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(Old) Epics and Epics users HELP!

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by hustlinluke, May 17, 2011.

  1. hustlinluke New Member

    Hi, im building this new website, Dungeon Fighter Loot, wich will regroup all current loots this game has to offer, with a Search Engine. And i have some problems translating the (Old) Epic and current Epic items in this game.

    Anyone who has these items, please take a screenshot and post them here, or email me the screenshot to quinthalox at hotmail dot com.
    I plan on finishing this website as soon as i can. And this will be a great tool for the community once it is completed.
    This have taken alot of free time from me and I hope you guys will like it.

  2. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Unfortunately, most epics that are (Old) are most likely grinded to get the materials for new epics. Though I would like to see this site your making come to light, some of the content is simply going to be hard to get your hands on.
  3. hustlinluke New Member

    What im missing is the 'perfect' dfo translation of the (Old) Epics and the current Epics ones, also the Chronicle 1 Weapons infos, i have everything else, its just long to put together, at least now the core of the site is all built, what is left, is add all the missing data, and fix a minor search engine problem, and im done.

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