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PvP Female Launcher - would like a little build advice

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by Heidi, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Heidi Member

    I havn't been able to PvP on her for awhile, but I'd really like to get her build sorted for when I can. Female launchers are a bit of a pain in PvP, though I still enjoy it and aren't doing any serious PvP on her. Just playing around and having fun :p

    This is the build I have so far


    - My main combo is probably rose -> rising -> rose -> BBQ -> Steyr (So a real pain if there is lag)
    - I have no interest in putting any more points into laser, it's high damage, but such a pain to combo into and actually hit with that I think it'd be a waste of SP
    - Can't stand Cannon Ball
    - I fail to see the point of Hand Cannon mastery when you don't xxx much in PvP.
    - While some say lancer is bad, I'm really liking it with 1 point in it. It does great damage and has some y axis attack. I had a look on the wiki and it seems to scale pretty well. However, has it been nerfed after priest patch? If it hasn't, then I'm seriously considering maxing it. It's not too hard to combo into either.
    - Flamethrower is the other skill I am thinking about investing more SP in, as it OTG's. However, I dunno how much I'd need it considering I already am maxing steyr. I guess flamethrower has some y axis attack.
    - I am not a cancel launcher

    I'm probably going to be looking into finding NZ opponents to PvP against so that I don't have as much lag.

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