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Oil Flasks + Jackyl

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Thuvian, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Discovered something awesome just now.

    I guess the snowballs were a poor example and it didn't kick in properly.

    But anyways, was pvping. Tossed a jackly. It normally does about 2XXX damage.

    Spitfire tosses a grenade a split second after I toss jackyl, killing it.

    Spitfire took TWO 2XXX damage.

    There is a revenge sort of damage afterall... the damage was duplicated when it died... now how?
  2. Thuvian Member

    Inspired by Rhaeven's interpretation, I have a counter idea. It might be the case that Jackyl is being killed multiple times (perhaps due to lag protection or something?). Hence because he dies multiple times, he explodes multiple times as well. If this is the case, then I wonder if this is considered bug abuse?
  3. conewicci I dun goofed.

    I was thinking the same thing right now. It would make sense, since I don't see why Nexon would implement this type of feature anyways.
  4. saccharin That one crazy witch

    Oh how exploitable... in certain situations.
  5. Infection Cool story, bro

    Depending on exactly what you need, I'd be happy to lend my hand.
  6. Tempo Tasteless

    An easy way to test if jacky has reflective propeties would be just to test the oilbomb + jacky theory on a mob, if the mob gets hit for immense damage (More than normal, so you would need to test twice, damage with and without oil bombs.) As they are not getting dirrectly hit by the oil, you could test the exact reflective property of jacky.
  7. Tempo Tasteless

    Well its jacky, they're being attracted around it, and the point is to see the EXACT number he reflects, which is hard to see when they're actually getting hit by the oil bombs. The point is for them to not stand on your oil.

    and yes i would like an invite.
  8. Margatroid Extreme Fag (EXTREME!!)

    Not sure why but you have to be directly on top of jackyl and the oil.
  9. Tempo Tasteless

    Oh really now? Thats very interesting.
  10. Jaber New Member

    Oh, jacky definitely reflects.
    Bwanga kings road, he does his jump smash thing, lands on my sleeper jacky...
    Goes from like 14 life bars to 0 instantly:
    It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen o_o

    My jacky is only level 3, too...
  11. Thuvian Member

    Bah, forum ate my post.

    Anyway, I disagree with your conclusion.
    From doctorishii's death, we can see that Bwanga is hitting targets at least 5 times (probably more, many more. The witch dies before taking the full force of the attack. Recall the Crusader video wherein Bwanga's death dive did over 5k damage). If Jackyl explodes for every hit he receives around the time of his death, then he would be causing at least 5 explosions. A damage estimate for Jackyl level 3 sleeper (3030 fire damage) for a level 45 witch (estimated 500 Intelligence, a x3 damage modifier) places damage at 9k (before elemental and reduction effects). With 5 explosions, that's 45k damage. While 45k damage may not be enough to explain the loss of 14 health bars, it is enough to suggestion that the reflection hypothesis may not be correct. To get a better estimate of damage we would need to know how many hits Bwanga causes in his attack, the amount of life Bwanga has, or the amount of damage done by Jackyl.
  12. Jaber New Member

    So we just need to throw a jacky at something with a single-hit attack that does a ton of damage and see if it has the same effect.

    I don't think I've ever seen jacky cause more than 1 damage pop per monster, though, and I'm pretty sure I didn't see more than one when Bwanga blew his face off.

    Could try to get Julio to phantasmal it I guess?
    Or someone with a soul bender or mech or whatever could whale/gaebolg Bwanga and see how much damage that does and how many bars it takes off...
  13. Jaber New Member

    Tried it out. It's harder than it sounds :/

    Could not get much usable data. The more oils I used, the larger the combo was, but it could possibly be due to the oils themselves hitting lotus.
    1 oil gave a 2 combo,
    1 oil + jacky gave a 4 combo,
    2 oil + jacky gave an 8 combo,
    3 oil + jacky gave a 10 combo,
    4 oil + jacky gave a 13 combo.
    The difference in damage between them was negligible. At its highest it only took off about half a bar of health.

    It's very difficult to get all the oils to land in the same place or get several oils down at once due to nonstop tentacle attacks forcing you to move/jump. Jacky also can't move onto lotus' box thing, so you have to throw the oils so they land in front of lotus instead of on top. Lotus really isn't a very good test subject. Evil Eye would probably be the best bet since it's much easier to get to, can be walked on top of, and isn't as spammy with attacks as lotus is.

    I did get a dragon scale coat out of it though :eek:!

    At any rate, whether it's multiple hits or reflective, jacky definitely does more damage if he's killed. Might be something to test out whenever we get the ability to detonate him :/
  14. saccharin That one crazy witch

    We need a Korean programmer to figure this shit out please. :(
  15. Thuvian Member

    Actually, Jaber's tests don't reveal that Jackyl explodes multiple times. To demonstrate this it needs to be fully crossed with multiple tests (Jackyl (With/Without) vs Oils (1:4). It may be only demonstrating that oils create 1-4 fires per oil used. This is consistent with my original findings on oil flame production.

    On a more productive note, I have a nenmaster if someone has a witch. We can run Floating Castle and test on the Eyes a few times. I can bubble while the oil + jackyl bomb is prepared.
  16. brewerb11 New Member

    Posting to view later.
  17. iHateYou New Member

    has anyone been able to mimic the video?
    i tried like 4 times and it didnt work :<

    edit: i 99999's teenage dude in tower with his bomb and my sleeper lavaz
  18. SKrnPride New Member

    How about this? You know how sometimes bosses when you kill them their death animation happens twice if your ally hits them right after your actually kill them? Kinda counts as them dying twice?
    Well since it only takes 1 oil flask to kill Jackyl maybe its registering/glitching it as Jackyl dying 12 times with the 12 flasks, since they all hit him at once? therfore that would explain why Jackyl does so much damage because it counts as him doing his massive base damage 12X.
    Anyone think this is possible?
  19. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Old thread is old. Rhaevan doesn't go on these boards anymore and neither does Thuvian.

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