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Guide to Exorcist Enlightenment

Discussion in 'Priest Guides' started by Mark, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Mark Hyperion

    Guide to Exorcist Enlightenment

    DISCLAIMER: Everything written in this guide is mostly an opinion of what I've experienced while playing Exorcists. This is also a work in progress and I will be making little updates here and there when I can. Also, do not repost this or claim it as your own. Thievery is bad. :(

    -Table of Contents-
    I. Introduction
    II. Types of Exorcist
    a. Physical Exorcist
    b. Magical Exorcist
    c. Awakening to a Hyperion
    III. Skills
    a. Passive Skills
    b. Physical Skills
    c. Magical Skills
    d. Awakening
    e. General
    f. Other Jobs
    g. EX Skills
    h. QP Skills
    IV. Weapons
    a. Battle Axes
    b. Rosaries
    V. Armor
    a. Exorcist's Plate Armor Mastery
    b. Exorcist's Cloth Armor Mastery
    c. Accessories
    d. Titles
    e. Sub Equips
    f. Magic Stones
    VI. Builds
    a. Physical
    b. Magical
    VII. Arena
    a. PvP Builds
    b. Combos
    c. Tips
    VIII. Avatars

    I. -Introduction-

    Hello everyone and welcome to my guide to Exorcist Enlightenment. The goal of this guide is to hopefully help you out on the road to dungeon destruction. If you've never played an Exorcist then you are in for a treat. Exorcists have a unqiue style of gameplay that involve lots of brute force (physical side) and AOE zoning/nuking (magical side). In Dungeons, Exorcists are one of the few classes that can solo all the way to level 70 without much trouble. Their powerful attacks and magic allow for a lot of enemies and bosses to be dispatched quite easily. In the Arena they can be outright bastards when they want to, and while being on the receiving end of an Exorcist's attacks isn't fun, dishing out the pain is. I'll tell you one thing, there's nothing more satisfying than knocking some poor Slayer into the corner, laying down Suppression Amulet and a couple White Tigers and watch his HP drop as he panics from trying to escape your flurry of painful punishment. Feels good, man.

    But with great power comes great responsibility. You may be a juggernaut of destruction but you're far from invincible, below is a list of the strengths and weaknesses of Exorcism.

    Strengths of Exorcism
    • Highest damage output of the three Priest subclasses.
    • Exceptional at field control.
    • You work well solo or in parties.
    • Great Arena potential.
    • You will be a mob machine.
    • Enough Super Armor to put Strikers to shame.

    Weaknesses of Exorcism
    • Mobility is low. You will end up tanking lots of damage in favor of dishing out damage.
    • If you want a high rate of DPM, you'll be burning through a lot of MP.
    • You may not be a welcome opponent in the Arena.
    • Our equipment is the most expensive of the three Priest subclasses.

    II. -Types of Exorcist-

    There are two types of Exorcists you will find in DFO: Physical, and Magical.
    (You can also go Hybrid, but I'll touch on that later.)

    Physical Exorcist - Your go to guy when you need to smash things into a nice red pulp. This Exorcist specializes in nothing but raw damage dealing skills and physical critical hit skills. He mostly uses Battle Axes, and wears plate armor for the massive defense to smash through anything that has the guts to get in his way. With skills like Gale Smash, Star in the Sky, Crucifix Wind, Chaos Hammer, Spinning Cross, and Atomic Smash, you can pretty much guarantee whatever you were attacking will be smeared all over your weapon in seconds.

    Magical Exorcist - Brutal melee attacks and Axes don't interest you? Does calling down the pain in a brilliant flash of lightning while you sit back and sip some of Siusha's wine sound more appealing? Then you should definitely roll a Magical Exorcist. This Exorcist may be a squishier version of his kind, but that doesn't mean he can't hold his own. Using a Rosary for it's high magical attack and cloth armor to increase his intelligence and casting speed, this Exorcist will deal some impressive damage without ever being in danger of counter attacks. With Holy, Suppression and Lightning Amulets and your Legion of Shikigami you can be sure nothing will get by your line of magical defense.


    Awakening to Hyperion
    "I was not called to spread God's love. I was called to deliver his wrath."

    The ultimate level of Exorcism. You may only awaken to a Hyperion after reaching level 50 and undergoing a line of quests. But should you prevail, your true power will be revealed...

    III. -Skills-

    Passive Skills:

    Exorcistic Force
    You acquire this upon advancing to Exorcist. It increases your regular attack power when attacking Undead, Demon, and Spirit type monsters by 5%.

    Lurking Dragon - Recommended Level: 1
    Available at level 20, this skill is the backbone of the Exorcist. It enables you to charge the last hit on your normal combos, Giant Weapon Launcher, and Crucifix Wind for a nice damage increase. Definitely pick this up if you are a physical Exorcist.

    Giant Weapon Mastery - Recommended level: Max
    Increases your hit rate and physical attack power for all of the Priest's weapons. I recommend that only Physical Exorcists pick this up. Magic ones are out of luck.

