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Post VIII Update DNF Avatar Changing

Discussion in 'DFO Modding' started by caveman1097, May 2, 2011.


    It's all good. :)
    But, I might have some trouble getting the whole ImagePack2 since my friends dad won't let him use his laptop. Might take a while, unless we really don't need the whole ImagePack2.

    Also, will it be impossible to extract the Thief avatars when it comes out?
  2. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    Sorry this reply took so long, for some reason I didn't get a message telling me there was a post on this thread.
    However, if I remember correctly we have had the files within that Imagepacks 2 folder for the thief for sometime now including before the town invasion update. I remember going through it to see that along with the outer world dungeons before town invasion and ranting about it to my guild :p so we should be good as long as your able to get the imagepacks 2 folder. Either way I am sure that some will release the DNF avatar files for the thief once we are able to use them in game. ^_^

    Well, I can't get the ImagePack2 anymore because my friend said that his dad deleted everything that was on that laptop. His dad's a dick. =/
  4. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    Don't sweat over it. We still have the DNF files to use and the DFO exclusive ones aren't that great either way. ;)
  5. The1Flame New Member

    I can't get it to work. Any avatars that I hide stay hidden, but any ones I replace revert back once I go into a dungeon/pvp. And yes I deleted the resource files.
  6. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    can you be a bit more specific with by including details such as: the character type you have (slayer,gunner,etc.), the avatar you have at the moment (its exact name), and the avatar you are replacing over it with (its exact name as well) and I will see what I can do to help ya ^_^
  7. The1Flame New Member

    Mage. Will a screenshot/item names be suffice or will you need the exact filename for each?
  8. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    if you can provide a screenshot of the names that would be excellent but if you want you can just type the names
  9. The1Flame New Member

    So you need the Item names, not the file names right?
    Mintai's Brown Hair(mg_hair4300a.img) to mg_hair3200a.img (not in game as far as I know, but its in the files)
    Hiding mg_hair4300b.img
    Mintai's White Rabbit Fur Trousers to mg_pants5400a.img (think they are called blue workout shorts, I left out the socks)
    Hiding the shoes (Mintai's White Fur Warmers)
    Mintai's White Rabbit Fur Coat to blue kitty hoddie

    The result:

  10. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    I see what the problem is here. Thanks for a quick reply by the way before I start, always nice to get stuff out of the way fast ^_^.
    If I am correct then this is the avatar you want to use.
    If so I am sorry to say that from the collective knowledge we have you wont be able to, at least not from the english avatar set.
    :emoticon_npcskillicBut don't worry for there is a solution:emoticon_npcskillic
    Instead of using the english avatar to replace your avatar set piece use the DNF files that I have listed on the main thread.
    I personally tried this with the hair avatar and it worked as can be seen in this picture.
    The file name of "mg_hair3200a.img" remains the same even on the DNF avatar list so it shouldn't be hard to find.
    Although I should mention that when you import an avatar from the DNF avatar list it takes quite a bit of space so you may have to hide a couple avatars.
    After you put it in make sure to delete your imagepack 3 folder resources again and then start up the game, it should work after that. ^_^

    Hey I found the NPC sprites.
    Location: C:\Nexon\DFO\ImagePacks2\sprite_map_npc.NPK
    But, do you know how to get the sprite pictures and edit them so I can replace the old NPC sprites?
    When I tried to save the picture of the NPC sprites, it saids "the output path does not exist, please comfirm".
  12. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    great job finding the NPCs file you were looking for, as for the output directory you may not have it fixed to a location that can be found by your computer.
    the boxed area is your output path just for reference. Try switching it to the desktop or an easily findable location that isn't hidden or locked.
    Hope that helps ^_^

    Thanks! ^^ Guess I could work on some animations now I got the sprites.
  14. I've been trying to hide the witch's belt on my mage character, but the game keeps showing it for some reason. Here's what happens:

    Okay, so I've found the belt sprite! I'm using a .NPK file that predates the town invasion patch.

    Now it's time to hide it.

    Looks good! I fixed the size too.[IMG]

    Okay, deleted everything in ImagePacks3

    So everything should be working now, right? Well, I log in the game and find this:

    Darn it, the belt is still there :(

    What am I doing wrong?
  15. The1Flame New Member

    It doesn't work that way. You have to get the replacement file from a pre-invasion .npk. Taking a random mage avatar from the DNF files in the OP and replacing the witch belt with them, THEN hiding the files I just added worked flawlessly for me.
  16. Well, I did exactly as you said; I took a mage avatar from one of the DNF files and replaced the entire witch.img with them, and then hid the whole thing. It still didn't work...

    You have to take out the ImagePack3 because it thinks the original is still in there. Once you took that off, log in and then log off, then log in again. Then the ImagePack3 will appear back in your DFO folder and will think that the Witch belt is invisible.
  18. I deleted the ImagePacks3 folder and tried again. I logged in and got to the server select screen, then logged out. Upon logging in again, once I got to the character select screen, the ImagePacks3 folder was recreated and the NMF file was downloaded again. It still doesn't work.

    Oh well, I guess it's just impossible on my computer or something...
  19. caveman1097 Here to help ya guys ^_^

    Sorry to take so long for a post here, however I do have a definitive solution to your problem.
    1. Locate the file of the avatar you wish to hide
    2. Create a blank image using any image editor/creator such as paint
    This is what you will be saving. A completely blank picture of any size.
    *Side note* Try to make the extension of the file ".img" I am not sure if this really affects anything or not but it is always good to be safe
    3.Replace your target file with the blank file
    *Side note* Change the type of files you are looking for from .img to all files

    When you replace the file you should get a message on the extractor saying "game data file format is incorrect" which won't harm anything
    4.Fill the extractor back to original size
    5.Delete the resources in imagepacks 3 folder
    6.Start DFO
    7.Laugh at my bald mage result from doing this ^_^
    Hope this helps ya LikeLikeAtemyshield. :)
  20. Unfortunately that still didn't work! I'm beginning to wonder if there's another copy of the witch belt sprite in a different .npk or something. Does hiding or replacing witch.img in sprite_character_mage_equipment_growtype.NPK work for anyone else?

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