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Mage Weapons for Level 50

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Thuvian, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Thuvian Member

    I've been pondering what is the best weapon for a Mage for the end game content we have now? I've come to the conclusion it depends on subclass and build. Given that, I'd like to know other opinions on the matter. Obviously Legacy Items, Pinks, and Oranges aren't valid answers to these questions. The Intelligence ratings also vary between the weapons, but I don't have access to that data right now.

      • Physical Skill MP Cost -5%
      • Physical Skill Cooldown Time -5%
      • Hit Rate -1%
      • Casting Speed +5%
    • 45 Icicle Sparkler - Spirit Sacrifice +1, Arctic Burst +1
    • 40 Lightning Baton - Florae Circle +2, Sun Burst +1, Glarine +1
    • 40 Ernstern - +8% Cast Speed, Elemental Burn +1, Mobile Cast +1, Aquarius +1
    • 40 Dark Prayer - The Void +2, Use Void with a 3% chance of increasing your shadow resistance by 15 and Intelligence by 80 for 30 seconds
    • 40 Mirage Wand - HP Max +150, MP Max +150, Mana Shield +2, Respond to enemy attacks with 3% chance of casting Phase Shift. You must have Phase Shift trained for this to work.
    • 35 Lucid Roll - HP Max +100, MP Max +100, +30 Mana per minute, Black Knight Sandor +1
    • 35 Mellow Heart - Flame Hulk +1
    • 30 Nova Craft - Inflict Light Damage, Florae Circle +1, Sun Burst +1, Cast Florae Circle and Sun Burst with a 2% chance of casting Level 2 Ancient Library
    • 25 Cheshire's Grinning Cat - Hodor +1, Black Knight Sandor +1, Hodor and Sandor Summoned Creature Magic Attack +150, Hodor and Sandor summoned time increased by 30%, +1 Hodors and Sandors (Allows for 2 Hodors/Sandors out at the same time.)
      • Magical Skill MP Cost +5%
      • Magical Skill Cooldown Time +5%
    • 46 Indomitable Crystal Staff - Attack with Dark Damage, -1% Casting Speed
    • 45 Guilty Pile - Arctic Burst +1
    • 40 Upper Elemental Staff - Elemental Burn +1, Halloween Buster +1
    • 40 Shadow Servant Black Hole +1
    • 40 Ancient Swear - Magical Festival +1, Ancient Library +1, Mana Shield +1
    • 40 Dispellzer - HP Max +100, MP Max +200, Disenchant Skill +2, Attack with an 8% chance of disenchanting an enemy
    • 35 Vine Entangler - Ancient Library +1, Lightning Strike +1
    • 35 Quattro Mephist - The Void +1, Shadow Mastery +1, Dead Murker +1
    • 35 West Witch Becky's Staff - Hellflower Aukuso +2, +1 Max Aukusos (Allows for an additional Aukuso on top of the normal 2 at a time.)
    • 30 Pure Guardian - Casting Speed +5%, Mana Shield +2, Cast Mana shield with an 8% chance of increasing your physical defense by 600 for 45 seconds.
      • Physical Skill MP Cost +5%
      • Physical Skill Cooldown Time +5%
      • Magical Skill MP Cost -5%
      • Magical Skill Cooldown Time -5%
      • Physical Critical Rate +2%
    • 40 Teaching of Gora: Boldness- Hit Rate +1%, Spear Mastery +1, Full Swing +2, Cast Full Swing with a 3% chance of boosting strength.
    • 40 Khaki - Hit Rate +1%, Spear Mastery +1, Shadow Chaser +2, Attack with 4% chance of Poisoning
    • 30 Sius Spear - MP 150, Hit Rate +1%, Neutral Chaser +1, Light Chaser +2, Attack with 3% chance of Electrocution
      • Movement Speed +3%
    • 46 Terran Plant Bloom - Attack with Dark Element, -1% Casting Speed
    • 45 Bantu Snow Sweeper - Acid Rain +1, Broomstick spin +1
    • 45 Lodin Glow's Hand - Lava Potion No. 9 +1, Devolution Flyswatter +1
    • 43 Faithful Brush - Attack with Fire Element
    • 40 * of Black Lotus Brooms - one for each Element - Befriend +1
    • 40 Legacy: Brush of Acaia - Mana Shield +2, +9 HP Per Min, +18 MP Per Min, +2.5% Success Chance of Lava Area Potion
      • Hit Rate +1%
    • 40 Dendi Marrow - HP Max +150, Water Chaser +1, Attack with 4% chance of Immobolize
    • 40 Sky Perforator - Physical Crit +3%, Dragon Fang +2, Cast Dragon Fang with a 5% chance of stunning an enemy for 5 seconds.