    Physical Skills:

    Giant Weapon Launcher (GWL) - Recommended level: Max
    This is the skill to use when you need to juggle monsters. You get this skill as soon as you start your Exorcist, and will be one of the most useful skills in your arsenal. Grants super armor and a large hit box. Very useful for poking. The higher the level of this skill, the better your juggles will be. Using Lurking Dragon to charge this will add a diagonal slash on your swing that can deal extra damage and knock back enemies as well as create a small shockwave behind you when the weapon lands. Definite max if you are of the physical variety. You get the cancel for this skill for free.

    Phoenix Hammer + Cancel - Recommended level: 5 or Max
    This skill is lovely. When you use this skill, you will jump high into the air, and come crashing down weapon first to squash your hapless foes, while creating a shockwave to hit surrounding enemies. You can also press left or right to guide your landing, perfect for escaping from sticky situations.The higher the level of this skill, the bigger your shockwave and damage will be. The cancel is entirely up to you.

    Gale Smash + Cancel - Recommended level: 5 or Max
    How I love this skill. If I could some how turn this skill into a woman, I would treat her right, fall in love (again), marry her and make love to her in the missionary position with the lights off. Yeah, it's that good. At any rate, when you use this skill your Exorcist rushes forward shoulder first, and then swings his weapon in a wide arc, dealing decent damage and stun status to enemies. Problem is, it's usually battling against Phoenix Hammer in usefulness. Some people prefer to max this over Phoenix Hammer and vice versa due to SP limits. Personally I like the stun. Oh and you definitely want the cancel for this.

    Floor Smash + Cancel - Recommended level: 0, 1 or Max
    Mostly a utility skill. Using this will swing your weapon in a broad arc then slam the ground to help gather enemies. It has been buffed since I last used it, so I guess it could be worth maxing. It's a preference skill.

    Passion Chakra - Recommended level: Max
    The perfect skill made for physical brutality. Casting this buff grants your weapon with fire attribute, strength, hit rate, and even reduces enemy hit recovery. What else needs to be said?

    Star in the Sky + Cancel - Recommended level: 1 (Magic utility), 5 or Max (Physical)
    Aw yeah, now we're playing with power. This skill is a pretty good mob AND single target skill in for your arsenal. When used you will swing your weapon down and launch a monster high into the air. During the monster's rise and fall you are completely INVINCIBLE. Press your attack + Star key rapidly to charge the hit. The higher the charge, the more damage you will deal, on top of knocking the monsters farther away. You'll know you reached max charge when your hear an amusing slide whistle and a "HOMERUN!" bellowing from your Exorcist. Best part is during this time, the other monsters usually crowd around you to try and hit you. So put on your best troll face and swing as hard as you can. As for the cancel, I'd grab it. It's very useful. Some might not max because as you get to higher dungeons, more and more bosses become immune to grabs. It can also hinder your party's DPS if you use it incorrectly.

    Crucifix Wind - Recommended level: 5, or 10 (for Crucifix Wind upgrade)
    Another welcome addition to mob control. When this skill is used it throws your weapon horizontally to knock back and hold enemies while dealing quick tick damage. If you use Lurking Dragon to charge your swing, your weapon will stay in the air twice as long in addition to adding an extra swing on your throw. Don't get more than 5 points of this if you don't plan on getting the upgrade. It's strictly used as utility and a pre-requisite to Spinning Cross and Atomic Smash.

    Chaos Hammer + Cancel - Recommended level: Max
    The second skill you will receive that can cause stun status. Using this skill will cause you to violently swing your weapon overhead to pound or hammer on the enemies infront of you. Repeatedly pressing the key will grant you more swings and quicker attacks. The last strike has a slight charge and creates a shockwave that can stun. You can also change the direction you are facing while the skill is in effect by pressing left or right. Pumping points into this skill will increase your stun rate, stun length, and widen your shockwaves. The cancel for this skill is, again, personal preference.

    Spinning Cross - Recommended level: Max
    A good addition to your repertoire of punishment. Using this skill will allow you to swing your weapon in a large circle, granting huge X, Y, and Z axis range. The faster you press the key, the faster your swings will be. Pressing the key also grants you more swings to work with. You can also press any directional key to guide you in case your victim thinks it can escape.

    Atomic Smash - Recommended level: Max
    This one is to be feared. Using this skill causes your Exorcist to swing his giant weapon in a large area, scooping up any hapless enemies and slamming them infront of you with incredible force. Unfortunately, any enemies in super armor, or immune to grabs do not get scooped up. Great for setting up Chaos Hammer/Oblivion Hammer.

    Oblivion Hammer - Recommended level: Max
    What would it be like if Chaos Hammer and the swing from SitS had a baby? Oblivion Hammer is the result. Using this EX skill will hammer down on enemies before doing a broad swing to knock them away. Very powerful.

    Magical Skills:

    Holy Amulet + Cancel - Recommended level: Max
    This skill will be one of your most used skills should you decide to go down the magical path. It has a 2 second cool down time, and deals decent damage. Using this skill will toss an amulet in front of you to explode and inflict damage in a small area. You can "aim" this skill by holding the key down. The longer you hold it the farther it goes. When it comes into contact with enemies it has a chance to inflict slow status and drop their movement and attack speed. Very useful when used in conjunction with Suppression Amulet. It also heals your HP and MP slightly when used to kill Undead, Demon, of Spirit monsters. On top of all of that it even deals light damage. The cancel is purely a preference but not recommended.

