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~Nen Masters Flow~

Discussion in 'Fighter' started by Stream, May 12, 2010.

  1. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Ahhh. A new life for nens. And I gotta fully switch to these forums now SO.
    Lets get this thread started shall we?

    In pvp I hate berserkers.

  2. Shamoke Juffo-wup

    Behold, my level 26 nen shot.
    Now if only that double growler were +15 or something so I could get some actual use out of it...
  3. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    With such a cheap weapon...We could mass upgrade and try to get it close!
    Wanna go?!?
  4. Shamoke Juffo-wup

    Upgrading is expensive and Kiri hates me. After countless resets on various items the highest I've gotten through Kiri is +9. The only +10 I've ever had crafted that way from the recipe.
  5. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Yea..Only weapon I ever got +10..Is horrible.
    Everything else breaks like candy dropped from the aphla tower.
  6. Jay Garden of Eden.

  7. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    But nens have alot of...arguments on what should be a core PvE Build.
    Just found out recently Supplex Thunder does rougly half an boss hp bar for like 15 mp every 5 seconds so.
    It's becoming quite popular to max that with nen spirals and remove tiger flash completly.
    And get the cancel for it.

  8. Jay Garden of Eden.

    That is quite interesting. Does that mean that Tiger Flash's damage isn't that good?

    If I were to max Supplex Thunder, how is this build? I'm not exactly sure on sacrificing Doppelganger Blast but it's really the only place that I'd consider taking points out of.
  9. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Tiger Flash damage is fine. But it's just that nen masters in PvE tend to stick back and tiger flash doesnt fit in that rotation.

    Your standard rotation will be xxx nen shot xxx nen shot xxx supplex as your bread and butter.

    That build is great. still high nen spiral and cancel supplex now.
    You only took out of Tiger Flash?

  10. Jay Garden of Eden.

    I took out Tiger Flash, Khai, and lowered Doppelganger Blast from level 10 to level 1.
  11. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I think The trade off is fair then.
    Supplex Thunder is a great burst.
  12. Shamoke Juffo-wup

    In all this talk I've seen lately about suplex thunder, one thing I haven't seen mentioned much (if at all) is just how dangerous it is to knock some of these harder bosses and minibosses down. If you suplex anything in the light room in kings relic you're getting knocked down with a wakeup shockwave, after which you're likely to get hit by a sword swipe or one of the light guards will flash and stun you. If you knock down mechatau he's going to use a large lightning spread attack in front of him when he gets up which will completely devastate anyone in it's path. There's also plenty of stuff around that's just plain immune to grabs, so keep all of this in mind when making a build completely devoted to thunder suplex.
  13. Jay Garden of Eden.

    Thanks for input you two. Looks like I have a few things to consider before I finalize my build.
  14. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    Yea but isnt tiger Flash just as dangerous being melee anyway?
    I see the invis frames part of supplex thunder very nice.
    And it stops super armor.
  15. Shamoke Juffo-wup

    Tiger flash seems pretty safe to me. Attacks have highly increased range, they cause enough hitstun to not have to worry about being counter attacked, and you can cancel backstep or cancel nenshot before the final hit so you don't knock down the enemies who counter on wakeup. My tiger flash currently gives me a 20% damage shield too, so even if I'm hit it's not as big a deal.

    You can still get the invincibility frames and super armor breaking utility of suplex without bringing it to a high level. I'm just saying that having your primary source of damage be thunder suplex can backfire on you sometimes. I mean have you ever partied with a grappler or battlemage in vilmark and told them to completely avoid any and all knockdowns on mechatau? Almost everything the ones I've partied with are used to doing cause knockdowns, so they end up standing around doing a whole lot of nothing during that fight in order to not get everyone killed with wakeup lightning.
  16. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    I just tell people what they wanna hear and try not to bias.

    i PERSONALLY love Tiger Flash. But I dont tell people to include it into their build becuase I try not to think of what I like and think of how nens should play.
    ( nen shot spam , supplex if enemy near. random doppels. CUBES IN BIG ROOOOMZZ )

  17. Nueflheimr [Insert Cookie Here]

    Alright time to get thread moving again.. so you all know about the reset Nexon is going to give us.

    Now with the reset I was planning on resetting my PvE Nen, but would like to know how useful Lion's Roar is in PvE. People say that it's a good PvP skills, but I definitely believe it has awesome uses in PvE since a 4-5sec is pretty big every 15 sec.

    Also, what do you guys think of Doppelganger Blast, does the damage weigh out the heavy SP investment needed for max? Or is it more a Utility skill to keep mobs away from the party and you?

    Thunder Supplex, I can't quite decide to invest points in it as it is SP heavy and Shamoke definitely explained the pros and cons of it PvE wise. PvP, I believe it would be a great arsenal to our attacks, as most of the time I PvPed I used it quite a lot.

    So as of right now I'm really confused on what exactly to do lol.
  18. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    I hate them so much on my brawler. Sorry to talk about brawlers in a nen thread but it's nearly impossible for me to beat a good zerk. No way to approach him and their combos do alot. Plus theres Raging Fury interuption.
  19. Stream Is Starting Anew.

    haha green I feel ya bro.

    Ok. With this new SP reset and new found knownledge on the fact supplex Thunder doesnt completely blow.
    Creating builds got really really hard and SP Tight.

    Lions Roar PvE is Very nice, but with our SP tight selfs, People choose other more damage moves over a stun that isnt completly needed. Mostly used to set up Energy Shield.

    This video has a nice use of it IIRC.

    I am honestly so confused to the point that I think I wont be using my SP reset for awhile.
    I really have no idea what to do or what to get.
    Sorry for not being much help.

    I really want T.Supplex, But with the SP cost...It's really UGH.
  20. geenareeno Not gReenareeno


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