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Launcher Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by MasPan, May 9, 2010.

  1. flamedance58 Bloodied Holster

    I think Astro actually made a close range launcher and he's been doing quite well with it; and I'm quite interested how that's going. From what I hear he's put points into things like WM, Jack,etc he then rushes the opponent and pretty much wannabe rangers them.
  2. Rawrrr Bitch.

    Sorry if i sound insulting, wasn't intentional.

    But for me personally it's very hard to PvP with heavy armour. It's just too slow.
  3. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    I usually run with a mixed set for PvP, leather top/bottom, heavy everything else, all crit gear. Top and bottom have the biggest +aspd boosts, the rest you can do without.
  4. Archie Mexocan

    I've done it before, but it's great for trolling newbs who don't know what they're doing

    People went nuts over my 15k fully-charged laser crit
  5. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

  6. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    I feel sometimes that I am the only Launcher that LIKES Satellite Beam.

    1. It's an abundance of hitstun, can lock targets on the ground for Brawlers, Soul Benders, etc
    2. It can juggle airborne enemies
    3. It is one of few elemental awakenings (though this has its downsides), and can be boosted by Eagle Eye (+30% damage)
    4. The Launcher is free to move and/or use other attacks while it's active (as opposed to the super armor'd or stationary awakenings [Sword Storm, Astral Storm, Scud Genocide, FemLauncher Awakening]
    5. It has a total of 21 possible hits, which makes Quantum Bomb's electrocution actually useful
    6. When Priest Patch hits, it will be able to cause status procs (as will all Launcher subweapons) if the equipped weapon has one. Using Fire Pillar while an enemy is being hit by Satellite is almost guaranteed to proc at least once.
    7. It doesn't require set-up (Blache, Blazing Nen Flowers, Extreme Overkill) or a timed detonation [Poison Mist]
    8. All normal attacks are still available (Wave Eye, FemRanger Awakening)
    9. It can't be killed (Kasijas), and it doesn't just sit in a corner uselessly (Kasijas)
  7. tails360 I have a CAPE.

    I like Satellite Beam ._. I think it being only 6 seconds is too short though...

    1. Didn't know that o_o
    2. Or that
    3. I thought it did neutral damage
    5. Possible chance of maxing Quantom then if I have enough sp >.>
    6. So Dream caster can proc sleep more often or to more attacks? Like Rising -> sleep while in the air? o_o
    7. Besides Eagle Eye maybe

    The more you know
  8. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    1. Which is why I love it
    2. Revert to step 1
    3. Light elemental. Sayoung gets destroyed by it
    5. You should be maxing it anyway, it is one of few Launcher skills that has multiple advantages to being leveled (damage, electrocution chance/damage/level, explosion size)
    6. Yes, after priest patch (Rising Shot can already proc weapon effects though, it counts as a "bullet" hit), though Sleep is a bad proc for Launchers (half our skills aren't able to hit grounded targets - note, grounded and helping party members is different from grounded enemies when soloing)
    7. You should probably have EE active at all times unless you don't need the damage or are low on MP
  9. ArtSlay _________________________

    Any light armor wearing launchers out there?

    Changed from leather(stalker set) to heavy(deadly energy + quick wit) recently, I'm loving the huge improvment on def and decent damage boost. Then I notice light armor(polished ceramic set) gives even more str, and only a little bit less def, plus hit rate bonus, which is better than casting speed bonus.

    Would it be better to change to light armor?

    Pve btw.

    Edit: And with new patch, how much extra str does heavy armor mastery give?
  10. MasPan Shi-SHAW!

    There's a mspd Light Armor set that is kindof nice (it's all purples), that might be useful, particularly with fire pillar. I just dont want to invest in something I'll ditch later.
  11. Rawrrr Bitch.

    It's dependant on your gear. Higher level and better quality armour gives more str.
  12. birdbird21 Join the "Bunny" Guild!

    AradSociety - Skill Planner

    ^ Is that a good cookie cutter build? I think its more PvP sided, due to all the cancels (couldn't get rising shot, because I'm saving the 50 points for Awakening). I think it should be good in PvE too, because I have maxed all the Launcher Skills

    Any tips or changes I should make?

  13. Archie Mexocan

    You can't really do cancel-juggles very well if you can't launch anything in the first place, I think...?
  14. birdbird21 Join the "Bunny" Guild!

    Was that at my build?
    And I didn't really get what you mean by "can't launch anything".

    If its not at me, then ignore this
  15. Archie Mexocan

    Well, I was just exaggerating at how low your rising shot is.

    Go ahead and try it, I know very little about the mechanics of cancel launchers. Just... don't regret the low level of rising shot
  16. birdbird21 Join the "Bunny" Guild!

    Ohhh. I see now. Well, I don't want to be full PvP, and if I want to get a high level Rising Shot, I will have to give up some of my other skills, which I don't want to do. How high should the Rising Shot be? 10? 15?
  17. Archie Mexocan

    Super late game, past the level 50 cap, people say that builds that are neither PvP or PvE tend to suck

    To put it bluntly, you would be half-assed at both
  18. birdbird21 Join the "Bunny" Guild!

    So you mean, I should focus on just one of them? Lol. I PvP and dungeon a lot, so a build thats in between would suit me best. I don't know. Can you help with a build thats in between?
  19. Archie Mexocan

    Your best bet is probably make a launcher SUPER good at PvE, and another launcher that is SUPER good at PvP.

    But if you still want to go for a hybrid build, go ahead, just don't regret it later.
  20. Tempo Tasteless

    Just make a PvE and get good at poking in PvP.

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