    Rising Emblem + Cancel - Recommended level:0, 5, 10 or Max
    This skill essentially replaces GWL should you choose to get it. At max it's launch height far exceeds GWL and will even launch enemies off screen. Perfect for giving you breathing room and setting up combos and amulets. Of course it's also good for dealing area damage and makes a good poke. The cancel is not really needed. Why melee something when you can just launch them into space? Also deals light damage.

    Phoenix Amulet - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Some people are kind of on the fence about this skill, but I love it. It does awesome damage when maxed, and it also deals fire damage. Something to keep in mind if you choose to get Elemental Attack EX. There are two parts to the attack, the main part is magic damage and where most of the power comes from, but there's also a smaller explosion damage which is physical for some reason. You'll notice this if you try to use it on Guardian Aegis.

    Luminous Chakra - Recommended level: Max
    Luminous Chakra is a very good buff to invest in. It gives your weapon light attribute, increases your intelligence, and also grants more cast speed. Nothing else matters.

    Suppression Amulet - Recommended level: Max
    This amulet is another great debuffing skill. Casting this skill will place a huge circle on the floor that will slow, reduce jumping height, and accuracy of any monster foolish enough to walk in it. Combine this with Holy Amulet to create a turtle farm.

    Piercing the Darkness - Recommended level: 1 or Max
    Rather unimpressive skill at first. Using this skill will swing your weapon causing magic damage. However, holding the key to charge it will send out a magic blade across a long distance. Useful for pushing mobs back and disrupting anti-range super armor. Level 1 is good for utility purposes, but it's not a bad skill when maxed if you grabbed the EX upgrade to go with it.

    White Tiger - Recommended level: Max
    This is an interesting skill. When used once it creates a small aura that increases your movement speed and jump height. Sounds lame, yeah? Well, if you cast another, the two White Tigers will begin to play catch with a sphere of energy. This sphere deals magic damage to any monster it comes in contact with. Casting a third White Tiger will then add him to the "game" and so on. The more White Tigers you bring into play the stronger they get. Using this in conjunction with Suppression Amulet can really rip through mobs before they know what happened. Strategic placement of the Tigers is key. Don't group them too closely, or spread them too far or the usefulness of this skill deminishes. Deals light damage and is extremely powerful when used right. Definitely max this.

    God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise - Recommended level: 5 or Max
    This doesn't look like a tortoise at all. In fact, it's a cute little doggie hell bent on immobilizing enemies. When you bring out this pup to play it will leap on to monsters and hold them for a set period of time. No monster is safe from the Tortoise. (Except for stationary bosses) During this time the monster cannot move or attack and it's defenses are greatly reduced. When the "Tortoise" has no prey it creates an aura that helps restore MP to you and your party. Definitely useful to have around.

    Lightning Amulet - Recommended level: Max
    A new amulet to add to your cache of magical cataclysm. Casting this will throw an amulet on the ground much like Suppression, but instead of slowing down enemies, it calls down three bolts of lightning to deal massive light damage in quick succession. It only lasts ten seconds, but you shouldn't need more than that to dispatch whatever is in your way.

    Legion of Shikigami - Recommended level: 1 or Max
    Probably the flashiest skill an Exorcist can get next to Blue Dragon Hammer. It's also highly damaging as well. Using this skill will summon a large swarm of Shikigami to fly straight into enemies; when the skill is over, a large one will swoop in and nuke a small area. A bonus to this skills is that it juggles mobs quite well. Something to keep in mind after throwing down a maxed Rising Emblem. Repeatedly pressing the key will increase the speed of Shikigami damage, also you can aim the birds along the Y-axis by using your arrow keys. Deals light damage.

    God of Knowledge: True Black Tortoise - Recommended level: 1 or Max
    Acts just like the regular Black Tortoise, except the grab now affects a whole area. Very useful for stopping a mob dead in their tracks and can also be used with your regular Black Tortoise.


    Combat Aura - Recommended level: 1
    You obtain this automatically after you awaken to Hyperion at level 50. An icon will appear on your UI in dungeons indicating your super armor level. When using super armor skills it fills up, and when it reaches max it gives you a surge of Strength and Intelligence for 10 seconds. Yep. Ten whole seconds. Not worth your SP.

    Blue Dragon Hammer - Recommended level: 1 or Max.
    NOTE: You need 3 of each Chakra to be able to get this skill. Make sure you've saved enough SP!

    The mother of all Exorcist skills. Using this summons the mighty Blue Dragon to slam into your enemies and nuke them into oblivion. When maxed, this skill does some impressive damage. It has some flaws however; It has a long start up time before you actually do any major damage, and you can be cancelled out of it by various status effects. Keep in mind you need a Chakra active, and the Dragon Hammer's attack element will mirror which one you have up.

    General Skills:

    Instead of going through all of the skills in the General tab I'll just be naming the ones that would be beneficial to you as an Exorcist.

    Leap - Recommended level: 0 or 1
    Useful for Exorcists to safely jump over a large area should you need to. The height you leap rivals that of a single White Tiger's aura plus it stacks with the aura.

    Quick Rebound - This skill is useful for when you get knocked down and need to avoid something that may be headed your way. When you get knocked down, press the button immediately to get up from your fall. Hold the button to be invincible for up to three seconds. It's only 10 SP, so might as well grab it.

