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Orly. -.-

Discussion in 'Berserk Rage' started by Merryem, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Merryem Trollololol

    So I was a level 20 Nen Master PvPing a 2 level 26. One was a SUPER pro SPitfire, knows all her stuff, and I asked her why and she replied "I used to have a level 46 one, but quit it".
    The other one was.. all armoed but only okay. Not very good.
    The first one I lost to, she had good armor, but it was a GG, amazed by her skills, later she trained me :D
    Second one was an a-hole. I said "gg" at the end and then even though he won, started shouting at me for being all cheap and getting up in his space. What am I supposed to do as a fighter, spam nen shot all day? OF COURSE I GOTTA GO CLOSE. So he asks for a rematch, and I'm like "fine by me" and this is what he does: run around. EVERYWHERE. occasionally he would come and topspin me and then run. And then after he won by time, he was like "serves you right noob" and leaves. THen the spitfire, my now-friend, starts complaining about him along with me.
    Just felt like RAGEing out :3 Thanks for listening :trollface:
  2. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    I'm gonna necro this someday. But seriously [IMG]
  3. Merryem Trollololol

    Have fun
    When you do I'll flame you for necroing this thread and be like "thread necromancer" etc.
  4. Divine Supreme Dictator

    So I was a level 20 Nen Master PvPing

    There's your problem. [IMG]
  5. Merryem Trollololol

    Nice avatar mocking Stream o,o
    I don't see any problem with Nen Master PvPing. >_>
  6. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    There isn't anything wrong with a Nen Master PVPing. It's just that people tend to hate Nen Masters for spamming Nen Shot, Nen Guard, ect, ect. Or am I missing the point?

    But yeah, it's hilarious how people most people that whine about anything are the same people that run around on the map waiting for cooldowns. Because [insert attack or something here] is SO wrong, but running around waiting for [insert attack or something here]'s cooldown is A OK. Or am I missing the point again?
  7. Merryem Trollololol

    You are not missing the point at all. You are spot on about what I am RAGEing about. D:<
  8. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Howd you know that avatar is me :(
    IHU Divine.

    You seriously need to level up though.
    Your doppels dont even explode, thats sadface.

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