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"How to Spitfire" Thread

Discussion in 'Gunner' started by Zext, May 8, 2010.

  1. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    The sp would likely not be enough to fund that kind of gimmick. On a fem spit is a better choice as well since being it has better drop chance unless you spam landrunners like a male mechanic. Either way its going to cost too much sp to keep the pvp basics supported. No max nade or no level 10+ rising or something like that.

    My 2 cents for pve: Muskets are great fro crowds but bowguns rape single targets when you use enchanted bullet on it.
  2. serneed New Member

  3. UNPGriff9 The Gramarye Miracle

    I have no clue how this post messed up but I wanted to say I would get it for the 2 runners anyway and at the very least i would expect it to be an annoyance.
  4. serneed New Member

    sry i was combining like 3 posts in my head at once, ending im me being an idiot ha. i think i saw somehere someone sayign its only a good idea on fem for the drop when hit thing.
  5. SidTheSquid DeathByWaves

    Hey I wanted to know if someone can someone explain to me like what is the bare minimum of things I should level.
  6. LHCGreg Code monkey like Fritos

    cancel backstep
    quick rebound
    rising shot 5
    cancel rising shot
    jack spike 5
    buster 5
    gatling 1
    bbq 1
    crossmore 5
    cancel grenade
    freezing bullet 5
    blazing bullet 5
    napalm 1,
    flash grenade max
    freeze grenade max
    C4 5
    Neil max

    Bare minimum.
  7. SidTheSquid DeathByWaves

    Ok so I have a couple of questions regarding spitfires skills.

    1. How many points should I put on FlashMine if I am going to be more PvP orientated.

    2. Should I put points on any of the boosters i.e immobility booster for the PvP side.

    3. Should C4 be maxed out or just kept at five for prerequisite.

    4. How does this build look for a pvp/pve build http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/...wG8wHswInwTfwUbxB8xCfxDixJbxKbxMbxPb0Tb0Ub9Pb
  8. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    Sooo with the new patch i saw a few things worth mentioning:

    -Separate CD for each Grenade.
    -The Extra Magic attack damage has increase for each bullet BUT the extra damage for certain class of monsters as been reduced.
    -The bullets now give 20 instead of 10.
    -Skills that inflict a status effect now give 2 extra levels instead of being the same lvl you can get the skill (I.E: Lvl 14 freeze bullet had lvl 47 freezing lvl now it gives 49).
    -You can now Install 3 C4 on one enemy instead of 2.
    -Physical Attack of crossmore has been increased... By a lot. (Lvl 11 had 549% now it gives 733%). Immo % has also increased (Lvl 11 Had 136% Immo now it gives 162%)
    -Cartridge Expansion now gives 2 bullets per lvl.

    My bad if i left something out that was the only i could saw because nexon didn't put that on their detailed list.
  9. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Woah. No more MP issues here.
  10. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    It gets worse when TP comes here. Cartridge would give like 5 bullets per lvl and thats like 25 (30 if you have a Adv Avi) extra bullets in there.

    Also the 3 C4 its so lol when you do it on a boss monster, UBER SLOW i did it to the SB in shadow labs and Triple slash was Slowwwwwwww! (Like 2-3 normal speed steps per slash).
  11. AntiZig New Member

    seems like spitfires got tasty o.x
    guess I'll have to get back to mine
  12. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    Forgot to add that the leather armor mastery for spifires now gives Cast speed + the thing it gave before.
  13. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    You do realize there was a thread with all the changes posted on source right? lol Anyway is that really how ex cartridge works? I thought it simply gave you 5 extra levels in cartridge.
  14. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    That is source this is SSA. I have ages that i don't enter in source so bite me :3. And if it was a copy pasta from the nexon list the its incomplete, it only show mages (all sub class), Asura and Launcher changes (And the last 2 only a few).

    And Ex-Cartridge have 3 levels that cost 1 tp each, and for each EX-lvl the number of bullet you get per lvl of cartridge get increased by 1.

    And god dammit Crossmore with a musket hits HARD, i so want the Crossmore EX that let me get 2 hits per crossmore.
  15. DeathsSinner Cookies~! >:3

    That's incredible @[email protected] 50 bullets per cast... DANG~! D:< I'll have to buy an adv avatar with cartridge on it before ex-skills come now >W< And I'm not a phys spit, so i can't get crossmore unless i have some random tp to throw around ;//; The thing i really want is ex-c4 though hehe

    Btw check out this insane video of a lv70 spit. Her damage makes me look absolutely pathetic *~*

    678k per neil shot .______.
  16. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    Lol who would not look pathetic compared to that?
  17. ErinTevra New Member

    separate nade cds 0_0'' nade juggling much?..
    prelude to the pvp shitstorm for future spits?...(haven't touched pvp since forever, so i wouldn't know...)

    i tossed all my windmill + cancel to max buster...its so deliciously lethal...

    on another note, this is the current build on my 52 spit

    1 machkik (free skill yay)
    5 jackspike+cancel (cancel is free apparently)
    5 rising shot+cancel
    5 crossmoar+cancel
    1 bbq

    19 g14 buster+cancel
    14 flashnade
    9 freezenade

    5 silver bullet
    5 freeze bullet
    13 blazin bullet
    5 cardtridge
    10 immobility booster
    10 pierce booster

    1 flashmine (for shizngiggles, its liek laying an explosive turd and expect people to step on it somehow...)
    1 napalm (sucker for flashy animation)
    5 c4 remote
    4 neil
    1 hoe train (again for shizngiggles)
    1 dual flicker (is it worth the extra sp for an extra 1 or 2 percent on bullet spd and range?)

    and 1 steyr (just 'cause everyone should act liek a launcher every now and then)

    i don't think i've missed anything...
    with everything on the table, i have around 190 sps left to spare...

    open to any or all constructive criticism
  18. Dante9898 ~Derail Master~

    Sorry it this doesn't sound nice but... You must be an idiot for not maxing Dual flicker, Its not only range and speed but also the chance of shooting 2 bullets per shot, and that increase your Damage not to mention the extra bullet its buffed from your last element bullet. For the rest, im gonna guess your build is PvP so ask someone else about it (I hate pvp)
  19. ErinTevra New Member

    fair enough, haven't played since forever so i'm thinking 50/50 pve-pvp anyway, after maxing dual flicker, i nao have around 120 sps left to spare...anything else to add?

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