    Ancient Memory - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Strictly for Magic Exorcists. Using this skill will give you an Intelligence boost for 20 seconds. At max level that's 150 Intelligence for 20 seconds. Useful for dealing large amounts of damage in a short period.

    Physical and Magic Critical Hit - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    These skills are either an all or nothing kind of thing. If you don't have the spare SP to max them, then don't bother putting points in to them. All they do is increase your critical hit rate by 10%. Useful for extra damage. Of course you should only max the one that matches the type of Exorcist you are.

    Physical and Magic Rear Attack - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Same as above, but with less priority as these skills only kick in when you do Back Attacks. With that said, Magic Exorcists are more likely to cause Back Attacks, but I still don't recommend these skills.

    Other Jobs:

    Same as the General skills, I will only be listing ones worth putting points in to.

    Strike - Recommended level: 5 (for Wisdom Blessing) or Max
    Max this if you're going to be a Physical Exorcist. If you choose to get this, you will become the most accurate job in the game without having to dump QP into hit rate. Strike stacked with Passion Chakra and Giant Weapon Mastery mastery can give a whopping 20%+ hit rate. Missing on Kings road? Unheard of. If you don't care about the 5% hit rate, then you can stick the points elsewhere.

    Wisdom Blessing - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    This one is for Magic Exorcists. It increases your intelligence and magic attack power. Unlike Strike, there is no increase in hit rate, which is kind of a shame. Plus you need 5 Strike before you can get this.

    Smasher + Cancel - Recommended level: 1 (Free skill)
    Great skill for utility purposes. I personally call it my "Oh shit!" button. One point in this is all you need to break the super armor off those smug little monsters and throw them across the room. Great as an escape as well since you are invincible during the animation. The cancel is only 10 SP as well, grab this should you desire it.

    Lucky Straight Punch - Recommended level: 1 or Max (Free skill)
    Using this will lunge your Exorcist fist first into a mob, dealing multiple hits. You can easily be cancelled out of this as it grants no super armor though. Does awesome damage when maxed. Good for Physical Exorcists. Bad for Magic.

    Furious Grab - Recommended level: 1 or Max (Free skill)
    Call forth the demonic hand of the Avenger to deal some awesome fixed magic damage and immobilization. I recommend maxing this if you're a Magic Exorcist as it will be a nice addition to your arsenal of magic attack skills.

    EX Upgrades:

    EX upgrades are a unique addition to your arsenal. Unlike other skills, EX skills don't use SP, instead they use TP. Starting at level 50 you can earn TP by leveling or by doing quests. Keep in mind TP is extremely limited compared to SP. Use them wisely. They added a lot of garbage upgrades (Second upper, Smasher, and GWL) so I'll be leaving those out. They're worthless anyway.

    Physical EX Upgrades

    Lucky Straight Punch EX - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    LSP EX when maxed will add 30% more damage to LSP's already outstanding damage output. Combine that with it's low cool down and you've got a power house.

    Phoenix Hammer EX - Recommended level: 1 or Max
    Putting TP in this EX skill will allow you to move along the Y-axis and increase the damage of your Phoenix Hammer.

    Gale Smash EX - Recommended level: Max
    Great if you love using Gale Smash. Dumping TP here will increase damage and stun rate.

    Floor Smasher EX - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Each level put into this will increase the damage and pulling distance of the skill. Should only grab this if you decided to max Floor Smasher of course.

    Star in the Sky EX - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    You should only grab this if you really REALLY like SitS. It costs a lot of TP to max, but it bolsters the attack power and reduces the number of times you need to press a key to hit a home run.

    Crucifix Wind EX - Recommended level: 0 or 1
    Not much priority for this one. Sticking 1 TP in this skill will increase the damage by 10% and allow you to throw your weapon along the Y-axis as well.

    Chaos Hammer EX - Recommended level: Max
    This makes Chaos Hammer even better than it was before. Each level will boost the attack speed of the skill as well as adding another hit to the skill in general. Definitely max this.

    Spinning Cross EX - Recommended level: Max
    Pumping TP into this EX skill will allow you to do more spins, thus increasing your damage output. Definitely max this.

    Atomic Smash EX - Recommended level: Max
    Increases the attack power of Atomic Smash by 12% per level. I'd max this because it makes the skill even more powerful than it already was.

    Magical EX Upgrades:

    Furious Grab EX - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    It is a well known fact that Furious Grab is a powerful skill. Maxing Furious Grab EX will increase the damage by 30%.

    Holy Amulet EX - Recommended level: Max
    One of my favorite EX passives for Magic Exorcists. Maxing this will increase the overall size of your Holy Amulet by 20% and the damage by 16%. Max this because Holy Amulet is your bread and butter.

    Rising Emblem EX - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Not everyone chooses to max Rising Emblem. But if you did, you should definitely pick this up. It increases the damage by 30% and launch height by 9% at max.

    Suppression Amulet EX - Recommended level: Max
    Invaluable to you as a Magic Exorcist. Maxing this will increase the amount of time Suppression stays on the field, as well as immobilizing enemies completely.

    Piercing the Darkness EX - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Only grab this if you chose to max PtD. It lowers the charge time and increases the damage of the skill.