    Current Consensus:
    Elementalist: 2 Element - Guilty Pile
    Elementalist: 4 Element - Guilty Pile
    Elementalist: PVP - Ernstein
    Summoner: Contract -Lucid Roll (for MP Regen) or Legacy: Platinum Rod of Elemia
    Summoner: Spirit - Guilty Pile (High Magic Attack Rating)
    Summoner: Hybrid - Guilty Pile (High Magic Attack Rating)
    Summoner: Spirit Sacrifice - Guilty Pile or Icicle Sparkler
    BattleMage - Beam Spear Brionac
    Witch: AOE - Level 40 * Black Lotus Broom that matches one of the Elements
    Witch: Melee - Bantu Snow Sweeper or Lodin's Hand Glow (whichever matches build)
  2. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    You're kinda off the mark by alot honestly for some of these.

    First off though, why are legacys/pinks excluded? They're really not that hard to get, especially now.

    As for summoner weapons, contract is probably lucid roll(assuming legacys/pinks are excluded) legacy: platinum rod of elemia if they're not.

    hybrid: guilty pile(if excluding) because some of your strongest summons are affected by matk, and a staff naturally has around 50 more base matk than a rod of the same level. If not excluding, elemia rod, or any of the lvl40 pink staves would be good too.

    spirit: same as hybrid but even more important as majority of your summons will be matk based.

    For witch, the lvl45 brooms bantu snow sweeper and lodin's glow hand are pretty good if youre melee based/using the few percentage moves alot like Broomspin and EMM I think, otherwise yea the lvl40 broom of your element(although befriend jackolantern or befriend pluto tend to be the core component of most builds).

    Note that this mostly applies to PVE but I'm pretty sure almost all of it carries over into pvp as well, except for maybe rod for all summoners as cspd is important.
  3. tec WTB> Super Armor Q.Q

    Soooo just fair game on insulting battlemages now? Thats cool. Jerk :(
  4. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Don't think hes trying to insult anyone honestly, he just doesn't really have all the info himself, and as such just needs reliable input from all of us.
  5. tec WTB> Super Armor Q.Q

    This is kind of rude!

    Anywho... Anyone looking for a stick to buff mana shield with should go for a Pure Guardian. Only 1~2 mill nowadays and definitely worth it for the chance to proc a defense buff
  6. Thuvian Member

    Is it just me, or are people just very emotional today? First I get lambasted for saying that PVP damage calculations are different than PVE damage calculations. Then I get smacked around for saying that Elemental Resistances of 150 is 100% damage reduction (at least it reduces it to 1 damage). Now I'm getting flak for writing an obviously humorous statements. Do they really think I spent the last half hour looking up and typing out all this information just to make fun of Battle Mages? Really? Or is this the infamous we need drama on the board phase of SSA.

    Anyway, back to some topic points.
    1. Why no legacies?
    Mostly because I'm cheap and not used to spending gold. I've got 3 characters in the 40's now and haven't ever really bought that much gear. I just spent 5 million worth of parts in making a Uranium Cannon and that wiped out a good chunk of my reserves. I also keep reading these stories about needing a +12 Lucid Roll on a Spirit Sacrifice Summoner, and well the cost of that is a bit out of my league at the moment. I guess it is mainly the idea of spending 2 million on a weapon still chills me to the bone.

    2. What's this post about?
    I was browsing around staves today after I broke 35 with my 4 Elemental Elementalist and noticed that the Upper Elemental Staff was actually decent with skill boosts, but I had never heard of it. I looked into it and staves. First I found that actually making one is horribly expensive. Next I noticed that Staves increase Mana Cost and Cooldowns. As an Elementalist I do run low on mana fairly often and I can always use faster cooldowns. This suggested that staves may not be the best weapon, even though it has high Magical Damage Ratings. Something in a Rod perhaps?

    3. Mage Orientation
    In my mind, mages are about Offense, not really defense. True you are going to get hit, but even then it isn't going to make that much of a difference. Quoff another pot and stop trying to be fancy with your avoidance and attacking.

    4. Contract Summoners using Lucid Roll
    So as far as I've come to understand things, even for contract summoners Sandor is really lacking. He glitches and he has low DPS. Is an extra level of Sandor worth while?

    5. Summoner: Hybrid: Magic Attack
    As I understand it, only Spirit King Ech. and Tier 2 Spirits use the Summoner's Magic Attack. Most builds are going to max Aquarius and Glarine and the Spirit King, while relying on Louise to do damage. Still should you get a weapon to maximize your T2 Spirits or something to improve Louise?

    6. Summoner: Spirits
    That seems reasonable. I take it Icicle for Sacrifice Spirit Builds?

    7. Brooms
    That seems reasonable.
  7. tec WTB> Super Armor Q.Q

    I just assumed you would want information on every subclass since you did do a thorough job on the others weapon wise.

