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Mage avatars + junk equipment

Discussion in 'Auctions' started by Prelude, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Prelude vroom

    Mage Avatars:
    Black Loose Socks [movement speed] <- You probably won't be able to find this anywhere anymore!
    White Water Bottle [evasion]
    Black Mage Nametag [hit recovery]
    Short Black Layered Cut [spirit]
    Sultana Cloak [Magic defense]

    Kargon's Chisakatana x2 [superior] [exceptional]
    Rare Taslan Coat [superior]
    Ultra Light Carbolite Greaves [Ordinary]
    Superalloy Goratus Boots [Ordinary]
    Pure White Armor: Celesta Greaves [Exceptional]
    Sacred Dotty [Ordinary]
    EL-XM25 Sabatons [Ordinary]
    Vigorous Gabis Coat [Exceptional]
    Vital Harmony Shoes [Ordinary]
    Slumlord's Agile Steel Gaiters [ordinary]
    Screaming Plant Vest [ordinary]
    Gileimo [Weak]
    Flourence [superior]
    True Leather Boots [exceptional]
    Assaulter Pants [Superior]
    Slumlord's Shoes [weak]
    Xanacs Protective Boots [exceptional]
    Healing Beads [Exceptional]

    A lot of this stuff will be grinded if not sold so grab it when you can :(

    Screenshots provided upon request :)
  2. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    How much for the gileimo?
  3. Prelude vroom

    I have no idea how much things go for so that's why I put it in auction :x Offer?
  4. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    Eh, could I have a screen shot before I make an offer?
  5. Prelude vroom


    here ya go

    current offer on it is 150k at source

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