    Red Phoenix Amulet EX - Recommended level: 0
    This costs a lot of TP to max. Doing so will just increase the damage of PA by 12% per level. Not really worth it as a Magic Exorcist because you can't take full advantage of the elemental bonus.

    White Tiger EX - Recommended level: Max
    Definitely grab this if you maxed White Tiger. Maxing this will increase the damage of your White Tigers by 16% as well as reducing their attack delay by 16%.

    God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise EX - Recommended level: Max
    Maxing this is a no brainer. It makes your pooch even more deadly than before. It also gives it a dose of energy and allows it to move around much more quickly.

    Lightning Amulet EX - Recommended level: Max
    Each point in this skill will increase the damage of Lightning Amulet by 10% as well as keeping the amulet on the field for an extra second. Very useful and doesn't interfere with the cooldown.

    Legion of Shikigami EX - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Maxing this upgrade will reduce the duration of Shikigami while increasing the damage output. Basically allowing you to get the full damage from Shikigami in a shorter amount of time. Pure preference of course.

    QP Skills:

    When you complete Epic quests you will be awarded Quest Points to spend on stats. You get a limited amount of QP so use them wisely.

    +All Base Attack Strength - Recommended level: 0
    This increases the damage of fixed damage skills. Not really worth getting as you are a percent class.

    +Strength - Recommended level: Max
    No brainer for Physical Exorcists. At max level this skill will grant you an extra 162 STR, which is a nice damage bonus.

    +Vitality - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    At max this skill increases your Vitality by 162. Useful if you have Strike as Vitality increases the attack output of the buff.

    +Physical Critical Hit - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Boosts your Physical Critical hit by 5%. Useful if you're having trouble getting 100% while using Sharp-eyes.

    +Intelligence - Recommended level: Max
    At max this skill will increase your INT by 162. If you're a Magic Exorcist you should max this. No exceptions.

    +Spirit - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Increases your Spirit by 162 at max. Useful if you picked up Wisdom Blessing. Otherwise don't bother.

    +Magical Critical Hit - Recommended level: Max
    Boosts your Magical Critical hit by 5%. Magic Exorcists have a harder time getting Magic Crit. You should definitely max this.

    +Hit Rate - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Great for Magic Exorcists. Increases your accuracy by 10% when maxed. Waste of QP for Physical Exorcists however. You have more than enough accuracy from various buffs.

    +Movement Speed - Recommended level: 0
    Boosts your movement speed by 2% at max. Complete waste.

    +Evasion - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    Viable for Physical Exorcists because you're always in the frontlines of battle. The extra 10% evasion at max will be quite useful. Don't bother getting this as a Magic Exorcist, you shouldn't be getting hit in the first place!

    +HP Replenish - Recommended level: 0
    Don't bother wasting your QP on this. Potions can regenerate your HP faster than this will, and they're always in good supply.

    +MP Replenish - Recommended level: 0 or Whatever you want
    Useful if you're a Physical Exorcist and need some MP regen.

    +Elemental Attack - Recommended level: 0 or Max
    At max this will increase your elemental damage by 10. Great for both types of Exorcist.

    +Elemental Resistance - Recommended level: 0
    At max this will increase your resistance to elemental damage by 10. Don't bother with this skill, you can reach maximum elemental resistance by utilizing various equipment.

    IV. -Weapons-

    NOTE: There are different colors of weapons you will come across. White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange and Legacy. White are the bottom of the rung when it comes to weapon quality. Blue is what you should use until you can find a Purple or acquire one from a quest. Purple is probably the easiest of the "rare" weapons to obtain and also include bonuses that Whites and Blues don't have. Pink, Orange and Legacy are the rarest in the game, and as such are the most expensive. Due to the inclusion of the Item Dictionary, (check your hotkey set up to configure it) I decided to remove the weapon/armor index as it was a massive time sink, and because I'm lazy. Just use the Item Dictionary in game to help you find weapons and armor you should be using. You should be using Magic Sealed equipment anyway. Like hell I'm gonna list all of those.

    Okay, now you know what Exorcists are about and what they can do. Now it's time to discuss what weapons they use. There are five different weapons an Exorcist can equip, but only two of those will be of any real use to him. The reason for this is different weapons give different bonuses. For example: The level 45 Battle Axe "Earthquaker" gives a skill bonus of +1 to Chaos Hammer. Whereas Totems usually give bonuses to Monks, Crosses to Crusaders etc. So with that in mind I'll only be noting the weapons that work best for the specific type of Exorcist you want to play as.

    Battle Axes - A Physical Exorcist's best friend, and comrad in battle. Although it is slow to use, it has the highest accuracy and attack power out of all the Exorcist's weapons. What this means to you is that you will be putting out some impressive numbers as you rampage through the dungeons. Star in the Sky never looked more beautiful.

    Rosaries - The weapon of choice for Magic Exorcists. Boasting the highest magical attack rating out of all the weapons available to you, on top of a cast speed and magic crit bonus, nothing else comes close when you need to bring down the lightning. It's biggest downside is that the size of the weapon pales in comparison to Battle Axes, so you should keep melee attacks to a minimum or none at all for that matter.