    As per point #3:
    I think its generally a good idea to look into staffs/rods/other such weapons that boost mana shield. If only for those that pvp and are looking for a resource as to what weapons give the best mana shield bonuses.
  8. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Not sure lol although on the ele resist thing, I thought most people assumed it was 150 as well, even though honestly I don't think anyone has shown actual video/pic recording of stuff at 150. Not to say anyone is lying, but its one of those things people have just been accepting as truth.

    My opinion for the most part has always been upgrade only for weapons at or right near the cap. Honestly for the majority of situations +12 lucid roll is just kinda a waste, because even at that level of reinforcement its maybe just a tiny bit better than a +0 guilty pile, considering the huge difference in base matk.

    Also, alot of people(including myself at one point) get too wrapped in that +30mp/min from lucid roll. The fact is, unless you're full contract in which theres minimal change in INT, having more matk will help you clear dungeons faster which in turn saves mp, and probably alot more mp than 30/min at that.

    My experience with eles is not that great, but I think CSPD is really high on the priority list, especially for the PVP crowd, where the difference is probably finishing a spell in the first place as opposed to getting interrupted during a stronger spell when it comes to rod vs staff. Another reason why I think the Ernstern rod is pretty king for them, as it also enhances mobile cast which iirc is pretty big, even going for around 5-8m on adv avatar tops.

    None of the weapon's skill boosts, save maybe icicle sparkler, are the reason summoner's buy a weapon. Lucid Roll is ALL about the 30mp/min.

    Every summon you have that is maxed should be a part of the total damage input honestly. They all work together to overwhelm mobs, and aquarius, glarine, and king happen to be some of the highest DPS summons really.

    Also have to realize that unless its for hitting a new skill plateau(i.e lvl10 louise for ice field move), an extra level in a summon is almost worthless when compared to enhancing the damage all of them do. The only exceptions to this really are like ADV avatar tops with +Wisp skill, and thats only because there's usually 6-7 of them out on the field all the time.

    I haven't done that build personally but I believe so yes. I think spirit sacrifice is up there with like summoned creature aura for regular summoners, although theend can probably give more info on that.
  9. Thuvian Member

    The Legacy: Platinum Rod of Elemia has "Enemy Blowing Chance 50". Does that mean a 50% chance for enemies to miss you? Or something else?
  10. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    No clue what it means honestly XD
  11. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    Err, not to derail the thread, but just noticed something weird when I was trading that rod around... maybe I've just been out of the loop, but;

    The rod when viewed by Azala-summoner;

    The rod when Ring saw it as a desperado;

    Hint: Look at the piercing damage.

    If I'm forgetting something obvious, just ignore this post.
  12. tec WTB> Super Armor Q.Q

    Would the blowing chance refer to extra hitstun from physical attacks, or even magic attacks? Or possibly not hitstun like but more of a knock back effect (Like when you hit a stalker)?
  13. Gloomy dicks

    So wait, when did summoners start listening to me and ditching the Lucid Roll

    I thought you guys were terrible and ignored everything but MP regen so you could turn dungeons into wars of attrition

  14. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    "Evolution is a mystery"

    "Somethin' change and no one sees"
  15. TheEnd187 Member

    Even though Icicle sparkler gives +1 spirit Sacrifice It would still be better to use guilty pile because of higher base M.attack. so Guilty Pile it is for every summoner or elemia for contracts
  16. Gloomy dicks

    I'm a trendsetter.

    Someone bake me a cookie.
  17. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    Lucid Roll seems to be the perfect weapon for Pure Contract Summon users, seeing as how they're int based. Having a better magic attack weapon won't help them.

    Spirit summon users, however, should use the Lucid Roll until they can get a better weapon. Otherwise they're just making their summons weaker.
  18. Gloomy dicks

    Even for contract Summoners, Lucid Roll is pretty shit. You're forgetting that Mark the Target is based off of your magic attack, and contract summons have some of the highest hits per minutes out of all summon-- Hodor, Aukuso, Freet are the fastest summons around, not to mention Louise's Ice Needle and Wisp mobs!
  19. Soltis Carried by Sandors

    I think as far as spears for BM go, even against pinks/legacy, beam spear is probably the best.

    Not only does it give 30mp/min, but apperently it also has a higher class of attack speed? as in the difference from average to fast or whatever, which is supposedly 10%.
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong though of course.
  20. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    From the looks of it, no, Beam Spear isn't 10% faster. The attack speed merely bumped it up to the lower/middle speeds of average. That's all I know on attack speed though.

    EDIT: Also, another reason why you should stay with the Beam Spear, is because of the Spear Mastery bonus it gives. Also, attacking gives you a slight chance of boosting Strength, Int, Vitality, and Spirit by a little bit.

    Doom Thruster is nice (Lv.45 Spear), with its additional hit rate, but it's slow, unlike the Beam Spear, and, if I recall correctly, not many people put points into Punto Wave. Therefore, the bonus to it isn't that great.

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