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Priest Patch coming soon.

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by Stream, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Witch patch too?
  2. Deus flyingdogg

  3. Ring "...that's my role."


    This December :ice tiger left:
  4. Greg Space Cowboy

    My body is ready.
  5. Ring "...that's my role."

    All oiled up with Weapon Oil? :trollface:
  6. Ridureyu Old Man

    Nice pic. Used photoshop?
  7. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    lol, that is serious and on the dfo front page ^^;;
  8. Ridureyu Old Man

    You photoshopped the dfo front page.
  9. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Ahh, you got me Ridureyu.
  10. Ring "...that's my role."

    This man speaks truth with his aasian emotes ^0^
  11. RawrBomb New Member

    Only one video can express my happiness.

  12. Ring "...that's my role."


    also from facebook

    "Dungeon Fighter Online: The Priest seems to be heading off somewhere. Maybe he finally took Gunner's advice and is going somewhere to get a hair cut. Hippie."
  13. Archie Mexocan

    Fuck yes!

    Watch me faceroll through places even harder.
  14. TheHolyGuy Member

    Can't wait for musougeki and legion of shikigami
  15. AiNoMinako Poke Poke Poke

    they forgot that he dyes it brown tooooo
  16. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    Aww I'll miss the manly Jesus look :(
  17. RawrBomb New Member

    I heard they give priests free avatars to look like their old selves with the patch. :trollface:
  18. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    That would be bomb RawrBomb lol.

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