    V. -Armor-

    NOTE: Like weapons, armors come in different colors: White, Blue, Purple, and Legacy. There are also sets of armor unique to your class, but can be a pain to complete. Single pieces give small bonuses, but when you complete a whole set you gain extra bonuses on top of the previous ones, usually in the form of HP, defense, skill increases etc. For this reason I'll only be mentioning sets that are useful to Exorcists.

    There are five different kinds of armors in this game, but only two of them are useful to Exorcists: Plate and Cloth armor.

    Exorcist's Plate Armor Mastery - Acquired when you advance to Exorcist. This gives you strength, defense, vitality, HP and attack speed when wearing plate armor on top of counter balancing penalties on your MP recovery, and casting speeds. The more plate armor you wear, the bigger the effect is. Perfect for Physical Exorcists.

    Exorcist's Cloth Armor Mastery - This skill increases your cast speed, intelligence, MP recovery, and max MP when wearing cloth armor. The more cloth you wear, the bigger the effect is. Perfect for Magic Exorcists.

    Accessories - Accessories are useful in protecting against those certain enemies who decide to shoot projectiles at you in the form of magic. This is where you can beef up your magic defense along with some other note worthy stats like: MP recovery, HP/MP increase, casting and attack speed. They come in three different types: Bracelets, Necklaces, and Rings. There are a lot to choose from. Essentially you want to get any accessories that beef up your STR or INT. Depending on what kind of Exorcist you are.

    Titles - Unlike regular armor, these special pieces of equipment give you a colorful graphic above your name along with some decent stats. Most are obtained from quests, with a few exceptions that come from the Cash Shop. Since the Revolution patch, a title book has been added into the game. It gives a wide variety of titles to earn, but for the most part Cash Shop titles are still best.

    Sub Equips - The sub equip slot becomes available only after you have reached Level 60 and completed a quest chain given to you by Iris. It requires Nihilistic Demon stones and some full cubes to unlock. By doing this you can equip some unique items for more power. Again, refer to the Item Dictionary to help you figure out what sub equip would be best for you.

    Magic Stones - The magic stone slot becomes available only after you have reached Level 65 and completed a quest chain given to you by Iris. It requires Nihilistic Demon stones and some full cubes to unlock. By doing this you can equip some unique items for more power.

    VI. -Builds-

    Planning out your build is an important aspect of DFO. Too much SP spent in a useless skill can hinder your performance. Fortunately there's a site (http://arad.ofli.es/) that makes this a lot easier. So I'm going to list a suggested build for each type of Exorcist. I use the word 'suggested' strongly, as it is after all, an opinion. None of the builds I am listing are 100% perfect. You can do whatever you please.

    The Physical Exorcist
    -My Build-
    The build I'm currently rolling with. Strike, Passion Chakra, and Giant Weapon Mastery give me some major accuracy, allowing me to breeze through Kings Road dungeons without ever missing. I maxed most of my Physical skills due to the large SP pool. I maxed Lucky Straight Punch because the damage is awesome, spammable and it's a great skill to use when mobs are caught in Crucifix Wind. I mainly chose offensive EX skills to beef up my damage.

    -Physical Exo + Magic Utility-
    This build is like a typical Physical build, except you max Suppression/EX and put some points in both Tortoises. A decent option to use if you want utility over raw power.

    The Magical Exorcist
    -My Build-
    I'm fairly satisfied with this build. I get awesome burst damage and good DPS when spamming Holy Amulet, Phoenix Amulet and Furious Grab. Furious Grab EX is an excellent boost in damage. One point in Star in the Sky is invaluable in dungeons and Tower of Death if you plan on soloing. I got +Hit Rate because Magic Exorcists have horrible accuracy, and of course I maximized my ability to stop mobs in their tracks with Suppression EX and True Black Tortoise.

    VII. -Arena-

    The arena is a fun little place where you can do battle against other players. More commonly known as PvP, (Player vs. player) the Arena is usually home to 50% of DFO's nerd rage. (The other 50% going to Kiri and Dungeons.) If you've played any of the 2D fighting games from the 90's you probably already know how this works. There are 5 modes to battle in and up to 8 players can take part.

    Brawl - Free for all. Every man for himself. Kill the camping noob. etc.

    Team - Like Brawl in a sense that all players fight at once, but you have to work together with your party to take down the opposition,

    Elimination - Each member from the party fights one at a time. Should someone lose, the next one fights the winner of the last round. Each round the winner recovers a certain amount of HP/MP depending on how low his/her HP was. The last team standing is the winner.

    Team Deathmatch - Similar to Team, except you have a certain amount of "lives" in the team pool. The first team to exhaust the other team's lives wins.

    Practice - No one can win or lose here. You can fight bots or a lifeless dummy to hone your skills and try new combos.

    Aside from game modes, the Arena has a ranking system. You start the game as a Vagabond and have to work your way up through the Gladiator and Hero ranks. You gain PvP Experience from winning matches, and much like leveling up, you increase your PvP rank. Be warned though, this process can lead to heart problems, headache, excessive exposure to whining and diarrhea. At any rate, let's look into some PvP builds.

