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Officially Unofficial NEXON-Sponsored Tournament (Rules Thread)

Discussion in 'General DFO' started by MasPan, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    Officially Unofficial NEXON-Sponsored Tournament (Rules Thread)

    Signup thread:

    Nexon Forums - Officially Unofficial NEXON-Sponsored Tournament (Judge/Recorder signup thread)

    First off, I owe a debt of gratitude to Justin Wong for helping coordinate the planning with the Nexon higher-ups and for requisitioning the prize NX from them.

    Second, this is NOT the signup thread - I shall have it posted shortly.

    Third, I will be recruiting judges and recorders for the tournament - the intent is to have as much of the tournament as possible recorded and placed on Youtube. Judges cannot be recorders and vice versa. Judges, recorders, and hosts/organizers of any kind are not allowed to participate in the tournament.

    Now that's out of the way -

    After significant planning, a lot of attempts on my part to get Nexon to respond, and extensive coordination with Justin, I bring to you Dungeon Fighter Online's FIRST Officially-sponsored unofficial tournament!

    Tournament will take place Saturday and Sunday, 26/27 FEB beginning at Noon PST/3pm EST and lasting until 4pm PST/7pm EST each day.

    The tournament will be streamed live, but don’t let this scare you from participating - we’ve all had our embarrassing losses, myself included (go look up Zerobon vs. MenosPan lol, I got curb stomped badly)

    Entries will be capped at 64 or 128 participants. All signups will be done through Nexon forums.

    This thread and all related threads made by me will be mirrored on DFOSource.com and ****************.com The tournament is single-elimination - if you lose a fight, you’re out of the tournament. This is primarily due to time constraints. Fights will be a “best of 3” setup with 1 practice match to load skills (explained below)

    Nexon has agreed to provide 200K NX (that’s $200 worth) towards the top 4 participants in the tourney. The winner will receive 100k NX, 2nd place is 50k, and the semi-finalists will receive 25k each. This tournament is single-elimination, meaning if you lose you are eliminated from the tournament, barring a wild-card re-entry due to a double no-show.

    I will provide $100 in NX as prize money ($50 to the winner, $20 for the runnerup, and $10 each for the remaining semi-finalists, as well as $10 to whoever is voted fan favorite of the tourney). Anyone else who wishes to contribute towards the prize fund should contact me at [email protected].

    All matches will take place in the Practice channel of the Arena. The tournament will be recorded where possible unless it causes excessive lag.

    Signups will be open until Sunday, FEB 20th and do NOT require an entry fee of any kind. This tournament is 100% free to attend.

    Host: MasPan
    Current judges:

    Current sponsors: MasPan ($100)

    1st Place: Prize Pool x 50%
    2nd Place: Prize Pool x 25%
    3rd/4th Place: Prize Pool x 12.5%

    Rules are based off PKC rules, with modifications in bold


    Avatars: Only Basic, Advanced, and Premium avatars will be allowed for use in the tournament. Rare avatars are not allowed.

    Titles: No Restrictions

    Skills: No Awakening Cube Skills; however Awakening Passive are allowed.

    Weapons, Armor, Accesories: No damage reflection. No summon effects. No Chronicle weapons (red name items - armor and accessories are allowed). Epic equipment (orange name) is not allowed at all. Any equipment upgraded +11 or higher is not allowed. Any item that consumes clear cube fragments independently of its owner is not allowed (Terra Cotta ID, Michelle’s Oath). Legacy armor/accessories are not allowed. Legacy weapons are fine.

    Avatars: Only Basic, Advanced, and Premium avatars will be allowed for use in the tournament. Rare avatars are not allowed.
    If there is any concern over whether an item cannot be used, please consult me or one of the judges.

    Items: Only Clear Cubes Allowed ; No Use of Any Consumables (Disks, Bombs, etc.)

    Switching armor and accessories during a match is EXPLICITLY forbidden. Switching weapons is ok. Switching avatars during a match is ok.

    (Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in immediate disqualification)

    To Clarify Special Effects are NOT Stat Boosts
    Stat Boosts are evasion, hit rate, attack speed, move speed, cast speed, and hit recovery.
    Meaning King’s Necklace, Royal Rings, et al are allowed.

    Additional Rules

    1. No use of 3rd Party Programs. Being disputed and caught will result in disqualification and match will be overturned.

    2. If it becomes apparent that one or both players in a match are lagging to a degree that the match outcome is noticeably impacted, said players will forfeit the match.

    3. In the event of a player not showing up for a match, said player will be disqualified and their opponent will move on to the next bracket. If neither player shows up for their match, both will be disqualified and the spot the winner of the match would’ve filled in the next bracket becomes a wild card (any losing player from the previous bracket can be selected, at random, to fill the bracket.

    Match Setup
    All rounds prior to the semi-finals (top 4 players) will consist of 1 practice match (during which all skills must be used to “load“ them before the real matches) and 3 actual fights. Practice matches are for skill-loading purposes only, don’t attack the opponent unless a skill has secondary animations that require a target to be displayed (Ground Quaker, Explosive Hook, etc)
    The semi-finals will consist of 5 actual fights per match. The final match will consist of 7 fights.
    All matches will occur in the Practice channel in the “Tavern” map.
    All matches will be fought 1vs1 in the “Team” setting
  2. geenareeno Not gReenareeno


    Also, WOOOHOO this is awesome.
  3. Heidi Member

    lol, I remember Shiro showing me Zerobon vs Menospan.

    I'm going to signup :D I have a class from 3 PM - 4 PM EST on Sunday so hopefully it won't clash, though if it does then I'll just forfeit my match.

    I'm on a ridiculously high speed connection this year, so shouldn't have issues with 90% - 95% of people (One or two I still just can't connect well with, Grag, you need to party with me sometime so I can see how that goes), but if I did lag terribly with an opponent I'll forfeit.

    LOL Maspan, recopying the post off DFOS once he'd posted it there. XD I barely managed to not laugh out loud, and I'm in a quiet working room atm
  4. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    That was intentional.
  5. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    I would expect nothing less from you. No srsly I thought it was on purpose.
  6. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    Cool, Nexon linked to it on facebook.
  7. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    Added legacy armor/accessories to banlist.
  8. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    You have avatar restrictions listed twice.
  9. iSoonie Angel in Disguise

    O.O" I wanna know something guys~
    How do you apply to be a commentator, judge, recorder, etc?
    T.T QQ, I'm confused D:
    I don't wanna apply for PvP tourny, I sawk big time Q.Q"
    HELP :]
  10. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    There's a judge signup thread on the forums, or you can PM me here or on DFOS
  11. iSoonie Angel in Disguise

    K thanks! Just did, will do in game now :D

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