannon Ball or Laser)
    -Another point into Laser, and a 20 SP skill (Leap, Windmill or a passive)

    Quite frankly, I don't need any of this. I don't see any value in the above cancels or the potential 20 SP skills available. While I will most likely go the +1 Laser & 1 Leap route, I don't see Leap as being terribly useful for me.

    I'd like advice on what moves to pick up with the remaining 50 SP. I very, very rarely use X attacks, so justification for one of the above cancels will need to be substantial.

    If it means anything, the simpler combo I expect to perform with this build is Rose X-Rising X-Rose BBQ Steyr, C-Ball on wake-up into X-Rising Spriggan Sobat

    Thanks in advance,
  2. ArtSlay _________________________

    Pvp build?

    Back up land runner need to be maxed, it's about your only protection when someone gets close.

    Passive maxed? You only have 2-3atks maxed to take full advantage of it(I'm assuming it's a multiplier), one of which is mainly used for tap n release(fire pillar), so only skills really benefits from it are styer and laser. Would be maxed lastly if I have spare SP, really.

    BBQ cancel is needed. Pick them off the ground when you somehow knock them down and start a juggle, instead of a lol mach kick.

    Flame thrower is recommended to be maxed. It OTG naturally, does insane damage, and has a low cool down. Best low tire sub weapon IMO.

    F launcher really lacks everything except damage in pvp, so get so much utility possible basically.
  3. FenixStryk Member

    Hmm... I had completely forgotten about Backup Land Runner up until this very moment. To even be able to afford it would require me to cut a huge chunk out of something.

    My current build on Live is a bit tight, so there's not much I can shuffle around without gimping something. The only reasonable choices are have are Eagle Eye (leave it at 5), Laser (leave it at 5), or Overload (don't get it). I'm not fond of losing any of those...

    I don't use Eagle Eye much, so I can lower that to 5, but I'll still need to cut more to cover the remaining SP cost. Since Steyr is an important part of both my poking and my combos, and since I actually use the full duration of Fire Pillar, it looks like Laser is the odd one out.

    With all of the above in mind, I suspect this will be the build I go with:


    EDIT: Secret Land Runner (50 SP) has a different SP cost from Backup Land Runner (30 SP), so use your imagination again and assume it's maxed in the above build (50 x 3 = 30 x 5 = 150 SP spent).

    I'm a little hesitant, but I think this is an improvement. Any other suggestions?

    Also, to cover the other two suggestions: it's rare that I'll ever use Flamethrower over Cannon Ball or as a poke, and I can sub in Spriggan or Rose Cancel to cover my BBQ needs. I just don't see the need for pursuing either beyond what I already have for them.
  4. Gloomy dicks

    bad idea

    My two cents: Keep laser maxed if you're not planning to be a cancel launcher. The damage is great and Thrower>Pillar>Steyr>Laser is bnb for zoning launchers.
  5. ArtSlay _________________________

    BBQ cancel is a must, spriggan and marilyn can't substitute, reason will be covered V

    Flame thrower =/= cannon ball. While they might be similar as they both cover a decent area in front of you, they are used very differently.

    When cannon ball lands, it knock people down, now if you don't have BBQ cancel, your only option is to spriggan and let go. Where as if you had BBQ cancel, you can walk up, x cancel BBQ, and combo a good chunk of hp out of your best poke.

    Flame thrower hitsstuns instead of knock down when hit. The higher the level, the higher the hitstun. Level 10 completely immobilize most classes, level 15 should make even a striker immobilized. This gives you time to align to your target, follow up with whatever combo you have. And that's not the best thing about it, the fact it OTGs make it godly. It's our version of floor spam, great damage too.

    You might wanna pick up topspin and needle sobat too, priceless melee abilities.
  6. Gloomy dicks

    I wouldn't max Fire Pillar for PvP.
  7. FenixStryk Member

    Long from now, I may purchase an SP Reset just to pull this off.

    After Priest Patch hits, the SP I get refunded from Sobat and Rose/Rising Cancel can be dumped into Overheat and Aerial Fire. It's a win/win scenario for that build.

    Maybe someday....
  8. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    < Jealous. That build would be so awesome but not that great i think.
  9. FenixStryk Member

    Looked over the numbers and decided to make a few more changes (edited into my previous post). At this point, there's no way to fix my current build; I'd need an SP Reset to get everything.

    Fire Pillar isn't worth the investment after all. The difference in move speed between 1 and 16 is only 16% in PvP; nowhere near enough to justify the 400+ SP spent on it, especially when Thrower tap => Pillar tap => Steyr => Laser does more damage than Thrower tap => full L16 Pillar.

    Max BBQ is something I'm very seriously considering. A full L20 BBQ does more damage than Laser; something as simple as Rose X-Rising X-Rose X-BBQ Steyr would reach gravity before the BBQ even hits... adding what is essentially Laser+Steyr to the end of it would do over 50%.

    Other than that, the changes of picking up BBQ Cancel and Backup Land Runner are very appealing.

    I took almost all of the advice given to me after all. Thanks a bunch, everyone.
  10. Gloomy dicks

    But mostly me
  11. ArtSlay _________________________

    Looks good, except I'd level up flame thrower over laser for pvp anyday. Laser is only a zoning tool for me, while flame thrower starts combo, ends combo, zones and does tons of damage.
  12. Gloomy dicks

    I'd say they're both about the same in terms of importance. I would prefer laser though.
  13. FenixStryk Member

    TBH, I don't use either of them as much as I do my other sub-weapons. The aftercast delay from a full Thrower (where the damage shines) limits it only to game-enders and mid-range OTGs; also, using a full Thrower prevents you from setting up C-Ball wake-up combos. Meanwhile, Laser's only useful for ultra long-range poking and as a follow-up to Steyr.

    Neither screams out to me as the clear winner.
  14. Gloomy dicks

    Laser is the only follow up you have to a standing Steyr. Whereas Flamethrower does what it needs to do at the minimum level. There's usefulness to be gained from leveling Flamethrower for sure, but there's a lot to be lost by having a crappy laser. Being able to follow up Steyr with a good Laser is important.
  15. FenixStryk Member

    If it means anything, Laser is what I dumped my free SP into in my last build. I manual Flamethrower (so I use it less than I should) and it already does good damage at 5, so maxing it isn't very attractive at this point.

    EDIT: Shiny... but not shiny enough to replace Satoko in my sig.

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