    PvP Builds

    A PvP build is unique from a PvE build because sometimes a vanilla PvE build just won't cut it in a PvP environment. (This isn't to say that pure builds can't do well in PvP.) What this means is you will have to experiment a little, and carefully plan on what skills you'll find important. This usually leads to a Hybrid Exorcist. An Exorcist who has a decent amount of Physical and Magical skills. You'll have to decide on what kind of Hybrid you want to be: Plate Armor Physical with some Magic, or Cloth Armor Magic with some Physical.
    NOTE: EX skills and upgrades do not apply in PvP.

    Physical Hybrid Pros:
    • Great Physical defense and HP due to Plate Armor.
    • Better accuracy due to Strike/Passion Chakra.
    • Good party support.

    Physical Hybrid Cons:
    • Slow Casting speed.
    • Bad Magic Defense.


    Magical Hybrid Pros:
    • Insane Casting speed due to Cloth Armor and Frigid Chakra.
    • Superior map control/AOE zoning.
    • Great party support.

    Magical Hybrid Cons:
    • Horrible Physical defense.
    • Bad accuracy.
    • Higher learning curve.

    Keep in mind should you decide to roll with either type of Hybrid, you should look into getting a nice Scythe. Scythes have average attack/magic attack and almost always have a "Fast" attack speed rating. (One exception being the Daiquiri which is "Very Fast".) You'll want the attack speed on either type as it benefits both.

    Suggested Build:

    Magical + Some Physical
    This is the build I use when I PvP. I prefer going Cloth due to the much higher casting speed and magical trapping. Sure, I might die a lot faster compared to our physical counter parts, but in my eyes the advantage of quick casts outweigh the difference. I also maxed Indomitable Spirit to ensure I never get interrupted while trapping my opponent.


    Of course having a PvP build isn't enough to win you matches. PvP is a whole different beast compared to PvE, and you'll have to learn some intricate combos to win matches against competent players.

    Basic combos
    This is your typical quick and easy damage dealers:

    XX -> GWL -> Second Upper -> XX -> GWL -> SitS

    Exorcist's basic attack is unique. When an opponent is in the air, the broad swings will always keep them there, making this simple combo very effective.

    You can also try something like this:
    XX -> GWL -> Second Upper -> Furious Grab -> GWL -> SitS

    If timed correctly, Furious Grab can juggle opponents in the air as well, allowing you to hit them hard, and still prep them for a SitS.

    You can also squeeze in a Smasher:
    XX -> GWL -> Second Upper -> Furious Grab -> GWL -> Smasher -> SitS

    Keep in mind though, an opponent can and most likely will Quick Rebound to avoid your SitS. An easy way to prevent this is to learn how to cancel Smasher ASAP. To do this you press your basic attack key as soon as you are about to lurch forward to throw your opponent. If done correctly you'll release your opponent early and will be able to get them with SitS before they'll have a chance to react.

    Advanced Stuff
    Here is where we will incorporate the big guns. Mainly your cube skills. After a basic combo while your opponent is (hopefully) flying through the air from a SitS, you can set up AOE zones and traps. Of course you don't have to land a SitS to do any of these, but it certainly makes it easier. Rising Emblem, Black Tortoise, and Crucifix Wind also hold your opponent still, allowing you to set up Zones. Typically you'll want to try and do stuff like this:

    Black Tortoise (Near opponents landing spot so it grabs them) -> White Tiger -> Suppression Amulet and Holy Amulet (To slow them as much as possible to avoid escape.) -> Lightning Amulet -> Crucifix Wind/Rising Emblem (By now the Tortoise should have let go. Use Wind if you're in a corner to keep them pinned, or Emblem to launch them up again if out in the open.) -> 2nd White Tiger -> Holy Amulet -> Chaos Hammer/Spinning Cross/Atomic Smash/Legion of Shikigami (if you've pinned them well enough, the Tortoise will have grabbed your opponent again.)

    If you managed to pull something like that off, there's a good chance your opponent is dead. Of course, feel free to experiment with different methods of trapping, but in essence, it's pretty much the same.

    Exorcists are also able to pull off some nifty warp grabs too. For example: if you tip your opponent using your basic attack while trying to set your opponent up for a combo, you can immediately cancel into Smasher and grab them regardless of where they were. This is incredibly useful for getting those annoying opponents that love to dance on your Y-axis. Practice the timing and you'll have a much easier time catching people.


    GWL - Giant Weapon Launcher

    SitS - Star in the Sky

    X - Your basic combo

    Poking - This refers to quick, light attacks that can potentially set up your opponent for bigger combos.

    Approaching - The art of utilizing your pokes or avoiding your opponent's pokes to get in close and start a combo.

    Wake up - The period of invincibility you or your opponent get after a knock down.

    Juggling - Hitting and keeping your opponent in the air.

    Protection - This occurs when you deal a set amount of damage to an opponent. If it happens in the air, your opponent drops like a brick and gains invulnerability for a short time.

    AOE - Area of Effect

    X Axis - Directly left or right of an opponent.
    Y Axis - Above or below your opponent.
    Z Axis - Vertically above your opponent.

    Learn your attack's hit boxes and learn them well. Some skills can attack behind you making for some funny WTF moments. Star in the Sky is guilty of this. If your opponent is above or directly behind you, it will still grab and launch them. Very useful.

    Use practice mode and channel to learn the timing of your combos before you try and PvP for real. Nothing is better than a real live human as practice.

