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Discussion in 'Guild Advertising' started by GrapplerBot, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. GrapplerBot New Member

    GMs: Grapplerbot, Buffering, iSpawn

    Are you a sad and lonely panda? Do you need a home? Well hop aboard the PandaXpress and make your way to friendship! We’re a new guild, but growing fast!
    Myself (GrapplerBot) and my good friends Dallas (Buffering) and Nicole (iSpawn/Acidtracks) wanted to have a guild where we could hang out and have someone to talk to. Since we couldn’t find the perfect guild, we made one ourselves!

    Who is welcome?
    Almost anyone! If you’re active and fun we can use you.

    ~We do reserve the right to turn down your application for whatever reason. It's rare and we won't do it unless several of our members in good standing specifically request that you not be let in. So far it's only happened once, but just be aware that there is a very small possibility that you will be turned down.

    How do I apply?
    There are several ways. You can try to whisper one of us and we’ll send you an invite, or you can use the handy dandy guild application board and we’ll let you in. Using the guild board is the fastest and easiest way to join the guild.
    Also, all our senior members can invite, so you can ask them if need be.
    Please note that if you just send me a mail, I can't add you from there. You have to be online and I have to be able to click on your name (like on a whisper) to add you directly. I cannot add from mails or PMs.

    Are there any rules?

    Even though we’re pretty laid back, we do have some basic rules. First of all we ask that you do not flamebait or antagonize a guildmate. If a GM asks you do stop doing something and you persist, you will first be demoted to a recruit. This will remove your EXP/Stat guild bonuses until we give it back. Repeated offenses will result in a kick from the guild.

    We hope you join us!

    Current Stats:
    Level 14
    270/300 members



    Guild YT Playlist: Clicky

    Originally Posted by Acidtracks
    If anyone in-guild needs quest materials, holler at me!:>


    GrapplerBot (LVL70)

    NenBot, BrawlerBot, StrikerBot, SpeedKicks, Shawtgun

    Buffering (LVL51)

    Compose, Vamplisto, Benefit, Reproduction

    iSpawn (LVL70)

    Acidtracks, iScrap, BoomBoomP0W, iAFK, iTaint


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