    If your Cast speed is fast enough, you can squeeze in buffs while juggling your opponent.

    When in doubt, bail out. If you feel like your combo will fail and you'll eat one yourself, abort and get out of there.

    Never charge a Gunner directly on their X Axis. In fact, never charge anything directly on their X Axis. You have lots of skills that abuse the Y Axis. Make use of them.

    If your opponent says any of these things:

    cube more noob!
    wow so OP
    #$%^&ing #$%^& #$%^&ot


    Harrasses you via whisper/mail

    Congrats! You're doing well.

    VIII. -Avatars-

    In addition to regular gear, DFO has the option for extra stats in the form of avatars. Avatars are custom clothes that cover your default look and give you bonus stats. They are available with NX from the Avatar Bazaar found in Hendon Myre, or you can buy them from other players with your Gold.

    Hat & Hair
    HP Regen
    MP Regen
    Casting Speed

    Face & Torso
    Magic Defense
    All Abnormal Status Tolerance
    Attack Speed
    Hit Recovery

    +1 Skill Level to Priest Skills

    Max HP
    Max MP
    Physical Defense

    Fire Resistance
    Water Resistance
    Shadow Resistance
    Light Resistance
    Evasion Rate
    Max Weight

    Movement Speed
    Jump Strength

    Hit Recovery + 3% Physical Defense
    Hit Recovery + 3% Magical Defense

    Being an Exorcist, a lot of those bonuses will be pretty useless to you. Here's what you should be aiming for:

    Hat/Hair - Spirit, Cast Speed
    Face/Torso - Attack Speed
    Top - Physical Exorcist Skill (Passion Chakra)
    Bottom - Max HP or MP
    Waist - Evasion
    Shoes - Strength
    Skin - Whatever you want

    Hat/Hair - Intelligence
    Face/Torso - Status Tolerance
    Top - Magical Exorcist Skill (Luminous Chakra, Holy Amulet)
    Bottom - Max HP or MP
    Waist - Evasion
    Shoes - Move Speed
    Skin - Whatever you want

    Of course if you don't care about stats, then get whatever you want.


    Well that concludes my guide to Exorcist Enlightenment. I hope it helps Exorcist trainees, and even some veterans. If you have any questions or constructive criticism, I'd like to hear it. Also, feel free to point out any spelling/grammar errors I might have missed.

    Last updated: 8/12/12
  2. geenareeno Not gReenareeno

    Yeah sorry about that. Really though here's my opinion. I'm not gonna read it because I don't play dfo anymore and I don't have the time, I also don't really play an exorcist. But the guide is so long, it looks like you put a lot of work into it. Also the skill icons make it a lot better, and you seem to know what you are talking about. Good job.
  3. Mark Hyperion

    Cool spam, bro.
  4. Archie Mexocan

    Good guide, but you goofed up with lightning amulet's skill icon.
  5. DualReaver ǝʇnɔ os ɯ,ı

    Yeah I told him about that a little while ago. He also messed up Crucifix, but other than that it's fine. He said he'd come fix it after he's done grinding Verd.
  6. Mark Hyperion

    Yeah...I looked over the guide three times, but apparently there was still errors.

    Thanks, guys.
  7. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    The guide is very well written and very informative. You must've put a lot of effort into it. Good job.

    Also, for BDH, you need a Chakra active. Probably not worth noting, but eh.
  8. Mark Hyperion

    Started the guide back in March according to my Word document. Didn't take 7 months to write of course. I abandoned it for a while, then picked it back up when Priest patch rolled around.

    Wouldn't hurt to add in that little tidbit though.
  9. Psych Oh you so pringles!

    Finally reposted. <3
  10. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    I think you may be underestimating the 10 seconds of the awk passive.
    Physical exos spam SA as it is, can this guage not be refilled every 5-15 seconds?
    Also, what kind of str boost is it? Would like to see numbers.
  11. Archie Mexocan

    I don't remember how much STR it gives, but it's around the mid-20's.
  12. Mark Hyperion

    It takes about 10 seconds of Super Armor spam for it to charge. Level 1 is 26 STR/INT, and it climbs 5 stats per level if I remember correctly.

    Then again, I'm not entirely sure about how much of an impact STR/INT has on your damage.
  13. BlanixTheBlood Perfect hair

    Something like 250 is double your damage.
  14. Archie Mexocan

    So that means that 500 is quadruple your damage?

    I'm pretty sure that your damage potential is proportional to your STR (if weapon attack stays the same), so if you double your STR, you'll double your damage. That would mean that 26 STR when you have a base STR of 500, increases your damage by 5%.
  15. Mark Hyperion

    If that's the case, I stand by the fact the passive Awakening is worthless SP wise.
  16. Mark Hyperion


    Added missing weapons/titles and some info about gear swapping.
  17. VariousGuy Dead Guy

    Thanks for the info about passion chakra stacking. Maybe I might go back on my exo once I get the chakra gear.
  18. Mark Hyperion

    I missed a piece of Passion gear and added that in. So now I think I'm done for a while.
  19. Mark Hyperion

    Updated with level 55 gear, and changed some things about Physical Exorcists.
  20. Mark Hyperion

    Updated with EX skills and some PvE builds for the Rebirth patch. I'll have to PvP to be able to update the PvP builds accurately.

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